Security Office: Rico Checks in

Posted Nov. 10, 2019, 5:21 a.m. by Lieutenant Rico Vanhall (Armorer / Security Officer) (David Shotton)

The new crew member stopped outside the Security Office and looked over the door for a moment. There was a moment when he almost felt like the door itself was bigger than the entire Office he had been assigned as Chief of Security on the Ogawa. Of course that wasn’t true, but that ship had never been designed for Security operations. This ship was a Battlecruiser, and everything about her said touch me, and I’ll break your fingers, one, by, one. Then again in many ways that saying held true about the ships Chief of Security as well, and he grinned.

This was not the first time he had been on the ship either, when he had been assigned here three years earlier he had been the ships Tactical Officer. At that time, Rah-Triton was a new member of the ships Security team, now she was the Saracens Chief of Security and he was here as her Armorer. He adjusted the satchel on his shoulder, looked both ways along the corridor and then rang the chime.

Lt Rico Vanhall, Armorer / Security

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