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Posted Nov. 10, 2019, 4:47 a.m. by Ensign Than Osedi (Engineer) (David Shotton)

After repairs had been done and the ship had cleared the nebula, it did not take long for a message to arrive in Engineering from the Bridge. Than had noticed that the Warp Core had jumped to a much higher pulse rate, the consoles reading high Warp. Wherever it was going, it was going in a hurry.

=/\= This is the Captain, we are enroute to Aldebaran III at maximum sustainable Warp responding to a distress signal. They have reported radiation, explosions and system failures before we lost contact. Aldebaran III is a large Federation colony with billions of inhabitants and significant orbital shipyards, we will lend whatever assistance we can. Our estimated time of arrival is 30 hours, I expect we will need Science investigating the radiation, Engineering working on restoring their systems and Medical to stand by to treat wounded and support their local hospitals. I want Security to stand by in case we discover malicious intent and to help evacuate those in need. All departments are to begin preparations for supporting Aldebaran III. =/\=

With a grunt, Than made sure the message was marked for inclusion into the departments morning briefing although he knew that Alindor would have that in hand anyway, he always did have things well under control on the Saracen, like he was part of the ship itself at times he had been there that long.

Than began to compile a report on the items the teams would need on away missions. Tool kits of various kinds that would be needed and the like, and then compiling possible quantities needed.

Ensign Osedi, Engineer

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