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On day nine during the late hours of the night shift, the Saracen reached the outer reaches of the nebula. The outer reaches of the nebula was a constantly moving opaque cloud of gas and dust. The gaseous makeup of the clouds was mostly hydrogen and helium. Not particularly dangerous for a ship the size of the Saracen but care would have to be taken in keeping the manifolds clean. High warp was also not recommended as there could be pockets of more dangerous gases in a nebula that was so unstable.

GM Nosferatu

“Master Chief, we are approaching the nebula.” the young NE at helm reported. As usual, Master Chief Gordon was manning the night shift watch. He was one of the few non-commissioned officers to take and pass the bridge officer test. As he wasn’t a member of the senior staff, and because he preferred to, he usually worked the night shift. He felt it was a great time to get to know some of the new and up and coming officers and crewmen.

“Take us out of warp.” Gordon ordered from the center seat. He was relaxed, he had been briefed that the ship would arrive at his shift. “Scan the nebula.”

“I am reading gasous clouds of hydrogen and helium, with some space dust added sir.” the NE at ops reported briefly. “I would recommend against going in there at warp.” He continued, turning to look at the Master Chief. Gordon smiled.

“We won’t. Take us to the perimeter of the nebula, half impulse. Can you scan the interior of the nebula Ensign?” He asked the young Vulcan NE at ops.


OOC: In theory, the Nameless Ensign at Helm and likely at science both would out rank the Master Chief.

OCC: Technically true. However, Master Chief Gordon has taken the same test that Troi took and he is the bridge officer on duty, so he would have positional authority over the nameless ensigns.


OOC: Except that Troi was a Lieutenant Commander. In fact, using that reference, Chief O’Brien was on the bridge when Troi had to take command due to the quantum filament and despite the fact he knew more, she gave all the orders. Although if you argue that, you were placed in command… then whoever was placed in command is in command until a superior officer who was not available comes around.

Unfortunately in depth scans of the nebula were not giving back much. The clouds were too dense to penetrate clearly with sensors. When they went into the nebula they would be flying blind. The only thing thing that the sensors were picking up intermittently were the signals that Command had noted coming out of the nebula.

GM Nosferatu

OCC: Correct, Gordon was placed in command for the night shift duty rotation. I’ll send you an e-mail with a better explanation.

IC: “Master Chief, the nebula is too dense for our scanners to penetrate. We may have to take the ship in there at slow speeds.”The vulcan NE stated, turning to look at the Master Chief. Gordon smiled.

“You may be right Ensign, but that isn’t my call to make. Take us to the perimeter of the nebula and hold position. I will call the Captain and let him know the situation.” Gordon stated, he turned back to the center chairs and took a seat in the XO chair.

“Aye Master Chief.” the NE responded

=^=Bridge to Captain Knight. Sir we have reached the Nebula and are currently holding position outside. Our scanners are unable to penetrate the nebula and we are picking up the signals.=^= Gordon reported.


Gareth yawned from it being so late, but he was currently slated for the shift. Everything was quiet within the ship, so he focused his attention towards the outside by scanning the local area to ensure nothing hostile was around or approaching the ship. The only thing that had him not at ease was not being able to scan inside the nebula .. it would be like walking into a room blind.

Ensign Mike Gareth (Security)

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IC: It was a few minutes until the CO made the Bridge, his overall presentation showing he hadn’t been asleep and was likely already at work in his quarters. “Thank you Mr Gordon,” Dante said as he came around to the Command chairs. “I have the Bridge, maintain position. Do we have any change to the signals? What do we have on radio chatter?”

Captain Knight, CO

The signals, what got through, seemed to be remaining constant. As they weren’t very far into the nebula they did pick up radio chatter from the Aldebaran system. Mostly trader ships in the shipping lanes, mining ships landing and debarking from Aldebaran III, etc.

GM Nosferatu

“They don’t seem to have any ill effects from these signals,” Dante noted and then pondered a moment. “Maintain position, Mr Gordon remain at your station and continue monitoring the signals and the radio chatter we are getting. Any change, let me know. At 0800 hours at shift change, we will move to yellow alert and enter the Nebula, I will be in my Ready Room.

Dante turned and left the Bridge, sliding into his chair after getting a coffee. He penned a brief to each department with a mission update and their next orders at 0800, then brought up the scanner data on one screen while continuing his work and awaiting change of shift.

0750 hours came quickly, and Dante exited the Ready Room to take his chair as the ship came to life after C-Shift was ending.

“Lieutenant Gavain, plot us a course to the closest signal and avoid taking us through any explosive gas clouds, yes? Warp 2 when ready, nice and easy. Lets move to Yellow Alert.” Then Dante opened the comm to Engineering.

=/\= Engineering this is the Captain. We are about to enter the Betreka Nebula at low Warp. We have both known and unknown hazards ahead of us and need to stay sharp, keep your eye on the manifolds and make sure we don’t get jammed up. Knight out. =/\= He said and then nodded to Science and Tactical. “Keep your eyes on the prize, folks.”

Seconds later, and the Yellow alert signal appeared as the Saracen shifted to the new Status.

Captain Knight, CO

DaVinci entered the Bridge a few moments after the yellow alert sounded. His uniform was immaculate, but the ever-present 5 o’clock shadow was still on his face. Taking the seat opposite the XO’s, he asked, “Anything new, sir?”

Colter (CIO)

The XO wasn’t far behind Colter, He sat down in his chair and watched as the ship moved into the nebula.

As the Saracen pushed deeper in the nebula the gravimetric shear from distortion waves began to increase. Causing the ship to begin bucking. Ops began to experience more difficulty in navigation as these distortion waves began to come much closer together and were harder to miss.

Red lights and alarms began to sound at the Engineering station on the bridge as the engines began to redline as the stresses from the waves increased. The clouds in the nebulae became thicker the farther they went in toward the signals. They were made up mostly of Hydrogen and were called molecular clouds. The coldest part of the clouds tend to form low-mass stars, observed first in the infrared inside the clouds, then in visible light at their surface when the clouds dissipate, while giant molecular clouds, which are generally warmer, produce stars of all masses.[6] These giant molecular clouds have typical densities of 100 particles per cm3, diameters of 100 light-years (9.5×1014 km), masses of up to 6 million solar masses (M☉),[7] and an average interior temperature of 10 K. The nebula appeared to be made up of an equal mix of these warm and cold regions.

The opaqueness of these clouds increased as well, the closer they got to where the signals originated from. The shields began to drop precipitously as they were bombarded by both the waves and the increased ionizing radiation. Radiation levels were reaching the danger point for the crew despite the modifications on the shields.

GM Nosferatu

“Radiation levels increasing Captain.” Threwn reported, looking down at a nearby console.


Vadoma came to the bridge just as things went sideways. She had come up when the bridge NE engineer had tagged her in engineering sighting food poisoning as a reason she couldn’t make her shift. Vadoma guessed it had more to do with late nights and synth drinks than food, but she kept it to herself, notified the shift super in engineering and had hightailed it to the bridge.

As the comments were tossed about, she slid into her seat and started dancing her fingers over the console. Her voice cut over the alarm and the concerned murmurs of those on the bridge. “Cycling the shields to attempt to increase stability and strength, Sir.” She began cycling the shields thru every permeation she could think of. She hoped the computer would fill in where her expertise failed and find a cycle that would help to stave off, or at least lower, the incoming radiation they were being swamped with.

Vadoma Romani

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