Pre-Sim : CMO's Arrival, Various Locations

Posted June 23, 2019, 8:20 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Harrison (Chief Medical Officer) (Andrew Robinson)

Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in Pre-Sim : CMO’s Arrival, Various Locations

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Harrison (Chief Medical Officer) in Pre-Sim : CMO’s Arrival, Various Locations

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Harrison (Chief Medical Officer) in Pre-Sim : CMO’s Arrival, Various Locations

He followed the path around, stopping briefly to taste the water in the stream. It wasn’t what he thought it should have tasted like, but then he had relatively little experience with Earth water. As he entered the clearing, he suddenly felt remarkably overdressed. The best he could do was remove the blue lab coat that covered his uniform tunic. He felt the rattling of a tricorder and a couple of hyposprays he had forgotten to take out of the pockets and momentarily regretted having replicated a lab coat with pockets. He had a nasty habit of filling them with some very random odds and ends. He eyed the… cooking surface?… somewhat suspiciously, although the meaty smell did appeal. His father had made sure he tried a fairly broad assortment of Earth dishes, possibly out of a sense of cultural heritage and guilt, rather than any practical purpose. It seemed… beefy?… maybe… He wasn’t sure. His diet tended towards the galactic and he enjoyed dishes from several dozen worlds.

The Captain sat on one of the loungers, facing slightly away from Harrison with his feet up, a baseball hat showing some team named the Wildcats pulled low on his head. He appeared to be reading an old paper book while beside him was a long pole with a small winch, sitting almost upright in a holder with a thin line extending into the water. On the Captains other side, was an opened brown bottle. The man himself was not in uniform, instead wearing plain slacks and a vest that left his short sleeved arms free. From the angle that he was sitting, words were visible tattooed under his left bicep while a single word was somewhat visible on his right, although at this distance what they said wasn’t clear. He had a somewhat square and defined jawline and sported a light stubble that was clearly groomed and not a lazy days growth.

Captain Knight, CO

As he spotted the Captain, or the man he assumed to be the Captain, he definitely felt overdressed. He wasn’t familiar with the papers the Captain appeared to be reading, but he’d encountered a seemingly universal fondness for Earth-born to enjoy anachronistic pursuits from the planets history. He assumed it was some sort of large, unbound book? He wasn’t really sure. Not sure if his crunching up the path had been heard, he cleared his throat just loudly enough to not appear rude. His voice was friendly, but professional as he closed the gap slightly, shading his eyes against the glare of the sun “Captain Knight? I’m Doctor Nathaniel Harrison, your new Chief Medical Officer. I apologize for intruding, but I do like to introduce myself as soon as possible.” Noting the rather obvious second chair, he cleared his throat again, uncomfortably reminded of several very adult weeks spent on secluded Risian beaches “… I can come back if you don’t want to be interrupted…?”

Harrison (CMO)

The man folded the paper slightly so he could look over it, and stared up at the man who had approached him. “I’m the Captain of a Starship, Doctor Harrison. My life is one big interruption.” He grinned slightly and motioned to the chair beside him.

“Take a seat and join me. The chair isn’t for anyone in particular at the moment, but I leave it out for any number of Ensigns and other crew looking for a signature or authorization of some kind. No matter where I go they always hunt me down, so I might as well reward them for the effort. If I wanted privacy I’d either be on a small planetoid after stealing one of my own shuttles, or have Lieutenant Rah-Triton stationed outside with her Bat’leth.” He finished folding the paper and placed it to one side, and almost absently checked the tension on the line. “Oh, before you sit, get us a couple of beers from the cooler by the barbeque.”

Captain Knight, CO

He looked around, having no idea what a barbeque or a cooler was. Clearly, he was going to need to study up on some Earth history if he was going to fit in well with this crew. Based on his culinary knowledge, he assumed the meat on the cooking surface was barbequed, so marked that off his list as he looked for some sort of refrigerated device, assuming a cooler was as its name implied. Feeling more out of place by the moment, he cursed inwardly. He’d grown too accustomed to not having his poor Earth knowledge tested, working on a Starbase crewed largely by non-terrans. He picked at several objects and boxes nearby, eventually striking dirt as he lifted the lid on an insulated box filled with ice and bottled drinks. He pulled two out, feeling a little more at ease. He wasn’t really sure how to remove the lids, which seemed to have caps that did not contain tabs or handles for easy removal. Stepping towards the captain, he handed over a bottle, placing his own on the small table before unpinning the front of his tunic and settling into one of the chairs. He took up his bottle again, examining the cap intently for some method to remove it, speaking more casually now “This program has an excellent quality, Captain. I’m not familiar with the setting though. Earth?”

Harrison (CMO)

Dante nodded, and began fishing in his pocket for something. “It’s a small section of Lake Garda in Italy, near my hometown of Verona. From here it looks small and secluded, but if we took a boat out further past this small cove, you would see the largest lake in Italy and a view of the Rocca Scaligera, a big old ancient fortress on the southern end in a town called Sirmione. My Uncle had a horse breeding farm on the outskirts of it.

Taking out a small metal tool of some description, very old and with a number of marks and scratches on the surface, he unfolded something from it and wedged it between his lumb and the cap on the bottle, twisting cleanly and popping the cap off. Not pausing, he handed it to Harrison and motioned for the one the man was holding. “Have you visited much of Earth, Doctor? I can’t imagine growing up on Boliarus IX, attending school there, would have given you much time for visiting?”

Captain Knight, CO

He replicated the captains manouver, curious at the simplicity, but wondering why their bottles couldn’t have some easily removable cap. He shook himself free of the reverie, marveling at the unnecessary practices of his human ancestors. He looked out across the lake as he took a sip, grimacing slightly at the taste. Few beers had ever appealed to him, and this was apparently not one of them. He handed the device back to Knight before speaking “I spent a few years assigned to Starfleet Medical and was a visiting professor for a while at the Academy, but I will confess that I did remarkably little sight seeing. I tend to be a little singleminded when it comes to my research, and my younger days were absolutely no exception. My dad never really instilled a need to appreciate my cultural heritage. I do enjoy a number of Earth foods, though… This certainly is quite a beautiful area. It does rather make me wish I’d spent a little more time out in the world. As I understand it, most of my ancestors were Welsh, with a few centuries of New York city and the American east coast.” He paused for a moment, appreciating the view as he felt a pang of homesickness, not for Earth, but for Boliarus IX “Bolians have a particular fondness for staying close to home and appreciating their roots, but it was not something I particularly latched onto, unless you count that appreciation developing in me for Boliarus IX”


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