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Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in Captain’s Quarters Happy Father’s Day Dante Alighieri Knight


“Your kidding?” Dante said, but not in any tone that meant anything but excitement and wonder. “How did you get this here Nat? This was back on Earth, in Russia with Babushka and Dedushka!” He pulled the box open more and began to pull out pieces one by one. It was completely disassembled, but it was an antique that went back generations in her family and was almost as tough and sturdy as Natasha’s grandmother herself.

Pulling out one particular piece, Dante turned it over and smiled, then carried it to Nat. “Do you remember that Christmas we spent with your family after you graduated the Academy?” He asked her, and turned the piece over to show her. “Babushka showed me your cot one day when you were out with your mother, told me about it and about how old it was, and how special. So, knowing how special it was I snuck into the room later that night and carved this into it.” On the back of the piece and visible only if you had it in your hand like this or were lying under the cot when it was assembled, were the words Dante Loves Natasha, Forever carved deep into the wood. “I loved you so much I risked everything, you know what Babushka would have done if she caught me sneaking around the house at that hour, she would have thought we were upto no good.”

“If I remember that night we were up to no good,” she laughed. Taking the piece from his hand she ran her fingers over the letters as if they were diamonds or something equally precious. “God you don’t know how much I love you,” Natasha said softly, “and how glad I am here with you. This,” she spun around showing Dante the message on the wood, “would have been so hard to explain if you were not the father of my baby,” she gave him a wink. Natasha could not imagine a life without Dante so it was a moot point but a secret part of her got a giggle as she imagined how that conversation would go with someone asking her ‘babe who is Dante?’

Smiling and looking deep into Natasha’s eyes, he gently kissed her lips and placed the piece to one side, then took her hand in his and pointed back to the couch. “Pumpkin, I love and adore you but I think it’s time I tell you something, something you need to know.” While his words might have sounded bad, his tone, his smile and the warmth of his hands on hers and the look in his eye told her that what he was about to say, was something that he held close to his heart and meant as much to him as Natasha and their Baby meant. “It’s also the reason why Dedushka has been waiting by the comm all day.”

Captain Knight, CO

“You know if I get back on that thing you are going to need a crane to hoist me off,” she said playfully. Walking back she took a seat and felt the cushions wrap around her like a safety harness. “Go call Dedushka,” she said leaning back. Whatever Dante wanted to share had to be important for him to want to get on the comm after working all day. Unfortunately, she realized something that was far more important.

Deciding to save the confession until later, much later, Dante grinned and put down the piece of the cot and came to his feet. “I better not keep him waiting, it must be early over there.” Remembering the results of the last time he and Natasha’s Grandfather, and Father, had attempted ‘woodworking’, he grimaced.

“Babe before you do that,” she said watching Dante’s finger poised to connect the call on the console. “Could you get my coffee,” she said reaching forward but not able to actually sit up since she had slouched back. “It’s on the table,” she pointed with her finger.

“Of course I can Pumpkin,” he said and let his hand drop away from the console. “Anything for my girl.” Picking it up by the rim, he turned it and handed it to her carefully.

“God I love you,” she said as he placed the cup in her hands and kissed her forehead. Taking a sip of the coffee she smiled happily. She was so lucky to have someone like him in her life. Raising her foot up she realized another issue.

Walking back to the console, Dante wiped his hand on his trousers and began to bring up the comm system to call Dedushka for his advice on putting the cot together.

“Honey…baby can you move the coffee table closer,” she asked figuring out that based on her slouch and the distance from the couch, there was no way she could prop her feet up at this angle.

Dante paused again, and breathed out slowly. It was okay, she clearly hadn’t realised that the coffee table was too far away when she hadn’t been able to reach it earlier. It would only take a moment, so he turned and looked at her, a loving and warm smile on his lips. “Of course baby, I’m sorry i didn’t get it before, I should have realized you couldn’t put your feet up.” Two strides and he was back at the coffee table, sliding it gently back towards her. “How is that Tasia?”

“That’s perfect,” she smiled letting out a deep contented sigh. Of all the things that bothered her during pregnancy, her swelling ankles were the worst. Elevating them worked like a champ. Natasha wiggled some getting comfortable. She wiggled a bit more trying to find the right spot. It only took the length of time for Dante to cross the room back to the console waiting for the call, for Nat to realize what she needed. “Hey Dad,” she teased him.

Oh for the love of whatever power makes things explode Dante thought as his hands were bare millimeters from activating the comm. What now? Pillows not fluffy enough? Vase of flowers too far to the left? I know, she needs a blanket to keep her snug. “Yes baby?” he said gently, turning around to see what she needed, the same smile still on his face. Federation Diplomatic Protocol stated very clearly that even in the face of species with demands that made you want to hit them with a pillow, it wasn’t a good thing to do. The training was very specific on staying calm.

“The kiddos here wondered if you could get us some popcorn. Extra butter and salt,” she said feeling her tummy rumble. She would need something to snack on as Dante built the crib. If he was on his way to the comm, it would be easy enough to just grab the popcorn from the replicator before he made the call.

“Popcorn? Good Idea baby. I’ll tell you what I’ll get a pitcher of juice as well, with all that butter and salt you might get thirsty.” Of course she wants popcorn, and when I’m making the cot she’s going to comment that something is around back to front and throw the popcorn at me until I take notice of what she’s saying, even though it’s only the wrong way around because she’s facing me.

“We’s gonna get da popcorn. Yes, we’s are,” Natasha reverted to baby talk as Bruce crawled his way up next to her on the couch. “Who loves the popcorn. Mommy’s boy loves da popcorn,” she cooed stroking the lizards head. Bruce grinned or at least what passed for a grin on an Asian monitor lizard as Nat talked to him. At first, Bruce wasn’t sure about her laying an egg and giving him a sibling but the increased need for food by his mom was such a boon, he figured a few more lizards couldn’t hurt.

“Well I’m glad someone else appreciates the popcorn,” Dante muttered as he created a large, oversized bowl of the delicacy and a jug of juice and a glass, then shot Bruce a look. The traitorous lizard was looking very pleased with himself.

As Dante returned with the bowl, Natasha couldn’t help but see him wearing a tightish smile. “Something wrong love,” she said looking at him as she picked through the popcorn.

“What? No way love, nothing at all. Why would anything be wrong? Nothings wrong Nat. I’m looking forward to making the cot, that’s all.” He made sure the smile he gave her was sincere again, even a little cheesy.

“Are you sure because you said you were making a call back home about fifteen minutes ago. If you want I can get up and call Deduska if you want,” she said sincerely but with a why are you dragging your feet look on her face.

Lt. Natasha Daye medical (soon to be Knight because I am not popping this kid out with a legal document)

“No,” Dante said quickly. “Don’t move, alright, I got this. I just got, sidetracked.” He turned away and moved back towards the replicator, reaching it he brought up the contacts list and chose the contact for Nat’s Babushka and Dedushka on Earth. Then, with the call ready, he turned his head slowly and looked back at Nat, finger paused above the call button.

He let his finger fall on the button, and waited for the image of the wrinkled old Russian to appear in the screen before him. “I love the gift Tasia, I think it’s beautiful. I love the idea of our baby sleeping in your cot.”

Captain Knight, CO

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