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“Lets just get that Probe in the shuttle bay then get out of here. Bring us into range, prepare the tractor beam. Lt. Sha, prepare a security and engineering team to secure the probe, once it’s on board, we will get out of here.” He looked around, the Captain seemed to be feeling the effects more strongly then the others. With fights breaking out he felt the need to get out of this nebula as fast as possible.


Just then, a com sounded from within the ship. =/\=Bridge, Sickbay here. We are full up with patients in danger of being thrown around. What’s going on?=/\=

—Maji, CMO

“Aye Sir!” Replied Izzy to the XO, fingers already dancing over the control panel as she engaged the thrusters, full power.

The ship dived towards the probe, quickly closing on it, riding the buffeting as best as she could, Izzy held course until the last moment, seemingly intent on ramming both the probe and themselves into oblivion.....

As the ship moved closer to the probe the distortion waves increased and the ship was severely buffeted as they were longer riding the ‘waves’. Anything not tied down including people would be hitting the decks and bulkheads as the ships systems were slow in keeping up.

“Now....” she muttered, jamming her fingers down on a sequence of controls almost faster than the eye could see. Immediately the fore ventral and aft dorsal thrusters fired a short full power burst, flipping the 500 metre length of the ship end over end almost in her own length. The aft thrusters fired up again in a short breaking manoeuvre, neatly presenting the rear shuttle bay door and tractor beam to the target.

The helms officer wild maneuver seriously taxed the ship’s Inertial Dampening Field and Artificial Gravity generators. More explosions resounded across the bridge as fires broke out and smoke filled the bridge among the glow of the now emergency lighting.

This state of affairs was happening all over the ship now and sickbay would be flooded with the injured.

Izzy Gonzales - Helm Officer

She was more then successful on her positioning though and the probe waited just outside the aft shuttle bay doors for retrieval. It just waited for someone to manipulate the tractor field to bring it in.

GM Nosferatu

OOC: Pasting in Graham’s post as it made a side post.:)

Graham watched as Gonzales showboated. Although to be fair she did a half decent job even if a slower approach would have been smoother. “We have a lock…” He tapped a key. “Bringing the probe in. I’ll place her in a max power force cage until we can get an assessment going, with your permission. Sir.”


GM Nosferatu

“By all means. Helm, as soon as it’s on board, get us out of here.” Threwn stated calmly, doing everything he could to keep his emotions down.


The probe was successfully beamed into the force field enclosure in the shuttlebay.

GM Nosferatu

“Aye aye Sir, getting us the heck out of here.” Izzy replied to the XO, already bringing the thrusters back online as the probe cleared the bay doors.

Izzy flew mostly by feel now, trusting her own experience and the knowledge gained from their initial traverse of the nebula, she felt she had a pretty good handle on things, letting her instincts guide the ship towards safety.

Izzy Gonzales - Helm Officer

Graham checked the force fields he had put around the probe and if there were any radiation or there power being transmitted despite it being in place. It certainly could make the situation worse if precautions were not taken.


OOC: Did you do anything special with the force fields to make their effectiveness greater? Its unfortunate that you all haven’t worked together with science and medical to counteract the radiation:P I have given you guys enough to do so:PP


OOC: I’m torn about how ‘effective’ Graham should be given the radiation effects. I’m trying to make him sloppy but not stupid, tough line to walk. So the short answer would be no, he’s just increased the power to 10. Now his checking for leakage, if he notes anything he’s going to try a frequency change to match the leaking radiation to bottle it in.


The increased strength that Graham had programmed into the shields surrounding the probe were enough not to have the entire ship flooded immediately by an increase of the radiation but it was apparent it was leaking out of the containment field and would infect the entire ship over time with all the attendant results.

GM Nosferatu

At the sound of medical being overwhelmed, Sha hit her comm and sent a couple extra security down to help out. The rest, that hadn’t been contained in their own quarters, already, were sent to clear out all non essential personnel from common areas, corridors and other non necessary areas. The tossing of the ship left her slammed against the nearby console and a string of expletives exited her mouth in Klingon that would have made any warrior proud. Though her mother would certainly have thought otherwise.

Once stability was regained, she nodded and took to the lift. “I’ll see to it myself. Since apparently no one ‘else’ wants to do it.” Her own angst leaking out slightly as the edge of a growl ended her comment.


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