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Posted June 24, 2019, 8:38 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Harrison (Chief Medical Officer) (Andrew Robinson)


Maji stepped into the medical bay just then. The sweet look that usually graced her features was gone. Brows drawn down and eyes squinted in anger, she walked toward Harrison with her rosy lips set in a stern line. As soon as he finished speaking into his combadge, she opened her mouth and a terrible screeching and clicking issued forth. Her mood had steadily darkened over the last hour and speaking Federation Standard was the last thing she wanted to do. Using her second set of vocal chords, Maji trumpeted the language of her underwater relatives—without the muffling that the water provided.

Everyone in sickbay looked to see what the God awful noise was while she stared angrily at the CMO.


His hands flew up to cover his ears, the god awful racket going straight through to his bones, making his teeth ache. No doubt it was a pleasant enough sound underwater, but without the glorious dampening effects of liquid, it was something akin to standing next to a starship thruster as it fired. It took him a moment to gather the courage to remove a hand from one ear, but he forced one off and grabbed the inhibitor that Daye had rejected. He reached up, slapping it on to the young doctors forehead, his hand immediately flying back to his ear.

Harrison (CMO)


Magi was angry when she’d entered sickbay, but had no idea why. It was like the emotion just descended on her while she was dressing for her shift. The entire time she’d made her way to the medical unit, her anger had amped up and up, further and further. By the time she entered the bay, she honed in on Harrison as the focal point and began screeching at him as she crossed the floor. In retrospect, no one could possibly have understood the rant she’d treated them to, but it was loud and heartfelt and dealt with her lack of time to spend in water because of the shifts she had to cover in sickbay.

As soon as the CMO placed the inhibitor on her forehead, Maji quieted and looked confused. A few minutes later, she was much calmer and looked at Harrison eoyj big, blue, apologetic eyes. “I’m so sorry, Cmdr. I really don’t know what came over me. All I know is that I felt an incredible anger at you for not allowing me more time in the water.”

“I’m actually feeling more normal now. What’s going on?”


He sighed with relief as his hands dropped from his ears. He cleared his throat and cracked his jaw to test his hearing before speaking “I’ve been trying to find that out myself. Something is stimulating massive increases in aggressive neurotransmitter levels. It’s not environmental, it’s not viral, bacterial or genetic and it seems basically universal. I’m waiting to hear word from our esteemed science colleagues about external forces, radiation and the like. The inhibitor is forcibly controlling neurotransmitter levels, but we don’t have enough for the entire crew and until we get a real answer on cause, I can’t devise a treatment protocol”


The explanation made sense. The mood had come upon her without warning or focus. By the time she’d walked into sickbay, Maji had no idea why she was so angry, only that she was. Her fingers went to the inhibitor on her forehead as she drew in a deep breath. “Its a relief to feel in control of myself again. Anger isn’t something I deal with very often, so it was very unsettling.”

Now she looked around sickbay at all the patients who weren’t ill or injured, but who were suffering from the same feeling of intense anger and insecurity she’d recently fallen victim to. “I’ll start making the rounds, Chief. At the very least, we can sedate some of the more disturbed officers.”


He nodded agreement, silently willing the science department to hurry their investigations “Agreed. We are going to have to push dangerous levels of sedatives to keep the worst cases down”


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