Side Sim: Sickbay Check-in

Posted Oct. 12, 2019, 1:45 a.m. by Ensign Sorra Narssu (Engineer) (Shalon Hurlbert)

Posted by Lieutenant Natasha Knight (Acting Chief Medical Officer) in Side Sim: Sickbay Check-in

Posted by Ensign Sorra Narssu (Engineer) in Side Sim: Sickbay Check-in

Posted by Lieutenant Natasha Knight (Acting Chief Medical Officer) in Side Sim: Sickbay Check-in
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A short time ago, following the most recent crew rotation…

Sorra walked quickly down the corridor toward Sickbay. He had taken a short trip to his new quarters to deposit his luggage and was now hustling with several other newly rotated officers to the same destination. As the lieutenant in command red ahead of him entered sickbay the buzz of voices and the trilling of tricorders filled the corridor. When Sorra caught up he was presented with a heartening view. It was a flurry of activity, new crew and medical offers busily conversing, taking readings, and updating medical histories. The shipyard had always been busy. With a crew of 2,277 packed into the crowded but sprawling facility, he had become accustomed to bustle and buzz. This was nothing like his previous post but close enough for comfort’s sake.

He stepped to the side to clear the doorway and looked around the room. Somewhere in here was his bunkmate, or at least he assumed so. In the brief time he was in his quarters he had noticed that his bunkmate’s luggage was already sitting half in and out of the doorway to his room. All he really knew was that he was a human named Peter Jadaszewski. Just thinking about pronouncing that name made him anxious. Thank goodness for universal translators.

He waited as the three crewmen ahead of him were taken to biobeds to be scanned. Shortly thereafter the lieutenant who he had followed here hopped down from the bed and made his way out through the small crowd around the doors. The medical officer at the empty biobed caught Sorra’s eye and motioned him over. He walked over and sat down on the biobed. He handed them the padd he’d been carrying. “Ensign Sorra Narssu, Engineering. Here are my medical records.” His voice was what a human might call baritone, with the characteristic hum of the Saurian secondary vocal cords giving it an almost electronic quality.

Ensign Narssu

The young medical officer studied him curiously,”You are a Saurian?” She asked curiously as she quickly typed in commands on the biobed to change the programming to scan for a Saurian. As she finished she smiled at Narssu,”I am Doctor Biasch and its a pleasure to meet you …do I address you by your last name…as Ensign Narssu?” She asked unsure of the correct address for a Saurian.

He nodded once and vocalized two rapid clicks deep in his throat, a vocal tic akin to the human “yep.” Sorra lay back as the bed adjusted to a reclined seated configuration. He rested his head back and kept still letting the scanners do their work.

As she waited she checked the scans which were just starting up with a whirr, they appeared to be progressing as normal so she turned her attention to the padd he had handed her to transfer his medical history over, reading it while it did so.

NE Dr. Biasch

The scans showed Sorra to be in good health, normal organ function across the board and no sign of infection or injury. His records showed that the majority of his sickbay visits were in response to minor injuries common to crew working on starship construction. A smattering of minor burns and cuts, one concussion, and a repetitive strain injury to the ligaments of his right hand. Beyond that, he’d caught himself badly in a fall during self defense training at the Academy and broke his left wrist. All of which had healed without complication. The scan completed and he sat up and swung his legs over the side. “Is everything in order Doctor Bish?” He heard it as it came out of his mouth, that was not how she pronounced it. “Excuse me, Human names are difficult for me. Doctor Bee-ush.” Closer, but still wrong. He grimaced slightly and hoped he hadn’t been too bothered. He tensed, remembering how much trouble he’d had with Lieutenant Isaak Fuchs at the shipyard.

Ens. Narssu, Engineering

“Very close, you do very well given how difficult it must be to learn our names. It’s Bee-ash,” She said annunciating more clearly for him. “Just let me check your readings now.” She said as she moved over to the control panel and began to tap buttons as she read the data.

NE Dr. Biasch

“Hello, Ensign Narssu,” Natasha said strolling up to the bed. She had heard that there was at least one new crew member coming aboard but hadn’t had the chance to do more than read his file. She had never met a Saurian before but drank enough of their top commodity to possibly be called a connoisseur. Looking at the reading on the wall, Nat saw that at first glance everything was checking out normal. The database would alert her if anything was out of the ordinary. The rest she would learn as she went. With hundreds of species in the Federation, no one could know them all. “I’m Doctor Natasha Knight. Welcome aboard our little slice of heaven,” she joked picking up a PaDD.

“Thank you Doctor, um…(how many of those consonants were silent?) Is there anything I should be concerned about?” He craned his neck to try to glance at the PaDD. He had looked it over before he’d come down, but he wasn’t a doctor and some of what he read meant as near to nothing as made no difference.

Ens. Narssu, Engineering

“Anything I need to get caught up on,” she asked NE Dr. Biasch.

Dr. Biasch came out of her reverie of reading the fascinating readings of a Saurian. “Ahh, Doctor, sorry! No, it all appears normal and within a Saurian’s range. It’s just so fascinating…” The young doctor was so embarrassed she shut up and slunk away as the CMO continued speaking with Narssu without her.

Lt. Natasha Knight CMO

“Not that I am aware of. You look right at rain from here,” she shrugged with a smile. “Typically these check-ins are more get to know you things than hey my arm fell off between the USS Saracen and the Tau Ceti Secundus Propulsion Laboratory and Shipyard can you do something about it,” she let out a small laugh. “So tell me something about yourself not in the file,” she asked as she blew on her hands to warm them up and reached out saying, “do you mind if I touch you? I know it is not a standard procedure but the equipment is useful yet cannot replace competent hands-on techniques. The last thing a doctor needs is not to know how to do the basics when you are in a crashed shuttle, with an injury and no tech.” Saurians were not unknown in Starfleet just rare with far more complexities when it came to medical needs. Their reptilian DNA required different procedures during surgeries and such. Nat just wanted to get a handle on things before it ever became go time.

Lt. Natasha Knight CMO

Sorra nodded and clicked his assent. He then leaned slightly toward her and stretched his neck to let her reach his face. He blinked a few times as his nictitating membranes slid over his eyes in preparation to be touched. “What would you like to know?” There was always THE INCIDENT, but even his division head had agreed they never need speak of it again…

Ens. Narssu, Engineering

His skin felt cool to the touch which was normal from what Natasha knew about reptilian physiology. “Everyone has a story. It just depends on how much you are willing to share or want to share. My babushka always said you need the three H’s in life: Health, Happiness and a Husband. Happiness you find based on personal experiences. My happy is my family. I just had a son and got married. Dante gives me everything I could ever want or even dare to dream for. I’m lucky. I guess I am just looking for whatever you want to share with me,” she asked leaning back on the bed opposite from him. Natasha did love check-ins. It gave her the opportunity to connect with people before they were rolled into her sickbay unconscious or in pain.

Sorra’s eyes met the Doctor’s. He heard the word babushka but the universal translator told him something odd. Her kerchief has sayings? That can’t be right. He decided to err on the side of caution and assume it was a given name. “I don’t really like headwear. I look odd in hats. Although I must admit I’ve never worn a kerchief.”

“Oh and before I forget,” she said pulling open her pocket and extracting several lollipops of different colors, “pick one.” Natasha knew few if any doctors ever gave out lollipops to their patients. She had never heard of if until she met Dr. Lauren Shan who pointed out they were as essential as a tricorder for any appointment. The official reason was to be nice and use them as a way to break the ice. The secret reason was adults could be far worse than any pediatric patient. For the drama llamas, she kept lollipops as large as jaw breakers to muffle the slew of curses or whining. The average person just got a fun and quirky treat if they so chose. Sorra had the normal ice breaker size.

Lt. Natasha Knight medical

He looked at the lollipops with some confusion. “What are they?” He reached out and picked an orange one, holding it gently with his fingertips.

-Ens. Narssu, Engineering

Natasha raised an eyebrow at Narssu. “Are you telling me you went to the Academy, spent four years there, and never once saw a lollipop at the student union? On the starbases promenades between here and the Tau Ceti Secundus Propulsion Laboratory and Shipyard, there was never a lollipop lurking among all the other snack foods available?” Natasha was finding it far more shocking that someone could spend as much time as Narssu had in the Federation, which was pretty much human heavy in culture and not seen a ball of crystallized sugar on a stick. “Hu-mazing dinner night. I know you would have at least seen one there,” she snapped her fingers. In an attempt to be culturally appropriate at Starfleet Academy the mess hall would don every few weeks a spotlight on food. Everyone who ate there that night was trapped by the replicators only producing foods of that culture. This was designed so that its cadets had at least exposure to the other races in the Federation. There was the Hu-mazing dinner night which always got an eye roll on the bad word puns for humans. It was not like the other cultures titles were any better. There was the Vulcan Victuals Luncheon, the Betazoid Read my mind to find out what is a yummy Breakfast, the By God you Gotta Try It Bolian Banquet, and Klingon Komestible which food and nutrition changed the /c/ to a /k/ keeping the bad puns alive in the poster. Narssu might have missed these magical dining experiences but missing something as basic as a lollipop still hard for her to believe.

Lt. Natasha Knight CMO

She seemed very adamant about the lollipop. “I think we had very different academy experiences. I actually didn’t spend four years there. My final year as a cadet was spent at Tau Ceti. It was an amazing experience, but no. No lollipops. I gather they’re like a tiny Jumja Stick? I’ll give it a try.” He hopped off of the biobed and straightened his shirt. “Am I cleared for duty?”

Ens. Narssu, Engineering

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