Pre-Sim: Counsellors Office

Posted April 22, 2019, 9:26 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Royal Sinclair (Counselor) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Harrison (Chief Medical Officer) in Pre-Sim: Counsellors Office
Despite his medical training, which included a fair degree of psychology, he had never entirely understood Starfleets seemingly inane requirement to check in with the ship’s counsellor after reporting for duty. Nevertheless, and despite a very strong desire to acquaint himself intimately with his bed (having determined to complete a full duty shift after reporting), Harrison found himself tapping the chime beside the door to the counsellor’s office.

Doctor Nathaniel Harrison (CMO)

A male voice with a pronounced and proper Scottish brogue said “Yes. Come in, it’s open.” and the doors slid open to reveal the Counselor’s office.

Decorated in a warm and calming manner, the office was welcoming and not at all like the rest of the offices on board. The desk had been moved to the corner of the space where the bulkhead met the outer hull’s windows, opening the office space up for a seating area large enough to hold more than the single individual that most often came to talk with the ship’s Counselor. A couch and a few chairs were set around a small table, on which sat a crystal bowl filled with multicolored glass beads that seemed to have a small amount of internal light inside them. Two chairs sat facing the desk, probably allowing for more formal conversations or for administrative needs. The lighting, too, had been changed form the harsh overhead lighting of the passageways and other offices. Instead, wall lights cast a more warm and less abrasive glow around the room.

Low bookcases lined the walls, each one closed with a glass fronted door with brass hinges, in which sat some real books, many notebooks, and a few bookends of various sizes and shapes. On the wall behind the desk were several pictures on either side of a display case. Each shelf was filled with a few items the young officer seated at the desk had collected so far; but on the top shelf prominently sat a single item housed in a rounded glass display: The Star Fleet Marine Corps Distinguished Service Cross.

The officer himself was something of an anomaly as far as Counselors went, as well. Seated at the desk, the human male was striking in his sheer size. Broad shoulders seemed to fill out the blue uniform of the Medical and Science section in a manner that seemed to completely contradict the stereotype of ship Counselors; and the broad chest was obviously well-muscled. Bright blue eyes looked up from a handsome face graced with a warm smile. Blonde hair cut more akin to a Security officer or Marine topped his visage, and the Lieutenant Commander pips on the collar seemed to contrast starkly to the man’s youthful appearance. Looking up as the door opened, the man stood up … and up… and up some more until he was at his almost seven feet in height. The brogue again issued forth. “Come in, please. I’m Lieutenant Commander Sinclair. How may I be of assistance to you today?” he asked politely, his voice thick with the accent of his home but still clear and understandable as he gestured to a chair before his desk. The smile he wore on his face gave him a friendly appearance; one that said he was comfortable in the space and with himself, and anyone else could be as well.

Sinclair, CNS

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