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James couldn’t help looking at her in fascinated understanding as she spoke. The pulsating light danced over both of them. “Yes’m… I never could describe it to anyone who didn’t turn a wrench… It’s like, comin’ home, ain’t it?” His blue eyes turned back to the core for a fleeting moment. Franklin looked back at Vadoma trying not to smile shyly like a school boy.

She had the Padd in her hands, clasped down in front of her. “Well, the Chief isn’t here. I’m guessing at briefing. But if you want, you can stow your bag in one of the lockers and wait for him.” She nodded to the extra storage lockers opposite the Chief’s office. “Or you can go stow your gear and come back.” She moved to the nearest console. “I’m not going anywhere so I can let him know you were looking if he comes back before you return.” She smiled at him then set her Padd down to sinc it up with the console.


He visibly brightened at that… “You don’t have’ta tell me twice… Let me stow my bag, I’ll be right back.”

-Franklin, Eng

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Vadoma smiled as another kindred spirit was found. “Then hop to it, crewmate!” She teased and absently waved towards the door like she was kicking him out. But the smile on her face showed she was joking.

“Then come back and help me with these verifications. No being lazy here!” She winked and disappeared around the corner with a smile.

James cracked a grin at Vadoma. “Yes ma’am.” Still grinning, he turned to go and stow his things. He hadn’t known what to expect, coming to Saracen. His original career path had been derailed, but… Hadn’t he joined up to turn a wrench? As long as his hands were busy, and he was helping… Maybe that could be enough?

When he returned, she was crouched down on the balls of her feet in front of an open chip panel. The panel was a couple feet to her right, leaning on the bulkhead. She was humming absently as her hand reached to the left and pulled a calibration tool from the small till box beside her.


A few minutes later, James returned, Tool Kit in one hand. He crouched near her, blue eyes studying the open panel and rows of chips. “What’s a nice girl like you doing with a bank of isolinear chips like that?” He quipped, grinning as he opened his tool kit.

-Franklin, Eng

Vadoma laughed, “The bars are too crowded.” She nudged his shoulder with her own. “Now, grab that line and help me find the power sink.”

The next half hour would be an immersion of sorts into the conduit section they had begun in. While being within normal operating parameters, the power levels in this junction were on the lower end of those parameters. Vadoma was sure it was something she could fix. Whether it was something specific they had done, or merely the systematic unhooking, cleaning and rehooking of every plug, chip and coax they could find, when they were finished, she ran her system check for the twentieth time. This time it was in the upper ten percent of the operating zone, just like the surrounding junctions.

Turing to Franklin, she smiled and gave him a once over as she began packing up her own tools from the chaos of spanos and diagnostic materials scattered around them like an upturned child’s toychest. “Thanks for helping. I couldn’t figure out where the drop was coming from.” She had shed her tunic top when she had been the one to half reach, half stretch into one of the tight shafts. The shirt had snagged on some fixtures so she had shed it and was wearing her tshirt now as they cleaned up. The tunic top tossed aside like the haphazard tools.


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Vadoma heard the chirp and moved to the nearby console. “Well that beats all…” she took a deep breath and moved back to help Franklin clean up the tools. “Ok, well, trial by fire it is. NE Burges is supposedly ‘sick’ and going to sickbay, I need to go cover the bridge for now. Main shift should be here shortly, you shouldn’t be here without the Chief for long.” She smiled and helped put away the tools before scurrying off to the bridge.

Less than ten minutes later…

IC: The comm line to Engineering opened and the voice of the Captain came through.

=/\= Engineering this is the Captain. We are about to enter the Betreka Nebula at low Warp. We have both known and unknown hazards ahead of us and need to stay sharp, keep your eye on the manifolds and make sure we don’t get jammed up. Knight out. =/\=

Right after the Captain stopped speaking, the Status indicator on all the consoles and in Main Engineering flashed the move to Yellow Alert.

Captain Knight, CO

The Captain’s words seemed like a fore warning as within minutes red lights and alarms began to sound through out Engineering as the engines began to redline as the stresses from the waves increased. Conduits were overloading from the stresses and bursting with both steam and electrical energy all over the ship. Consoles blew out and shouts were coming from all over the Engineering deck. An NE in the gold of Engineering suddenly turned on his fellow engineer and began to shout at him, waving a fist in a very unlike Starfleet manner.
“I told you to watch that panel! Are you an idiot?!? Its all your fault!” He shouted at his crewmate.

GM Nosferatu
((OOC: Franklin… up to you if the NE is yelling at you or not… Vadoma is on the brdge now))

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