Knight and Daye: Time to Play

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“Later,” Dante said to her and gave her a soft but quick peck on the lips. “Let’s get you dressed first, it’s a little chilly in here don’t you think?” Dante hoped those words would alert Nat to the fact he thought something was definitely wrong. When they were on holiday anywhere, her getting dressed and them doing that ‘Later’ were always the very last things on his mind, unless something important came up in the meantime.

“You are looking for me to get dressed,” she said crossing her arms over her chest. “Like put on clothes dressed. Like fabric that is only for me or silk sheets that we fight over and call it dressed,” she pulled the waistband of his pajamas so that his hips came closer to her. Dante was never one to be clumsy but his mind seemed to be elsewhere as he sorta took a stumbling step towards her. This should have struck her as odd but something else seemed far more out of place.

“Honey, not right now okay, I’m not really in the mood for that,”

“Since when,” Daye looked at him like he had two heads. “Hell, you were in the mood” she air quoted the last word giving him a look of disbelief, “when you had the Levodian flu six months ago. You couldn’t stand up, threw up every ten minutes and still, when I teased you that I need you ready for action by bedtime you told me and I quote Vulcan will freeze over before I am not able to perform my sworn duties. Now get over here,” Daye said in a deep tone trying to match his as she cocked an eyebrow at him questioning his honesty at the moment.

Despite his words, he couldn’t help break into a grin. At any other time, any other place he wouldn’t have thought twice about making sure his fiancee was happy with her morning.

It was then she noticed his grin. Oh you are playing hard to get. I get it. I haven’t given you enough attention. You are wanting to play a bit Mr. Knight.

“I get it,” a mischevious grin covered her face as she then spoke. “Does the daye chase you or you chase the daye. I say let the daye chase you out of your pajamas,” Daye bit her lip. Her fingers began to fumble with the string holding them up. “I mean you could have not....tied them…so…tight,” she pulled at the string only seeming to make the knot get tighter instead of looser.

“Nat, stop it would you,” his voice was firm but gentle, and it was taking some small amount of self-control now to keep his wits, and his pants, about him. “I tied them double, you’re not going to be able to just pull them loose, we have other things to do alright.”

“Well bugger I guess I am going to need to use my teeth to get that thing loose,” she waggled her eyebrows and wiggled his hips back and forth slightly as she tugged at the waistband. Bending her knees she started a slow shimmy towards the stubborn knotted string. She got halfway down before rising up on her toes to kiss his lips. “You want to start the Daye off with a bang,” she quoted the old saying Dante teased her with while in the academy followed by another. ” You know I am fast when I need to be so try to keep up,” she taunted him as she ran her hands down his body firmly. Even after all their year together, Natasha always had been attracted to him.

Dante returned her light kiss, then held her back at arms length and just shook his head, his own hands slipping down to his waist and removing her hands from his waist band and folding them back into her before turning around.

Daye gave him a huge grin and bit her lip however the second she saw him walk away she rolled her eyes. “You know this will be much easier if you tell me what page we are on here sexy. Are you the one in charge or am I Nat the naughty nymph,” she referenced the 101 Nights of Amazing Fun Dante had gotten from Kelly on his birthday last month.

He began to collect a few items of clothing for her and made a show of making the bed, another thing that he, when on holiday, would almost never do as they seldom left it on days with odd numbers.

Watching him moved about the room and not answer her was starting to not be fun and spiking her frustration level into the orange zone. “Okay baby I am always up for anything,” she said in a strained but dubious tone, “but I’m not feeling the Mimi the maid,” she referenced page 62 of the NOAF as they shortened the title of the literary smut Kelly sent them.

Part of this was because he picked up and fluffed the pillows, as he did so realizing that Natasha’s watch from earlier was gone. He distinctly remembered pushing it under the pillow, and glancing back at Nat, she wasn’t wearing it, or anything except his ring and necklace for that matter.

“Dante,” Natasha yelled throwing up her hands in slight frustration. If they had been on the Saracen she would have checked him for a fever or at least a concussion. “I am right here,” she held up her hands just above her waist. Cupping her hands she tapped her chest. “Stop playing with that pillow!”

He did what she asked, and dropped the pillow back in place. Then he picked up the other one, making sure to check under it quickly but found no watch there either.

Sensing he was not getting her frustration, Natasha moved to sarcasm. “Oh oh oh we are playing charades,” she said motioning to him fluffing the pillow. “Let me guess you are pretending to play the accordion? You are wrestling a boa constrictor that should be my job” she added silently to herself. Then snapping her fingers rapidly she blurted out. “You are spending the day with you grandmothers and imagining to strangle them when they ask why we aren’t married for the eighty-ninth time.”

He dropped the pillow in place and ignored Natasha’s ranting for a moment, then collected a few items of clothing that he thought Nat might want to wear if the day was going to turn out anything like he thought it might. Moving back to Nat, he ran his hand gently over her little bulge in her belly and looked into her eyes. “Here my love, let’s get dressed, have coffee and talk about our day. Is there anything you want to do today?” He was trying to make it sound normal, with how odd everything was he suddenly had the feeling the room was bugged or under some kind of surveillance.

“Yes stay in bed. Bed Dante. You me under the covers waking up at noon only to grab a drink and a bag of chips. That is what I want to do today,” Daye threw her hands up. “We never get the chance to be lazy. Someone is always comm calling you so what I want to do today is nothing. No TV. No people. Just us hanging out and napping for the next twenty-four hours,” she was starting to get an annoyed tone to her voice.

Placing her clothes on the seat beside her, Dante began to get dressed himself. It wasn’t loose and holiday style clothing he had or had chosen for her though, it was darker colored and more securely fitting clothing, kind of like what he had worn when going out ‘on missions’ with Kelly way back on the Broadsword and Nat had had to patch both of them up afterward from their escapades. “Lets do that later,” he suggested, “maybe we can head out for a bit?”

“Well if we are not napping what else is there to do but buy some souvenirs,” Natasha said through gritted teeth. It was then she took in his outfit.

“Why are you wearing that,” she asked him glancing at what he had chosen to wear. “I have spent two weeks trying to get you into something other than board shorts and t-shirts and now you want to look good?”

“Love I always look good, especially when I have you on my arm okay, now get dressed alright. Shush, and just listen to me and do what I’m asking.” There were times when this approach worked, and times when it didn’t of course. Normally, it worked at the most surprising moments when it should have had no chance of succeeding, but it was always a 50/50 chance.

“Workout clothes,” she held up the pair of leggings and dark athletic t-shirt it was paired with. “Are you saying you would rather get your aerobic workout on the beach instead of inside here,” she gave him a dirty look. “I have seen how you keep staring at me. Are you calling me fat,” she asked staring him down. It was not like she ever cared about a pound or two over the years. Weight was put on but then it came off. This, however, was a little more than a couple deciding to work out more together. “It was also the second time he had commented or focused on her getting pudgy around the middle. “You know what. Don’t answer that,” she held up her hand ready to block any comment that was going to come out of his mouth.

“You know better than anyone I would never call you fat. I’ve never commented on any weight you’ve put on before, ever, except to tell you that you are gorgeous and beautiful and exactly how I like you, mine.” He said to her and this time walked back to her picking up another shirt, ignoring the hand she tried to wave him off with. “Tasia you are beautiful just the way you are, every way you are. I have never thought anything else, not when we were cadets and not one day since.”

“Ugh,” she groaned letting her feisty run to frustrated and ending in irritation as she grabbed the shirt he brought over and pulling it over her head and half down her body. “You know I tried for two weeks to get you to do anything and all you wanted to do was sit by the ocean and drink a beer in a hammock. Now,” she pulled on her pants, “you are all hurry up or we are missing the tour bus.” As Natasha pulled the pants up to her waist she noticed it was slightly snug. More snug actually than normal. People tended to put on a pound or two while on vacation but this was a bit much.

Dante looked around the room with his eyes as he finished dressing, looking for anything out of the ordinary. By now, he was fairly sure the room was real, but the ‘balcony’ was a hologram. He couldn’t explain it fully, but there were too many things that were out of place. The bump on Natasha’s belly confused him as well, she hadn’t had it yesterday from what he knew, and Natasha hadn’t appeared to have noticed it either before now. Finishing his survey of the room he turned and saw her walking to the mirror. He paused for a moment, then began to make his way to her.

Captain Knight, CO

Control room
“Gawd wha is wong wif dees two,” the securtity guy said to his partner as he took a large bite of his sandwich. “I mean,” he swallowed ad wiped his mouth. “They have a beautiful room, no interruptsions, and still can’t be happy “I mean look at him. The image is perfect buddy. You ain’t going figure it out.”

They two men did what they always did during the day shift with these two. Monitor them for signs of issues or stress. So far it has been every day there was an issue with the Knights. Either the man or the woman but frankly the two security guards were would be glad to see them go. Of all the people under observation, only the Knight’s caused multiple pages of paperwork. It had gotten so bad the two security officers had taken to starting it during their shift so that they could leave work on time.

“Honey, not right now okay, I’m not really in the mood for that,” Knight’s voice echoed through the control room’s speakers.

“Woah woah woah,” the second security officer sat up straight and motioned for his friend to look at the screen. “How is he not in the mood for that? I mean what are you not in the mood ever,” he shook his head.

The first security officer set down his pen and took a second to catch up on what was going in the room. He was rather surprised to see what was going on in the room. It seemed like the wife was trying to give the husband a sure thing yet for some reason he seemed resistant. The mystery was why.

“Well bugger I guess I am going to need to use my teeth,” Daye replied over the speakers.

And with one simple sentence, the security officer knew why. “When a woman says that,” he replied shaking his head answering the posed question of why Dante was not in the mood. “There is nothing funny about teeth. That woman might be a ten but her humor,” he cringed shaking his head, “she is not funny at all.” The conversation about if Daye’s look could overpower any crazy thing out of her mouth could have gone on for hours but one comment cut through the room like a phaser bolt. One comment that no man could ever come back from.

“Are you calling me fat,” Natasha asked?

“No no no no no she did not just do that to him,” the second security officer said in disbelief. “Why would she do that? He has no defense. There is nothing he can say. She is effectively handing him a cigar, blindfold, and saying have at it,” he waved at the screen.

“Just stand there and don’t reply. Don’t say a word,” the first security guy almost pleaded with Dante. “You can’t win and she will just use it later.” The silence in the control room was almost palatable. The officers held their breath as if it was the final seconds of a playoff game or witnessing a profound tragedy.

“You know better than anyone I would never call you fat,”

“Oh god no!”

“Are you serious? You are a Starfleet captian. You are supposed to be smart.”

Both men threw up thier hands almost in unison. “There is no way he can get out of this. You know that,” the one man said to the other. “He used the f word and you now the only thing that makes a wife more hostile than the word fat is telling her that her mom is a pain in the arse,” the second security guard stated rubbing his hand over his face. “I said that to Midgelle once about her mom. Told her that I would rather have homeless squatters in my basement than spend a week on vacation with her mother.”

“You said that to Midgelle,” the other officer stated wide eyed.

“Yep. That was the weekend I spent up at Galaxy Inn,” he nodded feeling a pit in his stomach growing as he remembered that week. The shouting on the screen by the wife and the protests by the husband made the security officer turn down the sound and dim the lights. “We should give them a minute,” he shrugged. “I mean the poor slob can’t escape her and she is gonna be on about this for a few hours. You have seen her temper. We can write the report now and give them a few minutes,” he suggested.

The Knight’s room

Moving to the full-length mirror, Nat looked herself over and spun around a few times. The south forty seemed to be in order but her midsection definitely looked like she had not seen a sit up in a few months. As her eyes drifted to her north forty they stopped immediately on one section. “Dante,” she said in a slow drawn out speech. “Do I look more.....round,” was all she could say. Her mind was fuzzy like she was waking from a hangover and trying to piece the bits together into a cohesive story. As she spun around Dante would not be able to miss that somehow in the middle of the night a certain fairy had visited that all men dreamt of after the age of sixteen and replaced the tooth fairy.

Lt. Natasha daye medical

He stopped and looked at what she was referring to, and had to admit that she was right. “Well, you definitely seem to have been blessed overnight in more ways than one. Twice blessed, I’d say but,” he moved to her and gently turned her around to face the mirror again, standing behind her so he could wrap his arms around her and put his hands over her belly softly, but also so he could whisper in her ear. “Baby, yesterday morning when we woke up this wasn’t here. Or at least yesterday as I remember it, unless you ate a whole damn bunch of bacon sandwiches when I was sleeping. You’re the doctor my girl, why would you have this,” and then he raised his hands to her seemingly newly acquired assets, “or these in just two days? Epic level bloating and gas? You need to listen to me and trust me, something isn’t right.”

Captain Knight, CO

“Ascites or IBS but I feel fine,” Natasha started to self diagnose. It was then she took a breath and placed her palm on his cheek. “Dante I want this too. God, you have no idea but this isn’t what you think. It can’t be,” Natasha pressed her lips to his in a soft kiss. She let them linger for a moment longer than necessary. Mainly to get her emotions under control. If she didn’t take a moment she would start to cry. Having children meant everything to Dante. He always spoke of a family. That was always in their plans but life often threw you curve balls and some things you never got a second chance at bat for. You picked yourself up by your bootstraps and found a new normal. Letting her lips leave his she swallowed hard and looked up at him. “I will never stop trying but it has been two years of constant trying. I knew it was a one in a million chance now and I have been off all birth control for the past two years. I even lied on the paperwork everywhere.” Leaning in she wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her head on his chest. It always felt good in his arms. No matter what was happening to them if she was in his arms then Natasha belonged to Dante and that meant her world would right itself.

“I took you off all contraceptives a year ago when we boarded the Saracen. I have been off them since the Outpost and it didn’t happen,” her voice caught in her throat. “I am sorry this happened to us. I am sorry I did this to us. If I could change it I would but I can’t. Please don’t leave me,” she said barely above a whisper.

Deep in conversation neither Nat or Dante noticed the door slide open. Neither of them noticed the man and woman that entered the room with their lunch trays laden with food. She heard the wife begging her husband to stay. She heard the end of their conversation and had to do something. “I’m not supposed to say this but it will be okay. He doesn’t have to leave. He can stay here with you,” the woman said softly staring at the tray as she spoke. Too many times she had seen this scenario play out. It always broke her heart but maybe just maybe it would give this couple hope that their future was not as bleak as they thought. “Just try to enjoy the time you have and make the decision that is right for you both.”

Lt. Natasha Daye medical


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