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Bambi and Candy Parker were on a mission. After the events of yesterday, they were determined to talk to the security chief. Walking up to the door they both tried to palm it at the same time generating a look of frustration on the mirror image faces. “You know you don’t have to come. I was the one that was assaulted not you,” Bambi said giving her sister a sour look.
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: : : : : : : “Please,” she scoffed. “You just ended up in the closet faster. It is not like you and Ensign Don Juan DeMarco weren’t headed there,” Candy fluffed her hair out. “Besides Mom would kill me if I let you do this by yourself. We are sisters.”
: : : : : : :
: : : : : : : “You are just jealous that I get to spend the next few hours alone with Rico,” Bambi activated the door chime again. “He will want to be thorough with his report.”
: : : : : : :
: : : : : : : “Yes and I will be there for moral support,” Candy gave her sister a sappy smile.
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: : : : : : : Ensigns Bambi and Candy Parker
: : : : : :
: : : : : : At his desk, Rico stood and grinned. He was expecting Ally to come by for their regular game of Operation on his break, but she was early it seemed which was fine with Rico, he could spend the entire day with her and just hang, not a word said if need be but just being close to her made his skin tingle in a way that he hadn’t felt in a long time.
: : : : : :
: : : : : : Coming around the desk Rico decided that he would do his best to look a little bit more dashing and, well, sexy for her. He undid his uniform tunic at the top so that it was open a short way down his chest, showing the tight undershirt he wore under his uniform and letting Ally see and think of his toned muscles and her head pressed against his chest as they both touched and lay together. He roughed his hair slightly to give him that roguish look that she loved, and his stubble was slight and made him look a little more like the quiet rebel that he was.
: : : : : :
: : : : : : His whole intention was to make Ally bite her lip and get the special tingles that made her skin goose-bump when she was near him and his lips where near her neck, so he moved to the door and leaned casually against the frame, a dashing smirk lining his face and an eyebrow raised in a suggestive greeting as he pressed the control to open the door and let Ally into his lair.
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: : : : : : Lt Vanhall
: : : : : : CoS
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: : : : : Ooc: this really made me laugh, good story continuation. -cale
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: : : “Rico,” Bambi said looking at the rakish grin on the security officer’s face. “If this is how you receive all your appointments then sign me up for a daily meeting.” She reached up and pretended to adjust the comm badge on his shirt. The move worked far better when the gentleman receiving the touch was in a suit but in a pinch, it still worked. Sauntering past Rico, she made her way to one of the chairs facing the security chief’s desk.
: :
: : Surprised, Rico straightened immediately and cleared his throat. Watching her move to the chair, he quickly did up the zip on his tunic again and wondered why the Parker Twins would be visiting him in his office. “Please, come in and sit down” he muttered, politely of course.
: : :
: : : “My sister can be impossible,” Candy said taking a moment to make her play. Bambi moved way to fast and gave up way to early. Candy would not make the same mistake. “You do look nice this morning. Are you doing something different with your hair? Keep it up,” she smiled moving the seat left open by her sister. “Now which one of us do you want to do first,” Candy said leaning back and crossing her legs slowly and seductively.
: : :
: : : Lt. Ally Scott, medical
: :
: : Remembering he had roughed his hair, Rico made a subtle effort to make it tidy again before moving around to his seat behind the desk, just in time to watch Candy/Bambi whichever one was which out of the corner of his eye cross her legs slowly. Easy Rico he thought to himself, these two are trouble, like holding a lit firework in your hand it’s a whole lotta fun at the time but then everybody is going to know what kind of stupid stunt you pulled and he slid into his seat with a wide, pleasant smile.
: :
: : “Oh I am sure I can do you both right now” he said, and the smile slid off his face as he realized he had walked into her suggestion, and he found himself clearing his throat again and adjust a PaDD slightly. “Who wants coffee?” he offered, moving to carry on the conversation before he made things more awkward for himself, “And then one at a time, tell me how I can help you ladies.”
: :
: : Lt Vanhall
: : CoS
“Well see this bump,” Bambi leaned forward. “Some guy accosted me in the hall,” she replied letting her hair fall back into place. Yesterday night about 9 pm I was walking back to my quarters with Bob Grayson talking about duty rosters and out of nowhere someone pushed us both bodily into a maintenance closet. I didn’t see him because it was a blur but I bumped my head on the....door.” Bambi was not about to say that the momentum of the push had sent her and Bob into the closet, nor that she was leaning on the door with pretty much all her body weight on Bob. She could not have Rico thinking her discussion with Bob was anything less than official. “I think that qualifies as an assault charge right?”

Bambi Parker

“Assault?” Rico asked her, “you’re sure it was assault? There may be other explanations for that. Maybe the door just opened by itself? Did you stop for a moment and lean on it at all?” Rico remembered Bambi the previous night, and it seemed his recollection of the event was a little more complete than hers. In point of fact, there didn’t seem to be much talking going on at all, or walking, and it had seemed to Rico that Bob had his hands full, literally, at about that moment while Bambi had kindly appeared to be helping him with a stuck zipper, or something.

Rico cleared his throat as the memory passed and he seemed to be entering information onto his console, taking notes. Okey so, maybe it could qualify as Assault. So who did it?” He looked at Candy as he stopped speaking, “Did you see anything? I think someone said you were in the area last night to yes?”

Lt Vanhall

Candy looked at Bamby who shrugged. Both sisters had been waiting to find something to on the golden girl who had seemed to make Rico Vanhall think she was perfect. As luck would have it, they finally hit paydirt. There was no way Amazing Ally, as the sister’s snidely referred to her as, would come out squeaky clean after this. “Lt. Allison Scott,” Candy said with a confident tone in her voice.

“Who?” Rico said, not because he didnt recognise the name but because the claim Ally was involved was so out of left field and unexpected that for a moment he seemed otherwise speechless. After a few moments he raised his hands a made the universal ‘calm the heck down’ motion. “No no, you are mistaken. There isn’t any way Ally was involved, she was busy last night. I can vouch for her personally.”

“It is not like this is her first time assaulting someone. You know what they say…once a person gets a taste for the criminal life they never can come back,” Bambi added and then in a more sympathetic tone. “You did know that Ally had been formally booked on assault charges about six months ago didn’t you?” Now Rico would have to investigate and little Miss perfect teeth and hair would go bye-bye leaving the Parker twins to vie for which one of them would be the rebound girl.

Bambi “Sherlock” and Candy “Watson” Investigators not so extraordinaire

The look on Rico’s face was confused, but all the same cautious. Ensign Fabio had told him a story about how these twins had tricked him into a night of exhaustive passion by pretending to be the same person, feeding him performance enhancing medication and then tagging in and out without the Ensign knowing any different. Oh he hadn’t wanted to complain at all, and Rico wasn’t too sure exactly where the true story ended and any fabrication began, but he knew that these twins were clever and often made sure the got what they wanted. That thought made Rico even more determined to ensure he exposed their littke game for what it was.

“What are you talking about?” Rico said to the pair, looking from one to the other in his best stern and disbelieving face. “Ally has no record of any assault on her file, I’ve checked the entire crew, including yourselves and I can assure you that compared to some records” Rico paused and looked from one to the other knowingly, “Ally has a spotless record. She even got recently promoted so explain yourselves and how you presume that even if she did, she had anything to do with you and Bob getting shoved into that supply cupboard.”

Lt Rico Vanhall

Bambi sighed and pulled out her personal communicator. Punching a few buttons she then turned the screen to Rico. On it was the mug shot of Allison Lily Scott looking none too thrilled or like the Ally most saw on a day to day basis. The ponytail was there but looked disheveled with more than a few strands falling everywhere around her face. Scanning down under the picture was a link for a report. “Care to read it,” Bambi asked almost triumphantly.

Bambi Parker…super slueth

Rico reached out and took the communicator, roughly and without apology at his abruptness. Then raised an eyebrow at the two and flicked up the image on the communicator and her personnel image from when she joined the Ogawa, the two events apparently only a month or so apart. They matched close enough even without facial recognition. Without yet reading the report he looked at Bambi.

“How did you get this? This is not a Starfleet mugshot.” As he waited for her reply he brought up the image and link on his own console by the magic of Gaggle. The latest and greatest Exonet search engine. “Unless you can explain to me how this links Ally to your assault, I fail to see the relevance and I’m not going to investigate her as a suspect of any kind on mere heresy.”

Lt Vanhall

“Click on the link,” Candy suggested. “It is very interesting. Seems Ally is not always so loveable.”

Scrolling down Rico would see the report.

Location: 34th and Baron Street, Orion Prime
Arresting Officer: Lt. (j.g.) Celina Rodriguez
Stardate: 11252393

Background: A call was sent to local authorities and then picked up byt Starfleet dispatch regarding shots fired in the block of 34th and Barron Street at precisely 22:46 hours on November 25, 2393. A car was dispatched. Upon entering the building at the location, the arresting officer was then assaulted by Ms. Scott as she attempted to leave the premises. Ms. Scott was detained and remanded to the local security station.

Action: Upon questioning, Ms. Scott alleges that she was walking by the establishment and heard someone yell for help. Upon entering the establishment as 34th and Baron, Ms. Scott attempted to help what she claimed was an injured civilian Orion. Ms. Scott claims a fight occurred with other patrons in the establishment while she was there producing the phaser shots reported to the dispatch. Per Ms. Scott, she attempted to flee the establishment and did not recognize or hear the warning from Starfleet security and the local authorities to get down. When she was grabbed by Lt. Rodriguez, Ms. Scott acted on impulse and not malice. She was however quickly subdued and restrained. Several low ranking possible members of the syndicate were also taken into custody but no one is collaborating her story at this time.

Result: After careful investigation of Ms. Scott’s alleged story it was determined that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her assault of Officer Lt. Rodriguez was determined to be accidental in nature provided the events occurring during her time at the location in question. The charge of felony assault was dropped to a misdemeanor of disorderly conduct and Ms. Scott was ordered to undergo mandatory counseling sessions weekly for the next year. Failure to complete or breach any of the conditions of Ms. Scott’s probation will result in one-month detention and the charge changed from a misdemeanor to felony. A sworn affidavit was signed by Ms. Scott and filed by the probation officer on Orion.

Lt. Ally Scott, Medical

Rico sat back in his chair for a few moments, minutes really and thought about what had occurred. How on Earth had the Parker Twins managed to dig up that kind of dirt on someone in the crew? It obviously wasn’t enough to prevent Ally from serving on the Ogawa in a Starfleet Uniform, but still, it was unexpected how his Ally suddenly had a record on Orion.

It took Rico half an hour of cross checking Federation sources, going over backdated news reports and bringing up Civilian profiles before he had a clearer picture of what had happened and the consequences, who the associates might have been, and confirming Ally’s actual whereabouts according to Leave and assignment records. There was no doubt, it was Ally.

=/\=Ally, babygirl, its Rico. Could you come down to my Office? I have something to show you. =/\=

Turning off the Comm, Rico sat back again in his chair and waited, fingers tapping lightly on the desk and humming a tune that had come mindlessly to him.

Lt Rico Vanhall

=/\=Sure thing. I am off duty in thirty minutes,=/\= Ally said happily before clicking off the comm. Exactly thirty minutes later, Ally palmed the control on Rico’s door and entered his office. Last night had been amazing. Well past the ocean incident and leaving a wet trail of puddles from the holodeck to the Reez quarters. If the kids had not decided last night was the opportune time to begin their journey into verbal language, the night would have been perfect. “Hello there handsome,” Ally said walking around to the back of Rico’s desk and wrapping her arms around his neck as he reclined in the chair. “So are you finally going to agree that being in the ocean at night under a full moon is far better than working 8 hours on duty,” she teased kissing him silly several times on the cheek being playful.

Lt. Ally Scott, medical

“Hello gorgeous” he replied, his smile wide and genuine. He was of course happy to see her, like always and every moment, the mere sound of her voice made him smile. Being in the same room with her, that was something that science had yet to come up with a word for.

“You know last night was amazing. You are amazing and I love you more than you know” he said, and took her in his arms and tipped her so she was lying across his lap, in his arms, most romantically.

“So I’ve got an idea” he said to her, looking line he had been planning this for some time. “The Ogawa is due to pass Orion next month. Now I know that it tends to be pretty shady but I know a few places I think you will love for some shore leave. What do you say Pumpkin? Just you and me and a weekend to dream about later?”

Lt Rico Vanhall

“Orion,” Ally sat up ramrod straight in his arms and wiggled from his grasp heading towards the replicator. Shoot shoot she mouthed heading towards the machine with her back to his. “Not that I have anything against Orions, =/\= coffee extra strong cream sugar=/\= but I am not sure that Orion is the place to go. I mean there is Tellar Prime, Vulcan....oh Andor,” Ally said taking her coffee. “I have always liked winter stuff. What if we try the skiing or tobogganing thing instead of the big megacity.” Ally did not take her coffee and sit on his lap like she tended to do when wanting to be playful or coy. Right now she needed to be alluring and aloof. Might even need a phony princess pout to deter Vanhall from his outrageous Orion outing.

Lt. Ally Scott, medical

“Well, a winter getaway would be amazing” Rico said to her, “But the Ogawa isn’t due past any of them any time soon, and unless your okey skiing in a space suit, nowhere near us has an atmosphere suitable for that” he grinned, and turned around the monitor which had a number of popular, and safe, tourist destination on them on Orion Prime.

“We can take the tours, get massages, even take a trip to the local schools and Starfleet aid stations and help out as volunteers” Rico said, looking at the screen for a moment as he aired his ‘plans’ for their trip. “I loved looking after the kids with you Ally, maybe we can do that and help out some of the locals for a few hours at Starfleets Medical facility? You can treat the kids, I can sing. What do you say? There isn’t a problem is there?”

Lt Rico Vanhall
“That is a horrible idea,” she said quickly. “Why would we want to work on a shore leave. I say if you expect to work then we just book a suite on the holodeck and stay here,” Ally said flustered. “The whole point of getting away is to get away. No medicine for me and no…policing or whatever you do,” she waved a hand. There was no way Ally was going to tell Rico about the incident on Orion. She would deny it until her grave. That meant no trips to Orion where they would flag her the second she got off the ship. “What about Vulcan? I have heard the desert sunsets are breathtaking. We could do that camping thing you talk about and there is not a drop or water anywhere around us so you dont have to worry about stingrays.”

Lt. Ally Scott, medical

Rico stayed silent a moment as he watched her, she was stubborn, determined, fiery, and persistent, all qualities for which he loved her but it appeared that when Allison was backed Into a corner slightly, her fight or flight instinct kicked more Into a “hey look over there, isnt that amazing” penchant for an attempt at misdirection. She wasn’t exactly lying, but it was obvious Allly wasn’t going to spill the beans. She enjoyed her coffee too much for that.

Reaching to his Monitor, Rico turned the screen around and looked at her with a slight smile but a raised eyebrow. “Ally, love of my life, cream in my coffee, hole In my donut. Would your aversion to an exotic holiday on Orion Prime have anything to do with this?” On the screen was the mugshot of Ally and local news reports of her arrest and subsequent Federation agreement to remove her from the planet.

Lt Rico Vanhall

“Where did you get that,” she said diving over the desk to cover the screen with her hands. It was a childish gesture and did nothing to stop Rico from knowing anything. There was no way he hadn’t read the report and reread the report. The half smirk told Ally he was slightly bemused at the revelation but there was that crease of wrinkles across his forehead and the semi-concerned glint in his eyes.

Letting her dive over the desk and cover the screen, Rico placed his elbow on the desk, his chin on his hand and waited. “Who would have thought that Allison Scott was a wanted woman on Orion Prime, the place where even the bad guys kicked her out?”

“Rico bad things happened there. I barely made it out. Thank god for my academy self-defense training,” she said wearing a serious expression. “I mean without it who knows where I would be.” Although her academy training never went beyond the required 101 classes, Ally’s tone indicated she was felt she was being serious.

“Yeah? Wow that must have been bad” Rico agreed, nodding his head as if he had to for his own safety at her martial prowess. In truth, Ally had the combat ability more akin to Kung Fu Panda rather than a Jackie Chan, and he could only imagine at the events leading up to her arrest.

Moving back to the chair she studied him. “You know I am not a fugitive right? I did my time and now I am on probation,” she looked at him completely sincere. Ally wasn’t sure exactly what was in the report so maybe it would be good to answer any questions. Looking at Rico, Allison Scott searched his face for any hint of nervousness. It was then she decided to put him at ease. “Okay so I know I am probably the first woman you ever dated with a record so if you need to think about things I can give you a day or so. If you can’t accept me and my…history,” she tried to choose her words carefully, “then I understand.”

Lt. Ally Scott, medical

That made Rico sit up straight and blink, twice as he processed what she said. “Whoa nelly” he said, reaching out and taking her hand, “Lets not release the bulls and try to dive for cover from things trying to boot us in the rear with their horns, Okey Harley Quinn? I never said anything about not wanting to be with you, but, an explanation would be nice” he said to her, then waggled his eyebrows and smirked.
“Rico this is serious,” she pulled her hand back and then broke out in a bit of laughter. “If it wasn’t for my keen sense of observation I could be some Dabo Girl on the Ferengi homeworld stroking ears and increasing the odds of the house in gambling.” Ally could not help but smile seeing how amusing Rico found this whole situation. She did have to admit however, it was rather funny. Her father didn’t find it that way but her brother, like Rico, could not help but come up with nicknames such as the Blonde Bandito, Ally the Embelzer, and Swindler Scott just to name a few. Drumming her fingernails on the side of the chair she concentrated on his face trying to be serious but his darn smirk made it hard to do so. “In fact, you should be rather appalled by my larceny antics.”

“In fact, you having a bit of a record and being not quite as innocent as you make it seem is kinda hot. I dated this girl just out of the Academy once, Ashley, a stunning red head. She did something dumb in her last year that got her a record, and a few tattoo’s, but your the first one I’ve dated that’s actually been exiled from somewhere.” He emphasized the word and motioned for her to sit down with him. “So whats the story? If we go back to Orion prime is it really that bad?”

Lt Rico Vanhall, CoS

“I know right,” she wholeheartedly agreed with him. “That is why I didn’t bring it up. I mean what guy wouldn’t freak knowing that if they were with a girl they couldn’t set foot on places like Vulcan, Earth, Risa, or Orion. Kinda limits vacation plans.”

Lt. Ally Scott, medical

This time Rico’s eyebrow rose and he held up both hands, “Okey just hold on now Miss Quinn” he said, “Risa? Earth? Vulcan? how many more of these exile reports do you have?” he teased, making a move to head back to the console to Bang out her name some more and see what he could find on the exo-nets dark places.

“How about Andoria?” He asked her, still smirking, “We could try a winter vacation there, build a snowman, just let it go kinda thing. Unless of course the Ice Queen there wants you as well?” He turned back to her and took her hand again “Do you have any idea how cute this is going to be? “Hi, I’m Lieutenant Rico Vanhall, and this is my girlfriend, Lieutenant Ally Scott, otherwise known as ‘Orion’s Most Wanted’, oh yeah, and she’s mine” He grinned wider, “and you would make one heck of a cute Dabo girl.”

Lt Vanhall, CoS

“Rico,” Ally said sharply and then stopped suddenly. She was about to use his middle name when it occurred to her she had no idea what his middle name was. Not once during her dash to psychiatry, the salacious medical check-in, moonlit catamaran swims, or family trialing a set of twins borrowed from a fellow officer had Ally ever thought to ask his middle name. How could she have ever thought about sleeping with a man for the first time and not know his full name?

“Yes Harley?” he said, again putting his cheek in the palm of his hand and looking at her with a grin. The more he thought about it, the more he liked his new nickname for her, now he just needed to find her the outfit.

“You are sitting there so smug and you don’t know anything about me,” she said in a slightly frustrated tone. “I mean cheese and crackers we don’t even know each other’s middle names. If we don’t know that what other things are we hiding about each other. This is why the situation is not funny,” she struggled to keep a straight face as she heard the crazy leaking out around her words. “And for now Andoria is clear…for now,” she then added a wink.

Lt. Ally Scott, medical

“I am so glad that Andoria is in the clear” he said to her, “I didn’t really want to spend the rest of my days on a Starship because my girlfriend is a wanted woman by every species in the known galaxy” he looked at her and bit his lip, “I might get a little jealous if everyone wants you” and then he laughed. “Your middle name is Lilly” he told her, “it says so right here” he said, pointing to the screen with her Exile permit on it, then gave her a wink. “I knew that, Allison Lilly Scott. Born on Earth, in California. You have two brothers and your parents are Charles and Susan.” He softly tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, “Do you think I wouldn’t have security access to the crews files and not look you up? How am I supposed to arrange that secret call to your mother for her Birthday, or get your father tickets to the final of the series to butter him up for when i pop the question?” He was teasing, but truthful. Ally was so special to him, and at heart he wanted her know he cared.
Ally smiled at Rico. “And I really don’t like it cold so yeah Andoria is kinda out,” she shrugged her shoulders. One day she would introduce him to her parents and they would, “wait you called my mom,” Ally smiled at him shyly. “You are full of surprises. Ricoooooooooo,” she left his middle name out as if waiting for him to fill it in.

“As to my middle name” he said, “That is top secret” he tapped his own fingers on the desk and looked at her with narrowed eyes. “I’m not sure that kind of information should be spread to fugitives, you might blackmail me for your own wicked ways.” Motioning her to come in closer, he leaned forwards and whispered into her ear. “You can never tell anyone, but my full name is… Rico Fletcher Dirk Vanhall. Yes, I have two middle names.”

Lt Rico FD Vanhall, CoS
“Fletcher,” she said rearing back and looking at him. “Full…et…cher. Fill et cher,” she said his name over and over several times rolling it over her tongue. “Your name is Rico Fillet chur,” she said crinkling her nose up.

Lt. Ally Scott, medical

“Yes” he said slowly, as if what he had said had been either misinterpreted or was something nasty in some odd language that he didn’t know Ally spoke. “Fletcher, and Dirk. Fletcher was my fathers name, Dirk the name of an old book hero that my mother loved reading. I don’t think that name has any bearing on whether or not we can go to Orion on a vacation” he grinned at her. “You, have a problem?” he raised an eyebrow as he asked her, “Its a deal breaker huh? Am I no longer worthy?” His tone and eyes indicated that he was completely teasing her.

Lt Vanhall, CoS

If you expect any babies of mine to be called Fletcher then yes or you are nowhere near the stylus the moment I give birth, Ally thought eyeing him. “Of course not. We are talking a quick getaway and not moving in together,” she leaned back smiling. “So I will make a few plans and we will be off,” Ally said with a smile getting up and heading towards the door. This was one trip Rico was going to remember.

Two days later.....

“Lauren,” Ally said looking at the face on the screen. “How…how are you?”

“Fine but I need you to do something,” Lauren said getting right to the point. “You are near Orion correct?”

“Yes but because of you I am a felon there,” Ally said in a low hushed whisper even though no one was in the room.

Lauren rolled her eyes. Ally was so squeaky clean she probably had a rubber ducky with those silly black sunglass lodged where the sun didn’t shine. It wasn’t that Lauren didn’t like Ally but more that the girl needed to get a rebel side. “It is Orion, not Earth. You will be fine. I need you to deliver the supplies you will find at this address to here. Memorize it,” Lauren said with a hint of authority to her voice. “Shayla needs this so don’t you dare back out. You will be in and out. It will be a piece of cake. People are counting on us so thank you.” After saying her piece Lauren clicked off. Ally was a great girl but if you got her talking it was hard to shut her up. Scott would realize the implications if she did not follow through.

“Lauren…Lauren,” Ally said hitting the side of the console as if it would bring the dark-haired doctor back. Realizing she was now walking the pooch Ally huffed and leaned back in her seat feeling a small headache forming.

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