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As they walked towards the building Ally took the few precious moments to prepare Rico for what was coming next. The problem was finding the words to explain what he was gonna see. “About two years ago a doctor by the name of Lauren Shan asked me to help her with some relief work. I had no idea of the scope she was talking about until we arrived at that location. Once I saw…I could not say no.” Ally stood at the door to the warehouse. Rico could see she was almost shaking as she spoke. The nervousness was not due to anything related to what was behind the door. The nervousness was entirely based on Ally being worried Rico would not understand or be able to process what was behind the door.

“If it is simple relief work, why the thugs and secrecy?” Rico asked her as they came to a stop outside the warehouse. “Why the hell would you have been exiled from Orion the last time you were here? That happened because you were stealing supplies, relief work doesn’t lead to stealing supplies or the Syndicate.”

“Shall we enter so that I can get paid and you can do the job you are required to do,” the leader of the men who met them at the vehicle sneered.

“Open the damn door then,” Rico snarled at him, “and next time don’t greet us with a firing squad, you might live longer.” He motioned towards the man and the door with his weapon and in that moment, it had become much clearer who had control of this situation. The man swore under his breath and moved forwards, entering a code in the door and letting the bolts unlock, then, he swung it open and the look he gave Ally was leering and far from gentlemanly. “Have fun inside, I know you like it rough.” It was a ruthless attempt to regain his authority in the eyes of his men.

Ally shook her head and walked in the opened door but not before saying under her breath, “heartless mongrel.” Men like the ones that got them here disgusted Ally. They were able to sleep at night even though their apathy towards the problem was just as bad as participating in it.

Lt. Ally Scott medical

Rico had far less words for him, he waited for Ally to walk inside and then took a step towards the entry himself. It meant that he had stepped close to the man and as his eyes met those of the heartless leader of these henchmen, he registered the soft smirk still on the man’s lips after what he had said. What happened next was fast. Rico’s hand lifted and the smirk had only just begun to fade as the solid butt of the weapon smashed into the leaders jaw, a sharp crack announcing the fracture and the blood spattering the door showing the gash, the man thrown bodily against the warehouse wall from the impact.

As the leader of the group dazedly sunk to his knees holding his twisted, broken and bleeding jaw, Rico coldly looked at the rest of the men. They saw the look in his eyes, but not a single one moved to help or raise their weapons at him. “Oops,” he said to the man on his knees, “I thought you liked it rough. My mistake.” With that he turned and followed Allison inside. He was off duty anyhow, nobody was going to report him.

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