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Below decks in Engineering the crew were working frantically to keep the engines from red lining due to the increased drain of power to the shields. It was a constant job requiring great finesse from the engineers. They seemed to be able to keep the engines in balance until an alarm sounded as one of the major conduits leading to the engines began to leak coolant all over engineering. Calls began to come in from other decks about EPS conduits exploding.

GM Nosferatu

Bumping for Engineering

“Move move move!” shouted Jarred as the leak began. He was working frantically to both keep his people safe and work to fix this situation. “I need a containment team here asap!” Jarred shouted as he began to use the systems. “Give me a report what is going on here!” he said, mostly to no one as he began reading the information on one of the consoles seeing the damage report.

Alindor, CE

The computer showed most of the damage was caused by stress fractures due to the increased load on the Structural Integrity fields all over the ship. Calls were coming in from both the Science and Sickbay deck about exploding conduits and loss of power there.

In the midst of Alindor trying to get his bearings the ship suddenly starting doing a flipping and backing up maneuver as the helm’s officer brought the ship to a grinding halt in front of the alien probe. This caused even greater damage to the inertial dampeners and structural intretity fields as more systems began to give way.

While he was trying to deal with all that the bridge sent a message down that the probe was being tractored into the shuttle bay into the massive force field container set up for it.

GM Nosferatu

Jarred found his balance as he got up reading the screen in front of him. He saw the report as he felt himself get irked as his head was hazy. “Would be better if you commed me dammit.” Jarred said as he grumbled. He needed to keep power to that forcefield but that could become more of an issue as things went on.

Alindor, CE

OOC: I need a post of specific actions you are taking to deal with the overloading engines and EPS explosions. Don’t forget you have the use of NE’s to send to where they are needed:)


OOC: I mean what all do you want me to say? I said he was working to keep the power going for the force fields, I can only go with what you think I should do here.


The power to the force field held but the cascading breakdown of other power systems around the ship continued taking out main power on more decks. Thankfully emergency power successfully came on on those decks.

GM Nosferatu

=/\= Engineering to bridge, I have the systems stabilizing and force fields are holding but the emergency power isn’t going to last, what’s going on? What is happening with the probe?=/\= Jarred said as he looked over at officer as he motioned him near him.

=^=It is secure in the shuttlebay. We are attempting to leave the nebula. How are the engines holding up?=^= Threwn asked

“You… you’re in command till I get back.”

Sorra almost opened his mouth to object, but then thought better of it and just nodded. A small, anxious, croaking trill sounded from his throat as he turned away and went over to the main display.

Walking as he left he began to make his way to the shuttlebay to find what all this is about.

Alindor, CE


=/\= We are good for now, stabilizing. I am going to have a crew go through and check to make sure we can get out of this mess but I am going to be heading to the shuttle bay and see what I can find out on this item. Is the CSO already there? =/\=

Alindor, CE

Sorra brought up the data on the probe’s radiation on a secondary screen. He began to run comparisons of the radiation’s wavelength and frequency to that given off by the plasma in both the EPS systems and the Warp Plasma looking for resonance. As the analysis ran, he isolated the impulse systems on the main display and looked over their current status.
OOC: I roll perception…

Ensign Narssu, Engineering

The radiation was still unclassified but it was strong, very strong and was still present throughout the ship though it’s highest concentrations was in the shuttlebay. The good news was that due to the successful forcefield around the probe it was no longer rising. Narussa did find though that anything on the ship that had to do with moving or storing dangerous energies was indeed being affected by the radiation. It was weakening all such systems which was more then likely why the EPS conduits and Warp engines had failed.

GM Nosferatu

Sorra shook his head. ‘What were we thinking bringing that aboard, right inside the shields, the one system that could be protecting us right now!’ He struck the edge of the console with the heels of his hands. Not hard enough to hurt himself or the screen, he was irritated, not stupid. ‘Wait, why am I so frustrated? Space exploration includes risk, sometimes courses of action don’t go the best way. He took a deep breath and then tapped his combadge.
=^=Engineering to Bridge. Ensign Narssu reporting from main engineering with a status report.=^=

Ensign Narssu, Engineering

Jarred had been readying to go when he saw Sorra looking at the console. Coming up behind him he looked at the read out nodding, he felt it too… they all did. Much like Sorra Jarred had wondered why the hell they ever brought this thing inside, they needed to isolate and get rid of it he felt. “Get them up to date then you are with me. I am ordering teams to start repairs now but I want eyes on this probe. If we don’t isolate it soon I fear what might happen. This radiation isn’t going to just go away if we ignore the damned thing.” as he did he pointed at a few of the crewmen as he stepped aside, barking the orders to the areas of the ships they had been needed as he waited for Sorra to come along.

He had his took kit and a spare for Sorra in hand, they just needed to make their way now to the probe.

Alindor, CE

Sorra nodded curtly at Alindor. He didn’t know his Department Head very well yet, but he respected him and liked him so far. “I’ll be right with you Commander.” He turned back to the console where the analysis had finished while he’d been turned away. They were resonating. He spun back to alert Alindor and found that he’d already left. Everything felt like it was happening just slowly enough to continue ramping up his tension. He had begun to make an anxious, rapid clicking sound deep in his throat.

Ens. Narssu, Engineering

OOC: I’ll bring my engineer into this thread seeing as both Alindor and Narssu are now with the probe.

IC: With Alindor and Narssu with the probe, Osedi looked over the Analysis for the most urgent area to attend to first. Radiation, power issues and damage meant that Engineering was busy today.

Ensign Than Osedi, Engineering

OOC: Thank you, Dave!


The most pressing issues were repairing all the damage caused by the effects of both the radiation and distortion wave damage, namely the EPS conduits and the warp drive itself. If they did not get warp drive back it would be a long trip to Aldebaran by impulse power alone. The lowly engineers without these specific skills could be sent with the security teams to quarantine and evacuate parts of the ship to clean up the radiation. It might be a good idea to start with Engineering though to lessen the radiations weakening effect on all the plasma power systems.

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