Captain's Quarters Dinner with the Knights

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Posted by Lieutenant Natasha Knight (Doctor) in Captain’s Quarters Dinner with the Knights

Posted by Lieutenant Isabella “Speedy” Gonzales (Bridge Officer Helm/Ops) in Captain’s Quarters Dinner with the Knights

Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in Captain’s Quarters Dinner with the Knights

Posted by Lieutenant Natasha Knight (Doctor) in Captain’s Quarters Dinner with the Knights

Posted by Lieutenant Isabella “Speedy” Gonzales (Bridge Officer Helm/Ops) in Captain’s Quarters Dinner with the Knights

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Natasha came home and picked up the living room quickly knowing Izzy was on her way over at any minute. It was not like this was the first time she sprung someone on Dante. Typically she did comm him but for some reason, he had not answered. Once she returned home Natasha discovered it was because he was in the shower. Yelling to him about the upcoming evening through the bedroom and past the bathroom door over the sound of the shower, she hoped his muffled reply acknowledgment of her announcing they were having dinner guests.

In the shower, Dante paused and listened. He hoped she could of heard him welcoming her home after she let him know she was back, but through the water and door he didn’t think she did. It didn’t matter anyway, the muffled roar from both of them was enough that they knew they were each there.

Looking about the room, Natasha sighed heavily. Dante ran a tight ship but his quarters always bordered on a bachelor’s pad. Opening the liquor cabinet she pulled out several bottles and set them on the table of her favorite vodkas. She debated about replicating bottle of wine and then waited. She rarely touched the stuff but had no issue if Izzy liked it. She would just wait until the new helmsmen arrived to find out.

Lt. Natasha Daye medical

Arriving at the Captain’s quarters, Izzy slipped the bottle of Rioja she was carrying under her arm and thumbed the door chime.

She’d been unsure what to wear, given the informal nature of the invitation, so she’d gone with a nice black sleeveless jersey dress and kitten heels, figuring she wouldn’t look out of place either way unless Daye had a 1970’s disco theme planned. Her hair at least didn’t require much thought, cut into its usual short but feminine pixie cut.

Izzy Gonzales - Helm Officer

Stepping out of the shower, Dante reached for a towel and began to gently dry himself, after work he did enjoy a nice, relaxing shower and then a few drinks as they ate and watched a movie or just talked and today had been particularly busy with paperwork, something he despised. As he ran the towel over him he began to devise a cunning plan to create some excitement for Nat tonight, undoubtedly she had been busy with the new crew as well.

“Hello,” Daye said happily opening the door. It was clear she was thrilled to have Izzy over. The only thing that showed annoyance was the frown on her face and her leg held out in a weird angle holding what should have been a dog, but was a lizard, back from exiting the room.

“Bruce is just sooo,” she let out a grunt as she used her leg to side sweep the happy lizard back with all finesse of a bowling ball arm clearing the lane from the fallen over pins. “So excited when people come over. Please come in and ignore him.”

As if on cue the lizard stopped wiggling and stared at Natasha for a long second. The ball fell from his mouth and rolled slightly across the floor as his tongue came up and flicked once out of his mouth. Really Mom really, his look seemed to say. We never have anyone over and you are going to say I’m the one that causes it. I think you and Dad wanting to do nothing more than sit on the couch watching the holovids or spending enough hours in the bedroom to make a hibernating bear ashamed is the reason. Now move your foot so I can be the perky one of our group he finished his inner thought with a final tongue flick. Moving around her foot, Bruce slowly picked up his ball and moved to the center of the room. Locking eyes with the new arrival he sat patiently with the red ball in his mouth wiggling his tail so much his butt seemed to bounce back and forth even in the sitting position.

Grinning to himself, Dante settled on his attack vector and decided straight down the trench in the face of the laser turrets was going to be the best way forward, glory or nothing, no wingman covering him on this attack run. Wrapping the towel around himself and running his hand through his obviously still damp hair to make it a neat mess, he turned for the door but paused to practise his dashing smirk once or twice in the mirror. It wouldn’t do to look like the Joker when he was trying for an altogether more rogue like approach.

“Come on in,” Daye motioned Izzy to enter and reached out to take the bottle the woman had brought. “I am so glad you brought what you liked to drink. I hate having to guess. Dinner is almost ready. Let’s have a drink first to get to know each other without medical probes,” Natasha suggested half laughing as she moved across the room to get glasses.

Lt. Natasha Daye medical (only because this is a flashback lol)

The door to the bathroom opened and Dante stood framed perfectly between the living area and the bathroom, wearing only a towel and with the smirk he had settled on in full force as his eyes locked on Natasha and he whipped the towel from around his waist. Then he froze.

His smirk remained in place, but his eyes had taken on a far more horrified expression as they bounced between Natasha and the other woman in the room like the two were playing tennis. Left, Right, Left, Right. Standing there for those few seconds, he simply blinked, looked at Nat again and then at the single Vase with the single red rose that was perfectly placed between him and the two ladies, his one saving grace. His smirk changed to a more awkward smile, his eyes lost none of the horrified expression, and without having moved a single muscle except those on his face and his hand which was still on the door control inside the bathroom, he palmed the control again and let the door close on him, hiding him from view once more.

Captain Knight, CO

A moment of silence passed after the door slid closed. “Well,” said Izzy, her face carefully deadpan “at least I’m not underdressed for the occasion.”

Izzy Gonzales - Helm Officer

“Annnnnd that is the Captain when he is not all stiff and Captainy,” Natasha smiled and clasped her hands together. Not knowing what else to do she grabbed the glasses and took them over to Izzy. “Maybe we need to get drunk so that when you wake up with a pounding headache and come into sickbay tomorrow I can convince you that never happened,” she laughed looking at the bottle Izzy brought.

“Thank you for this,” she gestured to the wine. “Wanna crack it open and I will get some snacks?”

Lt. Natasha Daye (way before she became pregnant)

“Sounds good to me, some things you need to unsee and I gotta look him in the eye on the Bridge tomorrow and NOT get that particular mental image. That’s worth a headache.”

Izzy hunted around for a corkscrew as Daye went to get the snacks, eventually finding what she was after in the possession of the rather large lizard sat in the middle of their quarters, a red ball in it’s mouth, the corkscrew firmly pinned to the deck by a large claw, and a look in it’s eye that seemed to say “let’s do a deal”.

Bruce stared at the visitor. She seemed nice, happy, friendly but there was one test to see if she would cut the mustard as his human parents said. Well, at least his mom said that. His dad always seemed to have more exciting language when he was home with his mom but that was not important. What was important was the woman standing in his apartment. Do you want to throw the ball ma’am. Do you, he seemed to ask her as his tongue flicked in and out of his mouth. Looking at the woman, however, he thought maybe there was a better approach than the tough guy act. Dropping his head so that it almost touched the floor, Bruce spit out the ball and as it rolled towards Izzy he wagged his tail hopefully.

“Fine! Fine! I’ll throw your fricken ball!” She reached tentatively for the large red ball.

Izzy Gonzales - Helm Officer

At the sound of her words, Bruce jumped up happily running to the far end of the apartment with a gleeful look in his eyes. The corkscrew no longer of any concern to him.

A few minutes after the ‘event’, and the door to their quarters opened once again and Dante walked out. This time, he wore casual clothing. A loosely collared shirt with short sleeves and comfortable slacks gave him a far more modest appearance. Moving to Natasha first, he said nothing except gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Hi love, I didn’t realise we had company. I think I need a drink.” He grinned, but his eyes let her know he was properly horrified.

“Lieutenant Gonzales,” he greeted his Helm Officer. “I need to apologize for the, uh, show. I wasn’t aware we had company.” He motioned to Bruce, “I see you have made a friend though.”

Captain Knight, CO

“I told you when you were in the shower,” Natasha looked at Dante like he was crazy. It was then she noticed Bruce. “Dante do something with him,” she gestured towards the happy lizard. “He got the corkscrew and you said he couldn’t open a drawer,” Nat almost whined picking up the corkscrew. Moving to the replicator she ran it through the decontamination cycle. “Life not on the bridge is…real life,” Natasha laughed taking the cleaned corkscrew out of the replicator as Bruce’s smack from catching the ball almost punctuated her sentence. “So tell me your life is as crazy as ours,” Natasha asked handing the corkscrew to Izzy.

Lt. Natasha Daye (very soon to be Knight)

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