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Posted by Lieutenant Maji (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay Lab

Posted by Lieutenant Maji (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay Lab

Posted by Lieutenant Maji (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay Lab
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It had taken several days to set up a lab with a large enough tank for her to submerge in, in order to examine the lifeforms added to it, but it was finally done and filled with water and various kinds of aquatic life. She could have done with a much larger tank, but the 15x15 foot one was all they had room for. Maji sat on the bottom with her legs crossed, and watched the plant and animal life moving around her. There was a shock to the system of every life form whenever they were placed into a new environment and she would have to give them time to adjust. She was just allowing them to get used to her presence among them. Clad in a one piece, white, swimsuit, and sans the black cuff she usually wore around her neck to protect the delicate gills, she smiled, enjoying the peace and quiet the underwater environment offered her.

Her shift was over with so she was on her own time now. There were no limits she had to be mindful of and so had settled in for a good, long stay. Her gills were working perfectly and the ruffly fins that spontaneously generated on her forearms and calves when she got wet, billowed softly with the slight movement of water in the tank.

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As Maji was relaxing the door to the lab opened and a large figure briefly dwarfed the doorway. As quickly as the shadow appeared it disappeared as the figure entered the room. Commander Threwn didn’t take a look at the tank as he walked in, but proceeded to a nearby cabinet looking for something. He was using one hand to look, the other, he held closely to his chest.


Surprised to see someone else in the lab, Maji watched the tall man through the water and transparent aluminum of the tank. She hadn’t seen him before, but he had an air of confidence about him. He wore the red of command, so she wondered what he was doing back in the lab area. With a slight push off from the bottom of the tank, Maji made it to the surface and broke the water, catching her fingers on the edge of it to hold herself in place. “Is there something I can help you with?”


Threwn turned quickly to look towards the sound of the voice. “My apologizes. I didn’t realize anyone was in here.” He said, his deep soothing voice seemed to give contrast his otherwise aggressive appearance. He had a deep scar that lined his face, but it was his arm that was a focus. He held it close to his chest, but his face showed no sign of pain.


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“Its not a problem. I was just letting the tank and its inhabitants get used to me.” After noticing the careful way the big man was holding his arm, Maji made her way to the ladder and began to climb out. “I’m Lt Maji, the new CMO. Let me have a look at that arm.” With practiced care, she quickly wrapped the frilly fins on her arms and legs around the circumference of each limb and then pushed her arms into a knee length robe hanging on the outside of the tank. The absorbent nature of the flooring in that particular lab, kept pools of water from forming beneath her feet.

“Nice to meet you, I am Commander Threwn, I haven’t had a chance to come down to sickbay to introduce my self you yet”

Maji made her way over to the large man to examine the damage to his arm. “What were you looking for in here?”


Threwn was wearing work out clothes and the the shift on his arm was torn. “Just something to bandage my arm. I fell rock climbing.” he said simply, he held out his arm slightly to her. There were several large gashes and scrapes. It looks like he fell and his arm took the brunt of the fall, scrapping against some rocks as he fell.


Once she got a good look at the damage, Maji sucked air in between her teeth, sympathizing with the pain Threwn must be feeling. “This looks pretty bad. Have a seat while I gather some things.” She motioned to the chair at the workstation where she would normally enter information about her experimental findings. As she went from one cupboard to another, plucking a tricorder from one and pharmaceutical ampules from another, she looked over her shoulder at the the first officer. “Is there some reason you didn’t have someone in the main bay tend to these wounds?”


“Call it old fashioned. I don’t want to the crew to see me injured or weak if I can help it. I have to maintain appearances.” Threwn replied. It was a weak answer, he knew, but he also knew that rumors spread fast on a ship like this.


Even though his tone of voice was friendly in the quiet lab, the words could have been taken as arrogant. “Well, we all have to maintain appearances, Sir. You don’t want the crew to think you are weak and I don’t want them to think I’m a fish. But they will if they see this.” During the conversation, Maji had returned to where he sat, pulled up a chair opposite him and staggered their knees so she would be close enough to treat him. After setting the medical paraphernalia on the desk within easy reach, she pulled the neck of the white robe away from her body and towards her shoulder. She revealed the small slits/gills on the side of her neck and an irregular patch of greenish-blue scales that were usually hidden by her neck cuff. “See? I’m not at all like a fish, but some wouldn’t be able to think of me as anything else if they saw this.”

Loading the hypospray with a common pain reliever, she continued. “So, I understand what you’re saying—maybe more than others. By the way, are you allergic to any medications?”


Threwn smiled, “No I’m not allergic to anything.” He stated before returning the past subject. “I doubt people would see you as a fish. We have mostly all grown past that, given the vast diversity in the Federation. For example, imagine that the skipper stumbled and fell, knocking himself out in the process. As he is being taken to sickbay on a stretcher, several crew members see him. How fast do you think the rumors will spread saying that he died?” He shrugged his muscular shoulders. “It’s stupid I agree, but I’ve gotten into that habit. Never to let the general crew see you bleed.” He said with a smile.

Maji administered the pain killer in the hypo spray before taking sterile pads and washing the wound. As she did so, she admired the Cmdr’s arm—it was tanned and very muscular and toned. There were several tiny rocks embedded in it and she worked at picking them out with a pair of tweezers.

OCC: He is also scarred, roughly 32% of his body is scar tissue. There are several scars on his arms. Some deep, some not, battle wounds.

“I don’t recall meeting a member of your species before,” He stated, he seemed to be looking more closely at her now.


“I’m not surprised. There aren’t many of us who have joined Starfleet.” Another quick wash and the deep laceration was ready for a dermal generator. Maji crossed her legs and positioned Threwn’s arm so it lay on the robe covering her thigh. “I guess I’m more adventurous than most Emites. The opportunity to learn medicine from the Federation was one I couldn’t pass up.” As she passed the generator over the wound, a few drops of blood escaped and ran down the sides of his arm, staining her robe. Maji didn’t even acknowledge it. “Actually, I love traveling the stars and meeting new species. In most cases we’re more alike than we are different and I find that fascinating.”

—Maji, CMO

When Maji moved his arm he twitched slightly. She could see several lines of scars, including two that ran almost perpendicular to his upper forearm, near where the elbow joint was. It was a deep scar, but looked fairly old, as if it happened at a young age. As she washed his arm, a feeling came up on Adam, something he hadn’t felt in years, many many years. He felt something in his chest, a feeling, long thought dead seemed to open it’s eyes as if waking from a long sleep. He tried to dismiss it

“Don’t worry about the scars, I’ve got enough, one more won’t hurt.” He said simply, “Besides, the dermal regenerator doesn’t really work on my skin anyway.” He nodded down towards blood stain on her robe. “I seem to be leaking on your robe.” he said, a little awkward like.


His comment about leaking brought a small laugh from Maji. “Not to worry. We have these things called reclamation units and replicators. Getting a new robe is as easy as one, two, three.”

Having healed the deep tissues, she moved on to mending the dermis. It was her intention to do it seamlessly, but her eyes traveled over the old scars already present. Regenerator in her right hand, she let the fingers on her left trace the smooth, whitish scar tissue as she studied it. “Why do you have these?” Curiosity fueled the question. It was nothing in the 24th century to heal any break in the skin and make it like new. Scars weren’t necessary nowadays—medicine had moved past them.

Her eyes raised from his arm to his face, left hand following, till the pad of her thumb softly trailed along the scar on his face. “And this?” In an age where beauty was easily achieved by many, she truly wondered why Threwn chose to keep the marks from past wounds.


He tried to smile. “As I said, I have a condition where the dermal regenerator doesn’t work on my skin. So my skin has to heal naturally. Hence the scars. Just patch me up, and I’ll heal in good time.”

He tried to change the subject. “Did you grow up being adventurous?” He asked curiously.


She hadn’t given his chart more than a glance when she’d taken over from Harrison and now she regretted it. Setting down the dermal regenerator, Maji scanned her work once more with the tricorder. It wasn’t holding. The soft tissues inside the wound that should have bound themselves together, were losing their cohesion. She would obviously need to read up on Threwn’s particular condition, but for time being, she needed to resort to a needle and thread.

Maji covered his arm with an absorbent cloth and got up to begin gathering the special tools to treat him, “I apologize, Cmdr. I should have been prepared to have you in Sickbay at any time…should have been familiar with your individual needs, but I took over after Harrison’s departure and hit the ground running. I’ll make it a point to familiarize myself with your chart as soon as we’re done here.”

She disappeared for a moment and came back with a kit the size of a shoe box. Inside was everything needed to sew up the wound, all nice and sterile like it should be. Seated once again, with the kit open and staged by her right hand, the doctor went to work once more on the wound that had assumed its original proportions.

“You asked if I’ve always been adventurous—the answer is yes.”

—Maji, CMO


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