[Pre-Sim] Arrival to the USS Saracen

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He cautiously started walking around the perimeter, creeping, slowly. Watching ever corner, every shadow until he could find something that something that was wrong. It was busy with activity and conversations not long ago when he arrived and had the lucky opportunity to run into Elmira. He was actually kind of elated in ways being able to run into her, but everything was the opposite now for some reason. It was quiet. He was paranoid of the quiet room. Too easy to set up an ambush of sorts. Nothing seemed right about anything at all. Her voice interrupted his thoughts for a moment and he replied in a hushed voice. “To be honest .. not exactly. Something’s just not right, I can’t figure it out ..” He kept looking at the corners and didn’t glace in her direction at all as he spoke. He scowled trying to figure out what why it was so silent in their room. He reached behind him and waved for her to stick close. For one .. he didn’t want to be alone .. and for two, he didn’t notice any weapons on her either so he wanted to make sure that she was in range in case something came after her.

Ensign Mike Gareth (Security)

The bay remained empty, Gareth and O’Shea didn’t find anything in their search. It was if after seeing to Gareth’s arrival, the shuttlebay crew had dispersed to other duties. Even finding the bay so empty though didn’t decrease any of Gareth’s unease. O’Shea would also start to have feelings of unease and agitation, whether it was due to proximity to Gareth’s paranoia or her own was unknown.

GM Nosferatu

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O’Shea felt her heart quicken, as if she had been struck by an idiopathic disease in the form of agitation. Furrowing her eyebrows, her calm slowly began to ebb away. Instinctively, she reached for her phaser. Nothing. Concerned someone had stolen her phaser off of her, she shot a pointed glance at Mike. Him–Elmira! A voice in the back of her mind pulled her from the dark thoughts that had begun to cloud her judgement. Don’t be foolish! She told herself. Taking a step away from Mike, she sucked in a deep breath. You didn’t equip yourself this morning, remember? It must have been their proximity; she’s spent too much time in the dangerzone of Mike’s was beginning to infect her too. It was the only explanation she could come up with and it wasn’t his fault. Betazoids were empathic creatures, they took on the emotions polluting their environment. That had to be it.

“I’m sure it’s nothing,” She said. Whether she was trying to convince Mike or herself was hard to tell. She didn’t want Mike noticing her uneasiness, it wouldn’t help him if the person trying to lighten the mood was experiencing the same anxiety. “It might be first day jitters, Gareth. Everybody gets them. Especially when they’re in a new environment like the Saracen.”

Her heart pounded faster.

“Maybe we should move on..” She suggested, tucking her hands behind her back to avoid rubbing her wrists, as she often did when in an uncomfortable position. “Everyone else has returned to their duties, we should do the same. If you’re not ready, maybe a meal would he nice? Something to fuel you up. Perhaps that will help.”

Elmira never rambled, but Mike had no way of knowing that.

Lt. O’Shea, CTO

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IC: He thought for a moment .. it was still chaotic going through all sorts of possible options from ambushes, to the ship perhaps being boarded, though a bit of what she said made sense. Maybe it was nothing? Maybe it was something .. regardless, he knew something didn’t sit right. “Maybe .. maybe you’re right.” He seemed to ease up a little though his mind was still looking for anything that might be out of place. Though when she mentioned the idea of food he instinctively replied without even thinking, “Well .. if you’re joining then I’d be a fool to decline.” Almost at the same moment he had just realized what he had just said he coughed and covered his mouth with his fist before sliding his fingers up the bridge of his nose to rest on his forehead in a poor attempt to hide his embarrassment that readable from his eyebrows that still showed on either side. “Sorry, it’s umm .. been a pretty long shuttle ride now that I think about it .. and I uh .. can’t really remember when I did eat last.” His head hurt just trying to recall those details, trying not to worry, but the thought of something jumping out from behind him kept him alert.

Ensign Mike Gareth (Security)

“We’ll leave that to exhaustion,” Elmira waved his comment away, “it makes us say the most curious things…shall we?” She gestured to the shuttlebay doors. The longer they were within its walls, the more constricted she felt. It was as if they were closing in on her, despite being one of the most spacious areas aboard the Saracen. It reeked of emotion, of agitation, but she couldn’t tell its source. All she knew was she had to get out of there before she suffocated in its toxins. She hardly waited for Mike to take the lead as she subconsciously gravitated towards the exit. Elmira, if nothing at all, knew she wouldn’t be returning to the shuttlebay anytime soon.

Outside, she sucked in a deep breath, but it did little to relieve the paranoia growing in her chest. It almost hurt. Growing overwhelmed, Elmira took a second to make sense of where they were. “The turbolift is this way,” she pointed down the hall. Somehow the cramped compartment felt safer than the open corridors. Something was seriously off.

“So..what cuisines do you like?” She asked, distractedly. Anything to keep his mind from drifting to dark places and, admittedly, her own. Elmira had always been adept at subduing her emotions, but a greater part of her was beginning to believe they weren’t as subtle as she had intended them.

Lt. O’Shea, CTO

He followed silently as she gravitated towards the doors, keeping on eye out and listening towards his six in case anything decided to come out and surprise him. As they exited he warily glanced down the hallway they just came from and swallowed, wanting to avoid that direction at all costs, somewhat thankful they took a different route. Even though it was another hallway, the glimmer of hope was that it lead away from where they were with the possibility of an exit.

His thoughts were already strained on trying to keep focused and almost felt like a haze. Kind of like where your mind drifts as you doze off to sleep, being still conscious as he constantly had to drag them back to his full attention. “Favorite food..? I’d .. probably have to say Italian is my weakness. I’m a sucker for anything pasta related ..” As they approached the turbo lift, it was just instinctive for him again to extend his hand out as the doors opened, “After you.” It also gave him an excuse to watch where they came from to be sure no one was stalking them for some reason before stepping in himself. As the doors closed he gave a small sigh of relief, thankful for their closed off environment for a bit of respite.

Ensign Mike Gareth (Security)

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“Noted. Italian it is.” Elmira tried to mister a joke. She found humour was the best way to shake off the anxieties that haunted her beneath the surface. It was a mask she could wear without damaging her truth, but it had its consequences..apathy among the worst. Nodding to Mike, she passed into the turbolift. Part of her couldn’t wait to enter the mess hall, where people were scattered about it’s open face. In their emotions, she could escape. Their intensity, like mirth, subdued the churning in her belly. It was, like most of her tactics, an escape from her emotions. Dangerous but effective.

“Now are you more of an fettuccini alfredo kind of guy, or something lighter like pesto pasta?” She was raised by an Etruscan woman, so many dinners consisted of meat stews and fresh bread; pasta wasn’t often a staple of the menu. Glancing at Mike, she studied him. He seemed relieved by the enclosed space, but she wondered how long that relief would last.

“Hmm..” He gave this a good thought for a moment, but couldn’t really come up with a definitive answer. “I’d have to say both .. a nice warm cheesy alfredo is perfect for winter weather, where the light pesto is a great, refreshing dish for the summer.” He could already remember the flavors of each, especially for some of the hand made dishes he had on Earth. He wasn’t sure how good they would be replicated, but he might have to plan to make some in his quarters sometime in the future if it didn’t meet his idea of how it should be.

The turbolift ride was shorter than it felt, two stops and three companions left Elmira in silence. She had no interest in chatting with the passing officers. Not in her state. When finally arriving on the mess hall deck, O’Shea returned his generosity and gestured for Gareth to exit. “Gentlemen first,” she smiled but it didn’t reach her eyes.

Lt. O’Shea, CTO

It was a sharp, quick thought that almost shook Gareth to his core, but oddly offered him a small moment of clarity. ‘She just wants to get behind me for some reason..’ No. There was no way he could ever think of something like that, not ever, why would he? It didn’t make any sense and he would never think that way .. would he? He strained internally to just get his own thoughts out. He held his hand out towards the turbolift doors to prevent them from closing on them before speaking. “Of course with all do respect Lieutenant ..” He actually managed to get a small smile out just trying to piece together what he wanted to say, “What kind of gentleman would I be, if I didn’t allow a lady to go first?” Maybe it was something about that initial hallway that really set him off edge and it only seemed to feel like an oppressive cloak that surrounded him, but he was determined to not let it take hold, no matter how hard he had to struggle. Despite his primitive reasoning .. he just really didn’t want to lose his mind around someone that seemed so .. well .. amazing, in his thoughts. He prayed that the mess hall would be better where he could hopefully relax.”

Ensign Mike Gareth (Security)

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