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Posted Sept. 17, 2019, 9:19 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Jarred Alindor (Chief Engineer) (Steven Sigle)

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Jarred Alindor (Chief Engineer) in Alindor Quarters Happy Father’s Day Jarred Alindor

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Jarred Alindor (Chief Engineer) in Alindor Quarters Happy Father’s Day Jarred Alindor

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“Okay in a second,” Lizzie said brushing her dad off. “I told him that girlfriends make the best sandwiches. That is what daddy says all the time every time you make him lunch. I love your sandwiches and so does Derek. We swap sandwiches,” Lizzie grinned. “I take half of his and he takes half of mine. I love school here. There are so many kids and its not like school back home,” she just about bounced on the bed with happy.

Looking at Jarred, Kalani squeezed Lizzie’s hand. “You know brown sugar is Daddy’s favorite. Why don’t you go make one for him like he asked,” she said encouragingly?

“I love having a girlfriend but a mom is going to be so much better,” Lizzie hugged Kalani. Jumping up from the bed Kalani and Jarred dove to hold the breakfast tray as it almost capsized on the bed again spilling the contents as Lizzie disappeared from the room.

Ensign Kalani Kane Science

Watching her as she left Jarred lowered his head. Part of his rational brain was telling him this was all too innocent, and to not freak out as much as he wanted. The other part wanted him to find this Derek and airlock him. “I’m being crazy aren’t I?” he asked her as he looked over with a small lopsided smile as he felt himself coming back to reality as he thought more on what just happened. “I don’t like that… I don’t like any of Lani.” he said as he took her hand as he interlaced his hand with hers as he kissed the back of it.

“I know love,” she said touching his cheek and kissing him softly. “You are a dad. You don’t have to like this.” Picking up her coffee, Kalani took a sip enjoying the squirming side of Alindor.

“Brown sugar by the way? You looking for a new nickname?” he said with a smirk as he leaned over to kiss her softly, he knew he didn’t have time for more Lizzie would be back any second but it wasn’t going to stop him showering her with affection.

Alindor, CE

“I mean first it is sharing sandwiches then it is cookies. Before you know it he is gonna wanna take her to the Valentines Day dance. You know that have that right? In school each year. As room girlfriend I am up to date on all the classroom festivities,” she said playfully. “Tell me is going to a dance considered dating or should we set an age for that. Say about nine?” Kalani knew Jarred would not find this exactly funny but she did. Far more than probably appropriate for the topic. It was just Jarred was everything she ever wanted in a man and the fact that he was a good dad made him that much more attractive to her.

Ensign Kalani Kane Science

“No, you don’t understand.... she isn’t going to have a boyfriend. I’ll send her to catholic school if I have to. Like far away, Titan or something… where they make her wear a chastity belt. Start them early I always say!” Jarred said as he twitched a little with his mouth as he looked at Kalani. “I love you all my heart, but no… I just… I just got my baby girl. I have ignored my duties for so long I… I know it’s silly but stuff like that makes me think of all the time I missed, and I don’t want her catapulting even if it’s a silly fake boyfriend… I don’t want to miss more.”

Alindor, CE

Moving the tray to the edge of the bed, Kalani leaned over and kissed Jarred slowly and softly on the lips. She had been teasing him but the look he gave her spoke of regret and disappointment. Not the type that lingered but the regret and disappointment that made you want to be a better you, changing the world around you so that any problem was a past problem. Regret and hope rarely went together. This morning, however, in the darkness of the chief’s bedroom, Kalani saw once again why she was madly in love with the man lying next to her. Jarred did not deny his past nor make excuses for it. He could not make up for his mistakes yet Alindor was determined to hold on to every precious moment the future gave him.

“How did I get so lucky to find you,” she said inches from his lips. She was not sure how it happened but somewhere between a jelly donut and the revelation of ‘hey Lani I have a kid that I have never told you about’, Kalani Kane had fallen madly in love with Jarred Alindor.

“More like the stupidity of a long list of women that never took more than a half-second to see past your dashing good looks and charming wit,” she ran her fingertips along his brow line. The world seemed to slow and almost stop as she leaned in for another kiss. As her lips touched his for a second time, Kalani had a hard time quelling the electricity in her body. At times Jarred made her feel like she was on fire. He didn’t need to touch her or work to get these emotions to unleash in her body. All he had to do at times was look at her with his silly lopsided grin or open up telling her what he felt deep in his soul.

Lifting the covers, Kalani moved to straddle him in the bed. Her knees were tucked up tight next to his semi-upright, semi-reclined position on the bed. The position was still innocent enough for little eyes to witness. Lizzie had seen Jarred cuddling Kalani on the couch. This was just reverse cuddling of sorts. With the door open, it was not like the moment would go past some heavy kissing even though in Kalani’s mind the holomovie industry had a special rating for such activities. “I love you Jarred Alindor,” she said kissing down his neck. “God I wish I could have five minutes alone with you.” Her voice was deep and heady as she spoke. Her kisses were less tender and more forceful as if it was taking effort to control herself. Kalani interlaced her fingers with Jarred’s partially for balance as she began to move back up his neck to his lips and partially to stop any exploration. With the kiddo in the next room, they had to be prepared to stop on a dime. Even if that stop was slamming into a brick wall at one hundred miles an hour.

Lizzie was a typical child. She was loud when doing everything she was supposed to and silent when trying to get away with something. A soft soprano voice sang a child’s melody from the other room indicating Elizabeth Alindor was doing exactly what she was told to do. The song had a rhythmic melody but the words were totally original.

“I’m makin’ the poptarts and they are so good.
My daddy loves the brown sugar ones
and I like them too
“I’m makin’ the poptarts and they are so good.
Kalani loves the strawberry ones
and I like them too”

The song coming from the next room allowed the parents in the bedroom to know the child was safe and did not need immediate supervision for a least a couple of minutes. Lizzie was hard at work completing her task. Given the infinite number of fillings for the breakfast treat, Jarred and Kalani had at least three minutes before she ran out of options.

“Jarred I need you,” Kalani whispered as her lips found his. She squeezed his hand in a pulsing rhythm that seemed to match her pulse rate. Never had she thought Father’s Day was going to be so arousing yet that was how life occurred. When you least expected it, things you desperately wanted presented themselves in a way you could never imagine. The soft kisses turned into something more passionate. As her lips parted and she found him reciprocating and intensifying initial the gesture. The moment was explosive making her catch her breath and moan. And I need Lizzie to make every darn pop tart flavor she can think of, Kalani made a silent prayer to the Pillsbury god that they created far more types than she could think of at the moment.

Jarred pressed Kalani off of him as he looked at her with a baffled look. “What I need woman is to you to stop thinking with your hips and start helping me figure out a way to make sure I don’t loose what innocence she has left. I don’t know what her daycare teaches her… I should ask Dante to go over the curriculum with me.” Jarred said with a look of sheer panic on his face. He loved Kalani, and he wanted what she had under the sheets but the panic that had set in wasn’t going way that easy.

God what are they doing over there, Ralph let out a small growl as he placed a foot on the plate to steady the shifting of the plates on the tray. I mean the bacon already is getting cold, he mumbled chewing on a large strip of bacon.

I think Jarred had an earache, Maxine proposed as she nibbled on a chuck of fresh mango from the fruit tray. See she is checking his neck to see if his glands are swollen only I guess her hands are dirty?

Or checking to see if he has a toothache. She was prying my mouth open like that last week and kept saying Oh baby this is going to feel so much better when I am done. She was right. I had a popcorn kernel stuck right here, Ralph opened his mouth up wide as Maxine peeked it. It hurt so bad until she got it out with some dental floss and a toothbrush.

“You didn’t say that last night and what am I supposed to do? Not find the side of you that adores your kid so freaking arousing,” she crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. “I mean I could concentrate on your other qualities like your exceedingly handsome face,” she dragged a finger over his jawline until Kalani was able to cup his chin in her palm. “You know we really need to steal moments when we can and it is not like I am telling you to lock her in a closet but it’s father’s day and we are going to be with your family all day. All day,” she blew some hair out of her face.

“Don’t get me wrong. I love them. They are great but I have been on duty shifts for six days straight. You have been working swings. We barely have had time together so yeah I was looking for just a little bit of attention. I wasn’t suggesting we have a full-on neutral zone invasion but more of a hopscotch across the cosmic space lanes a few time. So sue me,” she shrugged and sighed.

“I guess you don’t have the issues I do at times,” she admitted leaning back onto the pillows spreading out the sheets across her body so there were no wrinkles in them as she talked.

“The issue of how to keep my hands off you when I am in the same room with you. Do you know how hard it can be meeting you for lunch in the mess hall when all I want to do is lock the door to your office and hang a sign saying performance review do not disturb.” Kalani picked at a piece of imaginary lint on the blanket. Letting out a deep breath she looked at Jarred. “We should probably get dressed. How about I grab a shower first.” Her voice did not have the upbeat happy it contained a few minutes ago.

Jarred took a breath as he let himself calm down as he looked over at her, the look of rejection was sharp on her face as he felt a small tinge of regret set in. “God, why do you have to always be this cute…” he said as he shook his head and smiled as he reached over as he kissed her deeply. She did have a point, these moments could be rare at times and he couldn’t just ignore the chances as they came up.

Alindor, CE

Kalani kissed Jarred and let out a small laugh. “You know I was just teasing you, Hero about the game of hopscotch. I know it’s not like we can get anywhere but I want you hot,” she said and then stopped abruptly. Jarred had moved off her lips and was working slowly down her neck. While this was all she wanted five minutes ago, now Kalani was not into it. There was a weird smell starting to fill the bedroom. It was necessarily bad yet it smelled…hot. Taking a few quick sniffs Kalani tired to place what it could be.

“Jarred… Hot, hot, hot,” she started to stutter rapidly not pushing him off as the scent of something hot was slowly turning into the scent of something burning. A loud piercing whistle began to fill the room followed by the tinny, artificial voice announcing in an eerily calm tone, =/\=Fire detected in the replicator=/\=.

Ensign Kalani Kane science.

The pair bolted out, Jarred coming into the living area as he looked for Lizzie. “Computer engage fire suppressors!” he commanded as he pulled Lizzie away as he looked back at Kalani with look that screamed this is your fault your horn dog look it no so many glances. “What happened?” Jarred demanded as he knelt down over his daughter.

Alindor, CE


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