Pre-Sim: Doctor? Don't mind if I do...

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Posted by Lieutenant Corinne Dalton/SARAH (Ships AI/Avatar) in Pre-Sim: Doctor? Don’t mind if I do…


“It was my father’s favourite,” she said simply. When her drink Dalton lifted her glass and then took a small sip, followed by a longer one. She leaned back in her chair, drink in hand and gazed deeply at Sinclair for a moment. “See? Now I can taste the drink. It might be simulated, but it’s something I can process. And this drink is rather nice.”

~Corinne Dalton

“Well, I’d hate to think you were choosing crap drinks to simulate for your own tasting. That’s just be tragic. And then I would have to worry about your mental state.”

Sinclair, CNS

She laughed. “So you’re not worried. Good to know,” Cori teased, taking another sip.

Leaning on one arm, she gave him a curious glance. “Who is Sinear?” Cori asked gently, slightly wary of the answer. It was a risky and probably very personal question, and she certainly didn’t want to cause pain by asking it, but… he mentioned the name and so she felt it at least safe to ask. He could brush her off if he needed to.

~Corinne Dalton

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