Knight and Daye: Time to Play

Posted July 14, 2019, 7:59 a.m. by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) (David Shotton)

Posted by Lieutenant Natasha Daye (Doctor) in Knight and Daye: Time to Play

Posted by Lieutenant Natasha Daye (Doctor) in Knight and Daye: Time to Play

Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in Knight and Daye: Time to Play


He took her hand and looked at her firmly. “This isn’t our hotel room, we are some kind of prisoner here and by the looks of you, we’ve been here a while. Do what I say baby, we are getting out of here. Don’t argue ok, just do what I say. This room is probably being watched with camera’s.”

“What,” she said looking at Dante as if he had grown three heads. Instantly she understood now what was happening. As if putting it together in her head Natasha let out a deep moan and let her shoulders sag. “Ughhhh. You turned down fun time with this,” she gestured at her body in a swirling motion, “for one of those escape room things. No wonder you have me dressed like some cat burglar,” she let her arms flop down to her side.

“Dante I really don’t want to do thiiiiiisssss,” she said as Dante did not give Natasha a chance to rouse the participants. Instead, he had taken her hand in his with the strength of a vice grip and headed to the door. She stumbled a few steps but his height allowed him to lift his hand slightly so that she retained her balance all without breaking his stride.

Pulling her with him, he didn’t stop for anything in the room and walked to the open door, walking straight out into a long sterile white painted corridor with doors closed on each side. “When in doubt, always go right,” he said, and began to walk.

“When in doubt don’t leave your five hundred credit a night honeymoon suite,” she quipped back. “Baby I know I am usually the one wanting to do these hair-brained schemes but can’t we just go back to the room,” she half begged. “We get enough drama on the ship. I don’t need a suspense-filled vaycay,” she said half the word and was cut off as Dante pulled her down another hallway.

“I’m getting us out of here, whatever happened they must have removed our memories. Tell me if you don’t feel right baby. We have to be quick.”

Captain Knight, CO

“I tried to be quick but you wanted no part of it,” Daye said leaning against the wall Dante had his back flat to as he peeked around the corner. Her breathing showed she was exerting herself more than she should have for this type of activity. Putting two fingers on her wrist she took her pulse counting the beats. It was slightly elevated but still in normal limits.

“We didn’t exactly have time for that Nat,” he told her, as he double checked the way was clear.

“Can we get coffee after this,” she said feeling Dante reaching behind him for her hand. As soon as his fingers intertwined hers the sounds of klaxons began to ring in the hall. It wasn’t deafening like on the Saracen but it was something you did notice.

“Oh heck, they found out quick,” Dante muttered and then pulled Natasha after him down the hallway.

“Well that is new,” she said looking up at the small camera’s starting to emerge from recessed nooks at the top of the walls. “They did not have those when we did this with Lily and Duncan. Did you get an add on package,” she asked slightly concerned at the scope of this activity. With Rhodes and Lily, it was simple. Get out of a locked room in a set period of time. This version seemed to want to to the escape concept to a whole other level. Why Dante wanted to do this crazy game again was beyond her yet she had dragged him off to do random stuff over the years too. She would do this with him for the next hour or so but the rest of the day was going to involve her butt in the sand on a beach.

Lt. Natasha Daye medical

“Natasha, listen to me,” Dante said, taking a breath when he realized that the camera’s on the ceiling were pointing away from them as they descended. “This is no escap.......” He heard footsteps coming from down the hallway in front of them and around the corner. “Damnit,” he swore, and turned to a door they had reached in their flight.

Hitting the control next to the door, he was relieved when it slid open. Clearly they didn’t think that they needed more stringent security outside of the rooms that they had been kept in. While the door only took a second to open, it was almost too slow as he pulled Natasha through and turned, slapping the control on the inside and letting it close. The lights had come on straight away, revealing the room was filled with medical equipment, and a single bed with a high back in the middle of the room.

The footsteps they had heard ran past the door and got quieter as they headed away, and Dante turned from the door and took hold of Natasha’s shoulders. “Baby this isn’t an escape room,” he told her, “listen, okay, we aren’t in the hotel. I don’t know..” Dante paused now as his eyes went passed Natasha to the far wall, where a large fish lazily swam past the window, it’s one eye looking in at them with as much curiosity as Dante looked back at it with surprise. “A fish.”

Captain Knight, CO

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