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Posted Nov. 13, 2019, 7:17 p.m. by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) (David Shotton)

Posted by Lieutenant Teller Graham (Chief Science Officer) in Main Sim: Science Lab

Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in Main Sim: Science Lab
It was late in the Lab, the final few hours of the shift had begun and the Saracen had cleared the Nebula when the message from the Captain came in.

=/\= This is the Captain, we are enroute to Aldebaran III at maximum sustainable Warp responding to a distress signal. They have reported radiation, explosions and system failures before we lost contact. Aldebaran III is a large Federation colony with billions of inhabitants and significant orbital shipyards, we will lend whatever assistance we can. Our estimated time of arrival is 30 hours, I expect we will need Science investigating the radiation, Engineering working on restoring their systems and Medical to stand by to treat wounded and support their local hospitals. I want Security to stand by in case we discover malicious intent and to help evacuate those in need. All departments are to begin preparations for supporting Aldebaran III. =/\=

Captain Knight, CO

OOC: Are you expecting Kalini to respond to this because she’s been awol for 22 days… or me, cause I’m already on the bridge? Luke

OOC: This is simply a thread for Science to keep busy and post to if you/ Kalani wishes, it’s 30 hours to Aldebaran for example. With the action on the Bridge currently Kalani can post here with prep if she doesn’t have time to hit any of her side sims or the Bridge takes a bit longer to conclude, she’s not awol anymore however. It can also be used as the thread if action moves to the Science Labs once we arrive. - Dave

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