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It probably would have been most prudent to be wearing an EV suit, but Graham hated them and it was difficult to do scientific things with them on. He clipped a radiation badge to his uniform, that would turn from white to black as the radiation exposure increase. Black usually meant you absorbed enough of it to be fatal. He would know enough to get out of there before that happened, hopefully.

Grahan walked into the bay with a science kit and his tricorder. Sometimes nothing was more effective than point blank scanning.

Grham CSO

OOC: Just to let you know, nothing has been done to ‘air’ out the radiation that irradiated the bay before the forcefield became more efficient so concentrations are still very high.


Due to the still high levels of radiation in the bay within a few minutes of being in it Graham felt a great sense of anxiety and agitation due to the increase of adrenaline in his system. His hands would be shaky, heart rate and breathing increased. It would also effect his ability to think making logical thinking difficult. His badge would also show it darkening to a grey color.

GM Nosferatu

OOC: We didn’t air it out? Or is this the probe continuing to radiate radiation.

OOC: The probe’s radiation is being contained by the forcefield but radiation levels are still high in the bay due to nothing having been done to try to dissipate it faster before you entered.

GM Nosferatu

Teller did a quick turn around. Well like it or not he would have to get in an Environmental Suit. Worse still he had picked up a few hundred rads, so he’d have to spend a few hours in the sick bay. Although there were compensations to seeing the doctor.

After suiting up, he returned to the shuttle bay to make his point blank scans… slower now that the suit was hindering his movements.


Cori arrived shortly after along with the quirky scientist and a tricorder in hand. Her emitter was stable, but she’d mointor it constantly for any changes. At the first sign it might go on the frtiz, she was out of there. “So, interesting first day back in the labs,” she said with a slight smirk. “I’ll stay as long as I can. If my mobile emitter has issues, I’ll have to leave and get to Sickbay, but otherwise I’m good to help. Any idea on what to do with this thing?” she said, eyeing the probe that was causing them so much trouble.

~Corinne Dalton, Scientist and Ship’s Avatar

The tricorder was taking its time reading the probe. While the schematics of the probe came up readily showing it was a typical probe, the tricorder seemed to be having trouble classifying the radiation. While it was continuing to attempt it’s classification the tricorder beeped to indicate that a small amount of data had been downloaded to the probe.

GM Nosferatu

OOC: To the probe?

“What the?” Teller shook the tricorder once. The probe was reversing the scanning wave… He pressed some keys attempting to figure out what the probe had stolen.

OOC: Hmm I think you’ve misunderstood. The small bit of data is already in the probe, it was there already when you picked it up.

GM Nosferatu

Cori crept closer and attempted to download the data to her tricorder. At least then it wouldn’t be in the system. “Let’s keep the data o the probe separate from the systems. As long as we examine it on the tricroders and don’t upload it to the Saracen’s computer, we can contain it in case there are issues. And, well…”-she glanced at Teller-“I’d like to not have to fight anything in the system. Thank you kindly in advance.”

~Corinne Dalton

Outside Shuttle Bay

“Hurry up Sorra, we don’t have time get the suit on!” Jarred ordered his head pounding, they needed in but they also needed the radiation suits before they did. He was already feeling concerned as it was, his mother informed him she was watching his daughter and they were in a secure part but that didn’t mean much. Jarred has his suit finished as he had the tricorder out in one hand grasping the Engineering Kit in the other as he began taking deeper breaths. This shouldn’t be so nerve wracking but radiation was the one thing you couldn’t predict as well as other disasters. It was quiet silent and deadly, and this one seemed to be messing with them in ways he couldn’t predict as time had gone on.

Alindor, CE


Sorra jogged up next to the Commander and took a radiation suit from one of the open lockers in the vestibule. He began to hurriedly don the suit as he spoke. “Commander, I isolated the frequency and wavelength of the probe’s radiation emissions. If we reset the shielding to counter it, we might be able to spend more time near it enough to work on it.” He slipped the Helmet over his head and jammed it down. He’d jerked it down too hard and the latching mechanism didn’t line up. With an exasperated hiss he shifted the helmet until he heard the latches click into place. He hustled over to Alindor and took the tool kit he’d brought for him.

Ens. Narssu, Engineering

Natasha was breathless. Once she found out the teams were going into the hangar to play with the probe that was causing this she ran from sickbay to here in under a minute flat. Sickbay was in shambles and three minutes without her would not change that but three minutes with the probe might cause more harm without her drugs.
“Jarred wait,” Natasha said running into the small room where the chief was dressing in the radiation suit. She could feel her irritation with the chief and knew it was irrational. Few knew what was physically happening to thier bodies right was caused by the influx of the radiation. The fact that he was dressed already meant time was going to be waisted for him to get undressed for her to treat him “I need you to take your helmet off. You are gonna need this,” she lifted the hypospray. “Turns out the radiation is saturating your adrenal glands producing more adrenaline or noradrenaline than your body can handle. This is not a cure but it is going to help you focus. Its a home cure of Cortropine to increase the dopamine in your brain and Melorazine to help you relax. It can cause you to feel a little groggy so if you feel a bit tired that is fine.” Natasha tried not to fidget as she waited for Jarred to react. The irrational belief he could put some hustle in the muscle for the task was coming from the radiation.

Jarred eyed her carefully as he took a deep breath. “Fine…” he said with a gruff as he removed the helmet to expose some skin for her.

Pressing the hypo to his neck she quickly turned to the new guy. “Your turn,” she said rapidly. There was so many people to treat and not enough of the meds or the devices to g around. They had to come up with a better cure than these two band-aids.

As she waited for Sorra, Natasha spoke over her shoulder to Jarred. “Oh and stop by medical after for your lollipop. FYI the kids are fine. I checked on the before I came down here but I would like to see them as soon as this thing settles for a once over.” Both of them being new parents, Natasha knew Jarred was having just as much trouble focusing on the job because he was worried about Lizzie as she was worried about Oscar.

Lt. Natasha Knight CMO

“Thank you hon…” Jarred said as he latched the helmet back on, he really did appreciate her checking on as he tried to keep himself focused and calm. He needed to get this over with and he didn’t need to worry about his daughter the entire time.

Alindor, CE

Sorra snorted in irritation. He released the locking mechanism and tugged his helmet off, banging it on his chin as he did so. He hissed in pain. It wouldn’t even bruise, but it stung nevertheless. He stepped over to Dr. Knight and bared his neck to her for the hypospray. At the same time he tapped his combadge with his free hand. “Computer, transfer data from main engineering console 8-delta to my tricorder.” He winced as the cold tip of the hypospray was pressed under his jawline. As Dr. Knight removed her hand he pulled his helmet back on and latched it into place. He pulled the tricorder from it’s place on his hip and activated the display. A three dimensional, wire-frame representation of the probe’s radiation’s waveform pulsated and rippled on the screen. Relevant data scrolled down the left side, shifting and recalculating as the pulses waxed and waned. Sorra did not like what he saw. The longer they were exposed to this, the more damage the Warp Engines were enduring. Too much more of this and they might even have to return to spacedock for repairs. “Sir. We should hurry.”

Ens. Narssu, Engineering

OOC: Okay just to clarify, the active radiation from the probe is being contained in the forcefield that the CSO successfully found the frequency for to contain it within said forcefield. So there is not any ‘new’ radiation contaminating the ship or bay. Though there is of course residual radiation left in the bay by exposure to the probe before the forcefield was successfully calibrated to contain it. And there is still lower levels of residual radiation left in the rest of the ship. You will be able to successfully scan the probe though and pull out the data it contains.

GM Nosferatu

OOC: Sorry for any confusion on my part, lets chalk it up to the disorienting nature of the radiation and the frustration it’s causing Sorra.


Sha had gotten most odd the anxiety angst issues under control but wanted to be at SSI called ‘ground zero’ to see what was going on.

She made her way to the bay and taped out the monitor sequence in the hall to see what was happening inside. The radiation warnings hadn’t surprised her. By what did surprise her were seeing people in the bay already examining the probe. Hitting the command to contact those inside, her half Klingon growl came over the mic. =^= I’m hoping you guys ran a decom and flush on the bay before going in there. I’d hate for you all to be stuck in quarantine tonight because your skipped a step in your enthusiasm to investigate. =^=

Leave it to scientist to put “oooo new toy” above “huh, wonder if it’s safe”.

Sha Triton

Sorra couldn’t help but overhear Lieutenant Triton. He walked up behind her and looked at the screen. He huffed in exasperation; one sharp breath that fogged his faceplate for a brief moment before the suit’s environmental functions cleared it. “They did not, Lieutenant. They’re standing in irradiated air.” A subtle, rapid clicking started in his throat. “We need to start flushing all effected areas of the ship. Commander Alindor, we really should vent our warp plasma as well. ” He was starting to get anxious. Now they’d have to evacuate and quarantine the crew in the shuttlebay, vent atmosphere, Run a decon sweep, and then pressurize the bay. All before they could enter. He slapped the tricorder back into the thigh holster. “Why didn’t they wait for engineering to give the all clear?” His voice was a touch strained, evident by all the glottal clicks on hard consonants.

“Agreed, and as for the why… sometimes I think people assume no harm can come just cause we have space hypos of magic. Let’s start on the bay begin to get this crew settled, once we have that down we can get the plasma and the rest of the ship in order. Then, to be honest I want this thing out of our ship if possible but I don’t command will agree… gotta explore and all.”

Ens. Narssu, Engineering

Sha frowned and turned to the man in the suit. “So if they went in without flushing it, isn’t the ship, as a whole, compromised? I mean, it’s in the hall now, right?” She was starting to get upset.

“Not quite, they have had it contained from what I understand, risidule is still floating around but not rising. The main issue is what this radiation is doing to our systems I am most concerned about. If we don’t get it out I fear things are going from bad to worse.”

“It could be through this whole deck, not to mention anything that leaked from the energy spikes throughout the EPS systems.” His voice sounded tight, strained. “Maybe we can transport them to quarantine, flush the shuttlebay, and then go in while it repressurizes. We’re in environment suits, we can do our work atmosphere or no.”

Ens Narssu, Engineering

Scientists were always more interested in the object rather than the consequences. She only had to think for a moment before barely containing a growl and speaking up. =^=Computer, monitor radiation levels in this section of the ship. How close to limits is it and how long will it take to make the shuttle bay safe for unsuited entry?=^=

She would get her answers then let the Captain know. And when this was all over, she would see to it that someone’s head rolled for this.


=^= Working. Unknown radiation levels are 750 mSv, decontamination procedure is recommended.=^= On the comm panel on the wall near the door a graph appeared showing the radiation levels. It showed that at 1000 mSv severe radiation exposure would cause radiation type sickness. 5, 000 was the dangerous number. A graph of the ship appeared that showed the highest levels in and around the shuttle bay with areas farther away hovering around 200-300 sMv. It was apparent that the radiation was prevalent throughout the ship.
=^=Recommended decontamination for Shuttle Bay includes flushing and venting the area. Area will be clear immediately after if not recontaminated.=^=

GM Nosferatu

Natasha walked up to the security chief. “May I. It will take the edge off. Not cure or fix but will help with the anxiety,” Natasha held up the hypo to the chief.

“As to the radiation I am not engineering or science but from what I can tell from the reports coming to my department there is not any ‘new’ radiation contaminating the ship or bay. The nebula or whatever space it was flooded the entire ship earlier so there is residual radiation left in the bay by exposure to the probe before the forcefield was successfully calibrated to contain it. As to the rest of the ship there is still lower levels of residual radiation left all over. I’m not sure how flushing this area is gonna make any difference actually but again I’m not medical or engineering,” Natasha ran her fingers through her hair. “Medical is working on a mass way to treat everyone but we don’t have enough of anything to use one method. This hypo cocktail should help you focus more and make more informed decisions. I have to get back to sickbay but have them take these when they get out of the sick bay one way or another,” Natasha said. “I am heading to the bridge. Good luck,” she said patting her Klingons friends shoulder.

Lt Natasha Knight. Cmo

“What she said…” Jarred said as he patted Sorra on the back. “You ready?”

Alindor, CE

Sorra jerked as the pat caught him off guard. Why am I still so jumpy… “Sorry, sir.” He muttered. He stepped up to the doorway and tapped the controls. The door slid open and the shimmer of the semi-permeable containment field reflected yellow flashes across his faceplate. He held his hand in front of himself, despite knowing he’d feel little other than the slight buzz of the field being broken. One full step and he was through the field, the hum as he passed cut off instantaneously as his toolkit cleared the doorway. He stepped aside to let Alindor lead the way. He reached down and took out his tricorder from his hip holster again and tapped at the controls with his thumb. The scanner trilled to life. He began to slowly swing his arm in a wide arc taking in a general scan of the shuttlebay.

-Ens. Narssu, Engineering

((Ooc… little confused… there’s already two in bay, I just ordered then out and decom, but now two more just opened the door and went in while I’m standing right here?.... unprotected, btw, letting more contamination in because gm says bay is contaminated still?…Mel/Sha))

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