Pre-Sim: Reporting to the CO

Posted June 19, 2019, 11:07 p.m. by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) (David Shotton)

Posted by Lieutenant Elmira O’Shea (Chief Tactical Officer) in Pre-Sim: Reporting to the CO

Posted by Lieutenant Elmira O’Shea (Chief Tactical Officer) in Pre-Sim: Reporting to the CO

Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in Pre-Sim: Reporting to the CO

Posted by Lieutenant Elmira O’Shea (Chief Tactical Officer) in Pre-Sim: Reporting to the CO

Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in Pre-Sim: Reporting to the CO

Dante appraised her for a moment, then nodded and smiled slightly. “No, Lieutenant, I do not believe it will be.” He came to his feet and straightened his tunic, then held out his hand to indicate the door. As much as a discussion over coffee was always pleasant he did have a new Officer to introduce the ship to. “Shall we head out and visit the two areas you will likely spend the most time in? Lets start with Tactical.” Almost as an afterthought, he picked up his mug of coffee and finished it, then placed it back down.

Captain Knight, CO

Hell yes! Her mind nearly spat the initial thought from her lips, but Elmira caught it before she dug her grave. Rising to her feet, a quick brush off her uniform easing her displeasure in the wrinkles, she nodded. “By all means, Cap, lead the way.” Stepping from the line to the door, she gestured for Knight to go before her, her excitement shrouded by the illusion of apathy.

Lt. O’Shea

The door of the ready room opened and lead out back to the Bridge, but after heading out, Dante didn’t head to the consoles. Instead he turned and walked towards another door at the back of the Bridge. This opened to a small room that held a large table surrounded by chairs, was lined with wall consoles and a small replicator. Along one wall part of the way was window, the rest, more consoles and view screens.

“This is the War Room,” Dante announced, turning back to Elmira. “Partly used for meetings and briefings between Command staff and Department Heads, but mainly used to keep track of fleet operations, co-ordination, Tactical situations of nearby area’s and gathering all our sensor and intel on a mission objective in one place.” He waved his hand at the table itself and pressed a button near his chair at the end, the surface changed from a wooden tabletop, to a representation of the space light years around them and all planets and anomalies in real time sensor range.

Elmira’s curiosity was sparked the instance Knight had bypassed the consoles of the bridge in favor of a chamber hidden from first glance. Serving on the Dresden, Elmira was no stranger to tactical accommodations, but she had a feeling Saracen was much more equipped for her line of work than she had previously imagined. At the presentation, the faintest glimmer caught the darkness of her gaze. “Well, isn’t that neat?” Slight sarcasm oozing from her tone, Elmira studied the display with clear intrigue.

“The wall consoles can hold information as it comes in from all our sources. As the Saracen’s Tactical Officer, your main responsibility aside from manning Tactical, is to keep apprised of the local situation and what we have of note around us, as well as formulating mission response plans with the Command Staff. During Fleet operations, we act as a Command Center when not in the front line ourselves, your access to these systems will mean you’ll have a large amount of information at your fingertips, think your ready for it?” Dante asked by was smirking slightly, he already thought she was, which was why he had signed her papers to be on his ship.

Captain Knight, CO

“Think, Captain? I know I’m ready.” Her confidence was easily misconstrued as arrogance, but Elmira knew well what she was capable of and she wasn’t about to hide behind a humble facade. Battles weren’t won out of modesty and subservience. You either knew what you had, or you were left to wander aimlessly to find it. Elmira didn’t hold the patience to wander. Adrenaline setting in, the excitement of Saracen’s opportunity slowly entering her veins, a slim smirk ghosted her her pale lips, barely hidden by the her trained expression of apathy. “What else?”

Lt. O’Shea, CTO

Dante grinned, and motioned for her to follow him. He moved steadily back to the Bridge and to an NE standing at the ships large Tactical position located on the level above and behind the Captains chair, the NE moving aside and nodding at the new Tactical Officer so they could get to the console unhindered. Directly behind that on the wall, was the ships Security console. “You’ll be familiar with the Tactical station,” he said to Elmira, looking at her briefly. “Tactical, Comms. Aside from the higher quantity of Quantum Torpedo’s carried as standard, there isn’t much here you might not have seen already. Questions?”

Captain Knight, CO

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