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What Graham and Corinne saw was probably something they had never seen in a lab on a Starfleet ship. The crew were well trained to handle working in close quarters and the depth of space for long durations of time. The scientists in the lab were in a full blown argument with shouts and equipment falling to the floor as they pushed each other and gesticulated.

GM Nosferatu

“What the hell,” Graham ran through the experiments that were going on, sub-consciously cross referencing the chemicals that could have been released by dropping equipment.

He stalked to his door, as it opened, “For the love of all that’s holy. The excuses you have better be plentiful and valid.”


The CSO’s voice was drowned out by the raised voices of those working in the lab. They hadn’t seen or heard him exit his office so engrossed were they in their own arguments.

GM Nosferatu

Of course the one time she wasn’t in the system was the time when she needed to be. Fine, she’d do this “manually”. “Computer, turn off the lights for half a second, twice with a one second interval before returning them to full again.” That should hopefully get their attention.

~Corinne Dalton

Teller raised his eyebrows surprised, not so much as a man who hasn’t been ignored in the past, but more so as someone so unfamiliar with the lack of discipline this outburst represented. He increase volume as he closed the distance to the nearest deregulated officers. “For the love of God. I will have you degaussing the tramsporter pads with a lint brush for the next month,” He began with his best punishment.

Graham. CSO

Either the flashing lights or the increased volume of the CSO’s voice finally caused the cessation of shouts and pushing and a silence fell over the labs as many pairs of eyes turned to look at Graham. They blinked and seemed to come back to themselves and began to look around in confusion. It was obvious they had no idea what had just happened either.

GM Nosferatu

“Sir,” Kalani approached her superior cracking her knuckles almost anxiously. “I have no idea what happened here. One minute everything was fine and then the next it was like Black Friday Shopping as Ferngmart and there were only three personal transport pads left with a hundred people that wanted them. I am running a toxicological screen of the air but I am not sure anyone was doing anything with gas. At least the chemistry department did not admit to it,” she said. The tone of her voice had a hint of annoyance to it as she tried to act professionally.

Teller glanced back and forth between Kalani and the AI Dalton. He was hopeful to get a reasonable explanation for this bizarre acting out. “It makes sense but there is nothing on the experiment list that would explain any of this.” He turned to the chemistry section chief…

“Because we did not do anything,” the head chemist snapped back and took a step forward. “I told you to check the water supply. Any contaminant,”

“And it would require us to all be drinking at the same time doofus for it to be a water toxin,” Kalani was having a hard time holding her tone to a neutral level as she waited for the results of the computer scan of the air to appear on the screen. “Do you see everyone sporting a Galaxycafe latte in their hand as they worked?”

Ensign Kalani Kane science

“Doofus? Ensign, I don’t need a repeat of Wrestle Mania 291, so lets keep our comments professional.” Teller paused, “How bout this… nobody leaves until I get an answer that I like…” He smiled as he nodded. “Get it…”


“I am just waiting for the results of the tox screens,” Kalani said. “Again my best guess is this needs to be airborne. Ingestion of food or liquid would not have the same effect showing symptoms this fast based on species metabolisms. Sure everyone gets hangry when they are hungry but this is a bit ridiculous. Also, everything is replicated so it makes no sense that the replicators all went wonky and are trying to poison us. Death by dinner is only something my father excels at,” Kalani said flippantly.

“Why this console it taking so long is beyond me,” she watched the processing symbol of the ship’s computer running the sample. “Jarred’s people need to look at it. It’s not like they do anything besides stare at the warp core waiting for it to go boom. Trust me. I have spent a lot of time in engineering. They have perfected the art of walking around with a hydrospanner acting like they are busy.” Kalani could feel her irritation rising. There was no reason to feel this agitated but clearly, Al understood how she felt.

The computer finally beeped with the results. The quality of the air was fine. No unusual toxicants or organisms were found.

GM Nosferatu

“My roommate is an engineer. You would think that would give me an edge on repairing the crap that keeps breaking in the room but nooo he is like ‘place a work order’“, Al snapped clearly showing his temper rising.

“Well I don’t know what they are doing because they are not making it to my place,” Kalani snapped in agreement. Instantly her mind left the processing console and focused with the laser-focused pointed accuracy a girlfriend has on her boyfriend that was not completing the tasks on her honey do list.

“We should just go down there and trap a few of them, drag them down here, and have them recalibrate the computers so we can do our job before retirement,” another science team member suggested giving the processing computer a dirty glare.

“I say we do one better. We tag them. You know like when we had to tag those Telaxian Hermit Owls. We get a couple of stun phasers and inject the engineering staff with Isotopic tracer B-47 so that when we need one we just bring up the Jobit program and boom,” he spreads his hands, “we got ourselves an engineer without a work order. Whose with me,” another science team member said agitatedly as he pulled out the first tracer phaser out and handed it to the guy next him.

Ensign Kalani Kane science

Jarred has been on edge, two engineers had disobeyed orders to replace parts he asked two days ago. Normally things like this wouldn’t effect him, he was rather laid back especially with some time delays he had been doing for Kalani aquarium.

“Oh you need all the zones to be able to keep all animals alive? That’s stupid, she’s stupid. If it wasn’t for all this time I spent there I could good some damn work finished around here…” Jarred murmured to himself. It was clear he was angry and to many it would seem as if a storm path. He wasn’t going to let Kalani take his time anymore. He didn’t care if he loved her it took time away from real work. Her science was barley science. Elizabeth could tell difference between a bird and a cat and she’s four.

Barging into the science lab he looked around, crazed look in his eyes. He knew she was her the computer said so, “Oh love of my life!” he said aloud not caring how many were in the room. He was clearly planning to make a scene as he spotted her.

“There you are, you know how far behind schedule I am because of your bull crap? The ship is falling apart and I see you scheduled new paneling in your terrarium complex? Are you insane!? It doesn’t need more I told you we can’t have anti gravity Sheliakian Razor Marmots! How many times do I have to tell you they can’t survive here!” He shouted as he looked fiercely in her eyes.

Alindor, CE

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