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“Okay in a second,” Lizzie said brushing her dad off. “I told him that girlfriends make the best sandwiches. That is what daddy says all the time every time you make him lunch. I love your sandwiches and so does Derek. We swap sandwiches,” Lizzie grinned. “I take half of his and he takes half of mine. I love school here. There are so many kids and its not like school back home,” she just about bounced on the bed with happy.

Looking at Jarred, Kalani squeezed Lizzie’s hand. “You know brown sugar is Daddy’s favorite. Why don’t you go make one for him like he asked,” she said encouragingly?

“I love having a girlfriend but a mom is going to be so much better,” Lizzie hugged Kalani. Jumping up from the bed Kalani and Jarred dove to hold the breakfast tray as it almost capsized on the bed again spilling the contents as Lizzie disappeared from the room.

Ensign Kalani Kane Science

Watching her as she left Jarred lowered his head. Part of his rational brain was telling him this was all too innocent, and to not freak out as much as he wanted. The other part wanted him to find this Derek and airlock him. “I’m being crazy aren’t I?” he asked her as he looked over with a small lopsided smile as he felt himself coming back to reality as he thought more on what just happened. “I don’t like that… I don’t like any of Lani.” he said as he took her hand as he interlaced his hand with hers as he kissed the back of it.

“I know love,” she said touching his cheek and kissing him softly. “You are a dad. You don’t have to like this.” Picking up her coffee, Kalani took a sip enjoying the squirming side of Alindor.

“Brown sugar by the way? You looking for a new nickname?” he said with a smirk as he leaned over to kiss her softly, he knew he didn’t have time for more Lizzie would be back any second but it wasn’t going to stop him showering her with affection.

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“I mean first it is sharing sandwiches then it is cookies. Before you know it he is gonna wanna take her to the Valentines Day dance. You know that have that right? In school each year. As room girlfriend I am up to date on all the classroom festivities,” she said playfully. “Tell me is going to a dance considered dating or should we set an age for that. Say about nine?” Kalani knew Jarred would not find this exactly funny but she did. Far more than probably appropriate for the topic. It was just Jarred was everything she ever wanted in a man and the fact that he was a good dad made him that much more attractive to her.

Ensign Kalani Kane Science


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