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Sorra looked at the readings on his tricorder and narrowed his eyes. They were going to have to decontaminate all of the support craft. He made a quiet, dissatisfied croak. It would be tedious, repetitive, and just the kind of duty that an ensign on a new ship would be assigned to. Still irritable, he stopped waiting for the Chief to lead the way. He walked towards the probe until he was in range to do some fairly extensive scans. He began by running a materials analysis, looking for the age of the probe, any markers that would point to any particular species as its builders, any identifying traits.

-Ens. Narssu, Engineering

The exact design of the probe was unknown in the database though two things were readily apparent on Narssu’s scan. One, that it was made up of rodinium alloy which was the hardest material known to Starfleet and had been discovered on the planet Vega IX. The second thing was its temporal radiation. The probe had definitely travelled several centuries in time…backward.

GM Nosferatu

Sorra tapped his combadge. =^=Commander Alindor? Will you come and verify my readings? I’m getting signs of significant time travel, centuries from the future…=^= He continued to circle the probe taking more scans. He tried to pinpoint the exact length of time the probe had traversed. That wouldn’t necessarily tell them the level of technological advancement they were dealing with, after all there were plenty of populated planets in pre-industrial societies even now. But it was incredible to contemplate nevertheless.

=/\= Over there now… =/\= Jarred said as he closed his tricroder, he was gathering his own readings but right now his head was spinning slightly as he made his way to the ensign.

-Ens. Narssu, Engineering

The closest that Narssu could pinpoint the time down to was around 3 centuries, the unknown radiation seemed to be keeping him from getting an exact date.

GM Nosferatu

Sorra huffed through his nostrils impatiently. He tapped the controls to save the scan and transfer it to the main computer. He switched to structural scanning and began trying to analyze the technological makeup of the probe, in particular the propulsion system, if the tricorder could even scan through the rodinium plating.

OOC: Can I get a physical description of the probe? That would help me a lot. Thanks!

-Ens. Sorra Narssu, Engineering

OOC: I think the easiest thing to do is show you a pic of a probe that would be similar. It is similar to the pic here: except the main body is all of one piece instead of looking like it was of two pieces like this one. I am not going to get more technical on the probe’s inner workings as they are not necessary to know. The only important thing to note about the probe is the radiation, centuries ahead design and the coordinates:)


Narssu’s scans showed that it was similar to Starfleet’s multispatial probes though its materials and components were of a definitely updated design. More then likely several centuries updated.

GM Nosferatu

OOC: Thanks! I love the visual and I understand about the details, I got what I needed. :) I wouldn’t be a good engineer if I didn’t ask, though.

IC: It was fascinating. If only he could get inside of it, really look at the workings, what advances would it uncover? It was probably for the best, he’d hate to have to answer for any violations of the timeline. =^=Computer. Compare the scans from my tricorder to Starfleet records for any similarities to both the radiation and the hull configuration of the probe.=^=

-Ens. Narssu, Engineering

“Working.” Came the expected response. Within a few moments the computer came back with,”The closest analogy for the hull configuration is the Starfleet Multispatial probe though configuration and components are of an unknown design. The radiation is similar to that found in 2366 that surrounded the device called the Tox Uthat. A quantum phase inhibitor brought from the 27th century by scientist Kal Dano, intended to halt all nuclear fusion within a star. Density of current radiation suggests a device of much larger configuration than that found on Risa.”

GM Nosferatu

Sorra made an involuntary croak of surprise. He looked up from the tricorder to the probe, awed by the information he’d just received. He looked back to his work and transmitted the last of his data to the main computer. He clicked the tricorder shut and clipped it back into place on his thigh. He hustled back to the rest of the officers just outside the shuttlebay. “Commander Alindore, I finished my scans and found out some things of interest. I strongly suggest we remove the probe now.”

-Ens. Narssu, Engineering

Jarred came up next to Narssu as he read the screen nodding. “I would agree, okay lets prep the shuttlebay and get this thing the hell out of our ship. We need to find out the best way, we could try beaming it out but we may need to tractor it out but that requires keeping the force fields on it. Do a scan find out what the data shows if we attempt to beam it directly off, I don’t want that radiation kicking back up with us so close.”

Alindor, CE

Sorra nodded and clicked in agreement. “Now that we know the exact frequency and wavelength of the radiation we should be able to modulate the ship’s shields to protect us long enough to get out of range.” He walked over to the nearest console. He released the clasps on his helmet and it unsealed with a hiss. He pulled it free and set it on the console surface next to the work area. With a few deft taps he pulled up the scan data he had uploaded and then ran a transporter simulation, setting the range to 100 km outside of the ship’s shield radius.

-Ens. Narssu, Engineering

The simulation showed that the process would be achievable.

GM Nosferatu

Sorra made a satisfied chirrup. He turned back towards Alindore and the others. “Simulations are showing green for transport. We can beam it out on your orders, sir.”

-Ens. Narssu, Engineering

“By all means, get it off my ship now.” Alindor ordered as he he waited for the probe to be driving away from them, it had caused enough issues as it was.

Sorra activated the environment suit’s com. =^=Ensign Narssu to Transporter Room 1. Relaying orders from Chief Engineer Alindore. Lock onto the alien probe in the main shuttlebay and transport it 50 kilometers aft.=^=

=^=Understood.=^= Came the reply. Sorra pulled up the shuttlebay camera on the console next to him. Within a few seconds the probe was surrounded by the sparkling glow of the transporter beam. The glow intensified to bright bands of light as the probe faded from sight. As the glow dissipated Sorra turned back to the others.

“Not much in the probe’s data packet,” Cori said aloud. “A set of coordinates that matches Aldebaran III. Given we went past it, I guess that’s not so crazy.” It was sort of a bit disappointing, but coupled with the other knowledge revealed, maybe it wasn’t so useless. Using her tricorder, she accessed some basic info about the planet. What was there? That might help them sort out the significance.

~Corinne Dalton

Fortunately there was quite a bit of information on the planet as it had been known by the Federation since the first Enterprise had come here. It was now a full fledged Federation colony.

Aldebaran III’s surface
Alternate name(s): Alpha Tauri III
Classification: class M planet
Affiliation: Federation (2216)
Location:Alpha Tauri system, Aldebaran sector, coordinates 2.01S 2.01E/10.6 56.5 -15.1, Beta Quadrant
Moon(s): six
Dominant species: Human and humanoids, Aldebaran natives
Population: 7.25 billion
Capital: New Aberdeen
Gravity: 1.2g
Diameter: 15,500 kilometers
Equatorial circumference: 49,000 kilometers
Length of day: 27 hours
Land mass percentage:

Star claims there are “at least” six planets in the system.
Aldebaran (also known as Alpha Tauri) is a multiple star system in Federation space, located almost 20 parsecs (65 light-years) from Earth, where it is visible as the brightest star in the constellation of Taurus. This star is in the Aldebaran sector. (ST references: The Worlds of the Federation, Star Charts)

Alpha Tauri A is an orange giant while Alpha Tauri B is a red dwarf. Alpha Tauri B orbits the primary at a distance of 97.5 billion kilometres. A reflective trail of mineral and ice debris can be seen trailing behind Alpha Tauri B as it travels along its orbit.

A Type K5 star only 68 light-years from Sol, named and sighted as one of the brightest in the night sky by Earth’s ancients. Aldebaran is known by its old Earth Bayer classification: Alpha Tauri. It has at least five planets, one of which is home to the Aldebaran Music Academy. Doctor Elizabeth Dehner joined the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from a colony here.

A few years prior to 2267, Janet and Theodore Wallace performed experiments using carbohydrate compounds to slow the aging of plants at the Federation outpost on this planet. (TOS: “The Deadly Years”)

Aldebaran III, the only class M planet in the Alpha Tauri system, has six moons. With only a small population of less than 1 million Aldebaran natives, this planet also became home to a Federation colony, growing to a population composed of over 7.25 billion individuals in the late 23rd century, mostly Humans and other humanoids.

Aldebaran was the location of a key outpost in the New Aberdeen Shipyards, a Starfleet-maintained starship construction facility. The yards were the driving force in Starfleet’s 23rd century ship design, construction, and testing. Numerous businesses and investors leading the industry were also based on Aldebaran. (FASA RPG module: The Federation; ST references: Star Trek Maps, The Worlds of the Federation)

In 2224, the Olympic Games were held on Aldebaran III. Emony Dax participated in these Olympics and became a three-time latinum medal winner at gymnastics. (DS9 - The Lives of Dax short story: “Old Souls”)

Jean Czerny was born and raised on Aldebaran. (TOS novel: Pawns and Symbols)

By the 2260s, Aldebaran was a major port-of-call for Starfleet starships. The USS Enterprise stopped at Aldebaran colony in 2265, taking aboard crew assignments, including Psychologist Elizabeth Dehner. (TOS episode & novelization: Where No Man Has Gone Before)

By the late 23rd century, Aldebaran had been a full-status colonial member of the Federation since 2216, and had a technological/sociopolitical index of 778998-76 and a planetary trade profile of BCBACBC/B(B), based on an industry-based economy. (FASA RPG module: The Federation; ST references: Star Trek Maps, Star Charts)
After Arcturus IV, this colony is the second largest center of corporate holdings outside the original boundaries of the Federation.

In 2371, Starfleet authorities held Grand Nagus Zek’s nephew Belongo there after a “misunderstanding.” Quark asked Commander Benjamin Sisko to try to remedy the situation while Sisko was to visit Earth to report on the Dominion. (DS9 episode: “Past Tense, Part I”)

GM Nosferatu

She had made sure the bay and immediate corridor were safe them made her way down the halls doing a section by section decom to be sure nothing turned back on the systems and headed back to the shuttle bay. She maintained her suit and kept the forcefield moving section by section as well. Enlisting the help of a couple security and engineering NEs, they spread out in a pattern over the ship and moved to each area letting the computer tell them where the worst areas were and making sure everything in between remained clear.

Sha Triton
((basically cleaning and clearing as they go so they can find anything anomalous as well… if all goes well, she’ll go back to the bay, otherwise…GM? hhehehee))

The sweeps and decontamination were successfully completed without any anomalies found.

GM Nosferatu

Sorra stored the files and cleared the console. “Aldebaran was my second choice if I hadn’t gotten in at Tau Ceti Secundus. The New Aberdeen Shipyard’s there.” He said. “It’s one of the key Federation shipbuilding facilities.” He shrugged. A gesture he picked up in the academy that seemed appropriate at the moment. He’d need to see a lot more of the evidence before he could make a proper guess as to what the probe’s builders intended.

-Ens. Narssu, Engineering

“The probe could be something from the shipyards or a ship that passed through here. It could be malfunctioning or it could be designed to emit the radiation and be a weapon,” Cori said. She frowned. “Computer, any significant political developments in the Albebaran System in the last twenty years?” Surely the system’s history didn’t end in during the Dominion War and it was hard to say what detail would be pertinent at the moment.

~Corinne Dalton

The computer’s digitized voice came back promptly. =^=The Aldebaran system has been in Federation control since 2216 as a colonial system. The planet Aldebaran’s main resource is mining and is made up of 40% usable metals, 25% makeup of gemstones, 20% crystals, 10% radioactive materials, and also trace amounts exist of other special minerals. The Aberdeen shipyards were created in 2260’s and is now one of the Federation’s main shipyards. Various reports have been made about smugglers and raiders in the system but there has not seemed to be a concerted effort of either against the installations themselves.=^=

GM Nosferatu

“Okay… what can we gain from this?” Alindor asked as he looked at the pair, a rundown of history of this shipyard didn’t really seem to be anything was going to help them right now.

Alindor, CE

Sorra’s eyes narrowed slightly and he clicked twice in assent. “It may be only a location. If that probe really did come from 300 years in the future, the reasons it was sent to our time may be impossible for us to determine. 300 years ago Saurians hadn’t even left our solar system.” He paused a beat. “It was a completely different galaxy back then.”

-Ens. Narssu, Engineering

OOC: Just a gentle nudge…it might be a good idea to inform the Captain about all the info found here:)


Sha has finished her sweep and come back to the bay. Opening the door she glanced around. “So what did the Captain want done with the thing and…” realizing it wasn’t there, she frowned. “Ok… so I’m guessing you folks got what you needed. What were the Variations next orders?”

She wasn’t sure if she preferred the probe in the bay where she could keep an eye on it, or outside where it would do less damage if something went wrong. For now she’d just let it be.


OOC: I’m embarrassed to say, but I don’t know who the Variations are.

OOC: I’m guessing that was a typo or autocorrect ninja and it was supposed to say ‘Captains’. The Bridge thread has advanced to us clearing the nebula and jumping to warp to head to a distress call on the planet, the times might be slightly out of kilter but let’s have someone come to the Bridge and report on the findings, your fine to bring your char on up Shalon to make the report. I’m also going to make some department based main sim threads, so that while we await our arrival at the Colony people have somewhere to post

IC: All departments at that moment received a message from the Captain:

=/\= This is the Captain, we are enroute to Aldebaran III at maximum sustainable Warp responding to a distress signal. They have reported radiation, explosions and system failures before we lost contact. Aldebaran III is a large Federation colony with billions of inhabitants and significant orbital shipyards, we will lend whatever assistance we can. Our estimated time of arrival is 30 hours, I expect we will need Science investigating the radiation, Engineering working on restoring their systems and Medical to stand by to treat wounded and support their local hospitals. I want Security to stand by in case we discover malicious intent and to help evacuate those in need. All departments are to begin preparations for supporting Aldebaran III. =/\=

Captain Knight, CO

OOC: Thanks! I’ll split off and post there after I finish up right now.

IC: Sorra finished stripping out of the hazard suit and hung it back up where he’d gotten it. “I’ll take the report up to the bridge, sir.” He said to Alindore as he walked past him toward the door. He snagged his PaDD off of the console and passed into the corridor.

-Ens. Narssu, Engineer

OOC: Adding in the COS as her post got split off

Sha growled. They couldn’t seem to get a break or catch their breath. “I guess that answers the orders question. I’ll leave the sciencing to you all. I’ll head to Security then the bridge. I’m leaving NE Marston outside the door in case you need anything. Still not crazy about that thing having been in here.” The half Klingon glanced at the now closed bay doors as if she half expected them to open back up.

“Corridors and ship are cleared of radiation/ contamination. No need to put the suits back on outside of cargo bay.” With that, she turned on her heel and headed for security and then the bridge. She wasn’t taking a back seat to this.


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