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What Graham and Corinne saw was probably something they had never seen in a lab on a Starfleet ship. The crew were well trained to handle working in close quarters and the depth of space for long durations of time. The scientists in the lab were in a full blown argument with shouts and equipment falling to the floor as they pushed each other and gesticulated.

GM Nosferatu

“What the hell,” Graham ran through the experiments that were going on, sub-consciously cross referencing the chemicals that could have been released by dropping equipment.

He stalked to his door, as it opened, “For the love of all that’s holy. The excuses you have better be plentiful and valid.”


The CSO’s voice was drowned out by the raised voices of those working in the lab. They hadn’t seen or heard him exit his office so engrossed were they in their own arguments.

GM Nosferatu

Of course the one time she wasn’t in the system was the time when she needed to be. Fine, she’d do this “manually”. “Computer, turn off the lights for half a second, twice with a one second interval before returning them to full again.” That should hopefully get their attention.

~Corinne Dalton

Teller raised his eyebrows surprised, not so much as a man who hasn’t been ignored in the past, but more so as someone so unfamiliar with the lack of discipline this outburst represented. He increase volume as he closed the distance to the nearest deregulated officers. “For the love of God. I will have you degaussing the tramsporter pads with a lint brush for the next month,” He began with his best punishment.

Graham. CSO

Either the flashing lights or the increased volume of the CSO’s voice finally caused the cessation of shouts and pushing and a silence fell over the labs as many pairs of eyes turned to look at Graham. They blinked and seemed to come back to themselves and began to look around in confusion. It was obvious they had no idea what had just happened either.

GM Nosferatu

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