It was always about Lizzie

Posted Sept. 18, 2019, 11:19 p.m. by Ensign Kalani Kāne (Science Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Jarred Alindor (Chief Engineer) in It was always about Lizzie

Posted by Ensign Kalani Kāne (Science Officer) in It was always about Lizzie
Jarred was sitting at his desk when a comm call interrupted the semi-silence of the engineering chief’s office. He usually had music playing in the background which created a weird staccato effect as the triple chime of the call stopped the music briefly between rings.

“Commander Alindor. This is Sheila Clayman, Lizzie’s teacher,” she said in the bright and perky tone. “I was wondering if you had a minute.” The tone was chipper but like any call from a teacher it only had one expected response which was, of course, I am free.

Ms. Clayman

“Whatever Elizabeth did I am sure I can repair it…” Jarred said, already wondering if he was going to need to replace an entire replicator like he did in their quarters.

“Oh its nothing like that,” she laughed. “I teach Pre-K and Kindergarten. Everything is broken. No, what I was calling about was your wife’s contact information if you can spare a minute to go over the records.”

“I mean… yes by all means, I have a moment.” Jarred quickly followed up with.

Alindor, CE

“Perfect. Since Elizabeth is a transfer student we just want to update all the records. Now you are the custodial parent correct,” Shelia replied. As a teacher, she often came across less than idyllic situations. The chief and his fiancee seemed like lovely people. She hoped this conversation wasn’t going to do anything to shatter that image.

“Now the contact information I have for your wife is Parker492.631@StarbaseMagellan. Typically we send copies of all correspondence to both parents but we generally don’t forward personal conversations unless you have some legal reason why I should not be talking to her.” This was the bait she always threw out. It was a gentle way of asking if the parents were on speaking terms or not.

Shelia Clayman

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