Knight and Daye: Time to Play

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“Natasha, listen to me,” Dante said, taking a breath when he realized that the camera’s on the ceiling were pointing away from them as they descended. “This is no escape.......” He heard footsteps coming from down the hallway in front of them and around the corner. “Damnit,” he swore, and turned to a door they had reached in their flight.

“Will you stop whipping me around,” Natasha said slightly annoyed. So far all Dante had done on this little expedition was fling her about and drag her around one corner after another. “I do not mind running but it is a game so can we slow this down,” she started to huff.

Hitting the control next to the door, he was relieved when it slid open. Clearly they didn’t think that they needed more stringent security outside of the rooms that they had been kept in. While the door only took a second to open, it was almost too slow as he pulled Natasha through and turned, slapping the control on the inside and letting it close. The lights had come on straight away, revealing the room was filled with medical equipment, and a single bed with a high back in the middle of the room.

Finding her feet, Natasha spun around and brushed some hair out of her eyes. “That’s it. I am not doing anything else until you stop being so competitive,” Natasha growled and leaned against a cabinet focusing on him.

The footsteps they had heard ran past the door and got quieter as they headed away, and Dante turned from the door and took hold of Natasha’s shoulders. “Baby this isn’t an escape room,” he told her, “listen, okay, we aren’t in the hotel. I don’t know..” Dante paused now as his eyes went passed Natasha to the far wall, where a large fish lazily swam past the window, it’s one eye looking in at them with as much curiosity as Dante looked back at it with surprise. “A fish.”

Captain Knight, CO

“Because we are on that,” Natasha shot back angrily but stopped not able to complete her sentence. “We are,” she stumbled for words. Looking around the room she tried to put together what she knew. “We were in the hotel,” she started to get a blank stare. None of this made sense. “Are we in a ship,” she asked walking to the window looking out. Seeing the fish she looked back at Dante, Natasha took a deep breath. Walking over to the drawers she began to open them.

“What are you looking for?” He asked her, walking to the window himself and looking out at the water beyond for a moment. “Are you listening now Nat, remembering? No ship is going to be on an underwater reef, on Erewhon.” He turned back and took the few steps to reach her.

“We need to find a tricorder,” she said searching the drawers. “I don’t know why I am not remembering but it has to be pharmacological. If I know what it is I can find an antidote,” she felt herself getting edgy. Natasha did not like the idea something was keeping her and Dante from understanding what was going on. “Dante, help me,” she said rooting through another drawer.

Lt. Natasha Knight medical

Taking another cabinet he began to open drawers, flicking through a multitude of familiar looking Federation equipment. “Here,” he said as he opened a drawer lower down and took out a standard Federation Issue medical tricorder. “I don’t know why we can’t remember anything except our hotel room, take a scan of yourself Natasha, and this.” He handed the tricorder to her and gently placed a hand on her belly.

“I’m going to see if the consoles here have any information.”

Captain Knight, CO

Natasha scanned herself and slumped against the wall. Her eyes were wide and she slowly licked her lips trying to moisten her mouth so that she could speak. “Dah,” she tried and then stopped. It was as if the words were caught in her throat and could not surface. She could feel her pulse quicken and felt dizzy. Clearing her throat she took a deep breath. Locking her eyes on Dante’s back she took a moment to steady herself. Finding him always calmed her in moments like this. She looked at his broad shoulders and let her eyes trail down his body. It wasn’t a suggestive look in any way but more as if she was looking at him for the first time. In some ways, it was as if she was looking at him for the first time.

She had known Dante Aligheri Knight for fifteen years. So many times she debated on how to tell him things but this was the first time she was truly at a loss for words. “Dan..te,” she tried again to say his name and draw his attention away from the console.

“Dante,” she nervously fiddled with the tricorder. “I’m pregnant,” she said finally getting a hint of a smile. It was not that she wasn’t happy. She had wanted this more than anything and yet every specialist had told her it was not going to happen. A baby was off the cards but her she was, pregnant with his baby. “I’m having a baby,” she said finally finding her voice. With each sentence, the happiness in her words became more and more apparent.

Lt. Natasha Daye medical


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