Natasha and Dante's Wedding

Posted July 24, 2019, 2:43 a.m. by Lieutenant Natasha Knight (Doctor) (Kate O'Neill)

Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in Shuttle Geralt: Natasha and Dante’s Wedding

Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in Shuttle Geralt: Natasha and Dante’s Wedding
It was late, and Dante kicked a random box of, something, out of the way as he fiddled with the small replicator trying to program in the latest weird craving that Natasha decided she wanted today. It was 4am local time, but did she want breakfast, no, she decided to invent something he had never even heard of. “Baby are you sure you want this? Like, really? I cant just get you a banana and a chocolate bar or something?”

Turning away from his gorgeous, Moby Daye sized and very demanding pregnant bridezilla, Dante mouthed what she had just said silently and kept pushing buttons. Pausing a moment he took a look at some of the boxes, for some reason Natasha had decided she needed all of this, and it was too much to fit in the Geralts cargo hold as they travelled to Gamma Tiltium for their wedding. He shook his head and hit the final button, the delicacy appearing before his eyes and the smell of it instantly filling the shuttle.

“Really, baby.” He picked up the hot bowl of chicken noodle soup and looked down into it. Floating in the top were odd fluffy grain like orange sticks that were giving off an obvious fake cheese scent, the orange powder seeming to be floating off into the bowl.

“Where in any quadrant, did you ever decide or learn about chicken noodle soup and these things called cheetos? Mixed together? I think I’d rather have Gagh.”

Captain Knight, CO

“Parenting Magazine,” Natasha said taking her first sip. The look on her face spoke volumes. She was in heaven as she ate her breakfast. Curling up in the co pilot seat, Natasha tucked her feet under her assuming almost the exact same position she had almost three years ago. That time she was headed to a new ship: the Saracen. This time she was headed to a new life: as Mrs. Dante Knight. Looking out the cockpit window, Natasha saw the first glimpses of Gamma Tiltium’s curve against the blackness of the starry night. Pulling a PaDD from the seat next to her, Natasha gave Dante a smile. “If you had to pick your favorite letter what would it be? 1. A vowel. 2. A consonant. 3. A dipthong,” Natasha read the quiz out to him. It had been a long time since she polled Dante for her online quizzes. Almost three years in fact but it was time to get back to the basics of who they were.

Gamma Tiltium Beach

A soft breeze blew the white silk tulle gently against the archway. Everything had been set up according to Natasha’s dream. She and Dante had come to this spot for years to dream about their future. From ensigns without a credit between them to the respected officers they became, this spot on the sand held all their dreams and the hopes of their future. It was the only place Natasha could imagine to start their life together. Dante would have given her the world. He would have married her anywhere yet this stretch of sand was the only place she wanted. White chairs, arranged in rows, sat empty for now. Soon they would be filled with guests. Pink and purple flower petals lined a long stretch of white fabric that she would walk down. Bouquets of flowers sat in vases lined the front of the archway while the soft blues of a turquoise sea framed the spot as their backdrop. The sound of the ocean had a soothing rhythm as the last of the touches were being added by the men and women of the USS Atlantis.

Natasha had been ready to hire a team of workers yet Kelly had refused. Instead, a slew of crewman prepared everything as diagramed out as if it were a white-glove inspection. Kelly was overseeing the event with the sharp eye of the most diligent wedding planner. Nothing would come between her two friends on this day. This was why Dante was safely getting ready in the diplomatic suite and Natasha in Kelly’s quarters. No detail would be left to chance on her watch. Heck if the planet were to blow up, Kelly, being a captain, had the power to wed them if need be. Before the sunset over the waters of the ocean, her two friends would be married.

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