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“Radiation levels increasing Captain.” Threwn reported, looking down at a nearby console.


Vadoma came to the bridge just as things went sideways. She had come up when the bridge NE engineer had tagged her in engineering sighting food poisoning as a reason she couldn’t make her shift. Vadoma guessed it had more to do with late nights and synth drinks than food, but she kept it to herself, notified the shift super in engineering and had hightailed it to the bridge.

As the comments were tossed about, she slid into her seat and started dancing her fingers over the console. Her voice cut over the alarm and the concerned murmurs of those on the bridge. “Cycling the shields to attempt to increase stability and strength, Sir.” She began cycling the shields thru every permeation she could think of. She hoped the computer would fill in where her expertise failed and find a cycle that would help to stave off, or at least lower, the incoming radiation they were being swamped with.

Vadoma Romani

The ship continued to be buffeted but the oscillations of the shield frequency was indeed helping the ship hold together and not take damage through the waves.

GM Nosferatu

“Keep it up Ensign, it appears to be working,” Threwn stated simply.


Teller looked about as he came to the bridge. First the lunacy in his department then this. Not that he had any right to be annoyed about the nebula, it wasn’t like he didn’t know it was coming, it was just at he was so tired lately and wasn’t certain why. With so many doctors on board the thought crossed his mind to speak to one of them, but why waste people’s time over something that was probably sleep based. He walked over to the science station while staring at the main screen.

“I think the cloud density is too high, we have to slow down even more.”


OOC: Just so your aware, Luke, the scene in the labs would have taken place before you came to the bridge. So you are aware of what took place there.

GM Nosferatu

OOC: Presumed it was an alt-timeline, will adjust accordingly. Thanks

Vadoma kept her fingers dancing as she set three other variations into the currently running thru the computer. “I’m trying, Sir… But if we slow down it may make things worse.” She wanted them thru the field, but also knew it wasn’t necessarily an option. Then she had an idea, “The other option is to shut down unnecessary functions, divert everything to the shields and just ‘ride’ the waves as they come at us.” She wasn’t sure, again, if it was an option, but she would have felt worse for not saying anything at all.


Teller looked at the sims she was running. “We could angle the shields so it formed a prow in the direction of the incoming waves. ” He shrugged as he spoke, there was some things he could science, and there were somethings he couldn’t.

Graham CSO

“So you’re suggesting we just kinda catch a wave and ride it out? Sounds like something the Beach Boys would suggest.”

Colter (CIO)

OOC: Nice problem solving, guys. Good job!:)

GM Nosferatu

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