Knight and Day e: Time to Play

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Posted by Lieutenant Natasha Knight (Acting Chief Medical Officer) in Knight and Day e: Time to Play

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“Natasha, listen to me,” Dante said, taking a breath when he realized that the camera’s on the ceiling were pointing away from them as they descended. “This is no escape.......” He heard footsteps coming from down the hallway in front of them and around the corner. “Damnit,” he swore, and turned to a door they had reached in their flight.

“Will you stop whipping me around,” Natasha said slightly annoyed. So far all Dante had done on this little expedition was fling her about and drag her around one corner after another. “I do not mind running but it is a game so can we slow this down,” she started to huff.

Hitting the control next to the door, he was relieved when it slid open. Clearly they didn’t think that they needed more stringent security outside of the rooms that they had been kept in. While the door only took a second to open, it was almost too slow as he pulled Natasha through and turned, slapping the control on the inside and letting it close. The lights had come on straight away, revealing the room was filled with medical equipment, and a single bed with a high back in the middle of the room.

Finding her feet, Natasha spun around and brushed some hair out of her eyes. “That’s it. I am not doing anything else until you stop being so competitive,” Natasha growled and leaned against a cabinet focusing on him.

The footsteps they had heard ran past the door and got quieter as they headed away, and Dante turned from the door and took hold of Natasha’s shoulders. “Baby this isn’t an escape room,” he told her, “listen, okay, we aren’t in the hotel. I don’t know..” Dante paused now as his eyes went passed Natasha to the far wall, where a large fish lazily swam past the window, it’s one eye looking in at them with as much curiosity as Dante looked back at it with surprise. “A fish.”

Captain Knight, CO

“Because we are on that,” Natasha shot back angrily but stopped not able to complete her sentence. “We are,” she stumbled for words. Looking around the room she tried to put together what she knew. “We were in the hotel,” she started to get a blank stare. None of this made sense. “Are we in a ship,” she asked walking to the window looking out. Seeing the fish she looked back at Dante, Natasha took a deep breath. Walking over to the drawers she began to open them.

“What are you looking for?” He asked her, walking to the window himself and looking out at the water beyond for a moment. “Are you listening now Nat, remembering? No ship is going to be on an underwater reef, on Erewhon.” He turned back and took the few steps to reach her.

“We need to find a tricorder,” she said searching the drawers. “I don’t know why I am not remembering but it has to be pharmacological. If I know what it is I can find an antidote,” she felt herself getting edgy. Natasha did not like the idea something was keeping her and Dante from understanding what was going on. “Dante, help me,” she said rooting through another drawer.

Lt. Natasha Knight medical

Taking another cabinet he began to open drawers, flicking through a multitude of familiar looking Federation equipment. “Here,” he said as he opened a drawer lower down and took out a standard Federation Issue medical tricorder. “I don’t know why we can’t remember anything except our hotel room, take a scan of yourself Natasha, and this.” He handed the tricorder to her and gently placed a hand on her belly.

“I’m going to see if the consoles here have any information.”

Captain Knight, CO

Natasha scanned herself and slumped against the wall. Her eyes were wide and she slowly licked her lips trying to moisten her mouth so that she could speak. “Dah,” she tried and then stopped. It was as if the words were caught in her throat and could not surface. She could feel her pulse quicken and felt dizzy. Clearing her throat she took a deep breath. Locking her eyes on Dante’s back she took a moment to steady herself. Finding him always calmed her in moments like this. She looked at his broad shoulders and let her eyes trail down his body. It wasn’t a suggestive look in any way but more as if she was looking at him for the first time. In some ways, it was as if she was looking at him for the first time.

She had known Dante Alighieri Knight for fifteen years. So many times she debated on how to tell him things but this was the first time she was truly at a loss for words. “Dan..te,” she tried again to say his name and draw his attention away from the console.

“Yes?” He replied, looking up for a small moment but then returning his attention to the console he was working on.

“Dante,” she nervously fiddled with the tricorder. “I’m pregnant,” she said finally getting a hint of a smile. It was not that she wasn’t happy. She had wanted this more than anything and yet every specialist had told her it was not going to happen. A baby was off the cards but here she was, pregnant with his baby. “I’m having a baby,” she said finally finding her voice. With each sentence, the happiness in her words became more and more apparent.

Lt. Natasha Daye medical

That made him stop and look up quickly. He said nothing at first, just blinked a few times as he processed it. It was clear that something wasn’t right looking at the bump in Natasha’s belly that wasn’t there the last time he remembered looking, but the confusion of the how was buried by the excitement of the huh?. As he looked at her, and his mind processed the news, he smiled.

“Pregnant?” He left the console and walked over to her. “Ok I’m not going to ask how, I know how that happens. I thought that, you couldn’t? Or it wasn’t going to happen?” Dante came to a stop beside her and put his arm around her waist, then kissed her forehead before looking down at the tricorder.

“How long Tasia? We’re having a baby!?”

Captain Knight, CO

“Yes,” Natasha grinned forgetting the situation they were in. “We are having a baby.” Turning the tricorder around it displayed not the customary plus or minus as home kits but a series of number and words that Dante could only assume meant You’re pregnant in doctorese. “I can’t be exactly sure until I run some more tests but it seems like …you are going to be a daddy,” she half squeaked out the words and held her arms out. At this moment there was only one thing on Natasha’s mind. She didn’t care where they were or how they got here. Everything she ever wanted was in this room. They had tried for so long to have a baby yet weeks and months of disappointment was the only reply she ever had gotten until now. Nat felt dizzy as she wrapped her arms around Dante.

“We are going to have a baby,” she said softly and moved to kiss him. She had no words. Nothing to say. Time slowed down and for a brief second only they existed in the entire universe.

Lt. Natasha Knight medical

Dante was stunned, so stunned that for a brief moment he just stared at her as her words sunk in and she moved in to kiss him. Time seemed to halt, and it wasn’t until her lips touched his, the smallest and most gentle feeling of her soft lips against his that the reality of what she was saying rushed through him like a jolt of electricity. At her touch, his arms curled around her and pulled her close to him protectively and passionately. Dante pressed his own lips against hers with a love that while normally full of passion and fire for the woman that was going to be his wife one day, turned to a tender caress of a love that was now showing her that he loved her with all of his soul, and that he was going to protect his girl no matter what faced them. She was everything to him then, the touch and curve of her belly and other assets, the sound of her voice, so soft and gentle. He could smell her hair, her perfume and her.

This was not a kiss that searched for more, this was a kiss between lovers that held more intimacy than any other physical act they could perform would ever reveal. A kiss that spoke louder than any words, clearer than any contract. Dante loved Natasha, and she was going to be the Mother of their neonato, their child. This kiss was the joy of life, of creating something that would be unique in the universe, something that would forever bond Natasha and Dante no matter what came before them. It was a kiss that told Natasha that she was Dante’s whole universe, his centre of being.

His hand raised to her cheek and his eyes searched for hers, waiting just a moment for her eyes to open once more now his lips had left hers and his fingers caressed her cheek ever so softly. “Oh my god Tasia,” Dante whispered the name Natasha held only for those closest to her and paused a moment as a smile spread across his lips and he allowed himself to give her a ever so gentle peck once more. “We are going to be parents. I am going to be a daddy, and you a mommy,” It was said softly, as if speaking it louder would wake them from a dream neither wanted to be woken from. “Oh my god.”

“I know,” she let out a small laugh. He could see in her eyes there was a shock at sharing the news. Only two weeks ago, she was telling him that there was next to a zero chance of having a baby of their own. Some things even medical could not fix however here she was telling him they beat the odds. The medical side of her knew to warn her husband that they needed to be cautious. Any pregnancy before 12 weeks had a risk of spontaneous abortions. After the 12 week mark, the risk dropped off sharply. Still, for the first time in her life, she uniquely understood the uncontrolled elation of hearing the words ‘you’re pregnant.’ “I’m pregnant,” she let out another small happy laugh wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. “I need more time to figure out logistics but I can do that on the Saracen.”

It was odd, flashed through Dante’s mind, how in these moments of love and happiness simple statements that would normally draw sarcasm of being rather obvious, became nothing but loving truths and the focus of a bond that burned fiercely between them. “I love you so much baby,” he breathed it, almost reverently, like he was now scared to lose the most important thing in his life, and in the most passionately unmanly way, his eyes moistened as his heart became full of far too much love for Natasha in that moment as everything that the two of them had ever wanted came to be. A family, and Natasha the mother of his children.

Captain Knight, CO

“I hope so because now there is two of me,” she let go and instinctively put her arms around her middle. “I pregnant,” she said again as if to confirm the fact.

“Yes you are love, very much so.” Dante let her hold her belly and instead walked around behind her, slipping his arms over hers and holding her hands to her belly under his. Like that, he just held her for what seemed minutes, but not long enough.

The happiness was ended with the pounding on the door by something heavy. The booming sound echoed through the room along with the voice demanding they open the door. Natasha’s face fell for a second letting reality sink in. “Dante you need to find a way off this planet and then you can figure out a way to get me off the planet. I will go with them. They didn’t seem out to harm me. Until we broke out of that room thing were almost idyllic. I am not going to fight Dante,” Natasha looked him in the eye.

“Nat stop, I will find a way both of us can get out of here. I’m not leaving you here.” Dante told her, looking from her to the door and then around to see if there was another way out. The windows meant nothing, outside of that was only the ocean of Erewhon that covered the underwater city they must have been in.

“Not now. I am not going to take the risk.” Walking towards the door she took a deep breath. Once she opened it she had no idea what would happen.

Lt. Natasha Daye medical

The door slid open in front of Natasha, revealing two large and burly looking orderlies in uniforms that looked far more security like than hospital friendly. In their hands were hypo’s, in what appeared to be some kind of sedative. Looking at Natasha and Dante, the put their attention on Natasha who was standing right in front of them and very clearly pregnant.

Natasha’s eyes grew large and she uttered out only one word. “Dante,” she said not moving or looking for him. He would never leave her. He would also have thrown himself in front of her if that was part of his plan. Whatever Dante was doing behind her, it had a purpose. She just needed a moment to wrap her head around everything going on.

“Ms Daye, please stay calm,” one of the men said. He spoke in the same polite tone and accent as the people who had met them on the surface, but in stark contrast to the almost unnaturally attractive people who lived above ground, these two men were clearly ordinary looking. Plain and not the type to draw a second glance in the crowd aside from their appearance as likely back alley bandits. “We are sorry, but you have to come with us. You aren’t allowed to wander the facility or leave, it’s against the law while you are pregnant with a Erewhon Citizen.”

Since Dante was not replying Natasha knew he needed time for something. Based on what they had just said to her, she was going to be able to fill up a solid hour even if Dante didn’t need that long. “Unless we are in pirate controlled space or have left the known galaxy I am pretty sure this is not an Erewhon Citizen,” she put her hand over her slightly bulging belly. “We are Federation citizens and as such we are to be afforded the rights and privileges associated with this. This baby has the full protection of the United Federation of Planets to which you are associated with so I am confused as to why you are claiming citizenship to a fetus in utero,” Daye snapped. “The only way I am not pregnant with a Federation citizen is if one of your hot hunks and I got together and if someone was stupid enough to try that even with my permission,” she stared the two men down, “Dante would kill them, bury the body, and never look back. So wanna try again with this Erewhon citizen thing?”

“Ma’am we are not looking for trouble,” the first man said calmly.

“Good,” she clapped her hands sarcastically, “so stand back and let us walk right out there to the lobby so I don’t have to have my husband’s ship blast this place to smithereens.”

“We will take you back to your apartment,” the second man said calmly. “We have no need to use these if you both just co-operate and do what we tell you to....” as the man spoke, he looked up from Nat to Dante behind her and his eyes grew suddenly wide. “No! Don’t!” The man said and took a step back.

Two quick, fast bolts of energy shot past Natasha’s shoulder close enough for her to feel the charged particles of energy that would make the skin on the back of her neck goosebump, and at almost the same time the two ordelies slumped to the floor, stunned. Walking up beside her, Dante looked down into her eyes and held up the Phaser. “They must have this issue now and then, they keep one of these in the other drawer.” His eyes were hard, and he had now moved from the diplomatically correct Yellow Alert to full Red Alert mode.

“This is wrong, Nat. Just wrong for them to keep us here and sedated with mind wipe drugs, that must be how they made us forget everything. I’m not going to stand for it, and I am not leaving you here, I am a goddamned Captain of a Federation Starship and this is a Federation aligned world. Prime Directive be damned, it is illegal to hold a Starfleet Officer in custody without fair representation and treatment. You are pregnant, we are leaving, and anybody in front of me is going to be sleeping with the fishes.”

Captain Knight, CO

Natasha let out a small laugh a she pulled Dante closer by two handfuls of his shirt. “See I told you too much coffee makes you bloodthirsty. The problem is you are hot as heck when you let that Captain thing come out,” she kissed his lips softly and then Eskimo kissed him. “And I might just force feed you some coffee later. This is kinda doing it for me,” she winked at him. It was not a time for jokes but Natasha could not hide the fact she was in an emotional rush. Even if they were under god knows how much water, cut off from all the universe, she had him. That was all she ever needed to find what some people searched a lifetime for: true love.

Lt. Natasha Daye medical

“Yes, I’ve heard that being pregnant does it for some people,” Dante smirked, but his eyes remained hard as they looked to the door and fallen men. “I would shoot someone for you at the drop of a hat, love. Especially if they are in our way and I am in no mood for negotiating. I’m done, like actually done.” Dante moved to the taller of the two and turned him over with his foot, then leaned down and pulled the mans orderly jacket and I.D tag off of him. Slipping his arm through the sleeve he placed his hand and phaser into the deep pocket, and then picked up both of the dropped hypo’s, giving one to Nat.

“Use it on anyone who gets hold of you, alright.” Dante tore the next overcoat from the shorter man and slipped it over Nat’s shoulders, the bulk doing much to hide her slightly bulging belly. “Apparently your name is Herbert, but maybe I’ll just call you Herbie.” Walking to the door he looked out, and noted the coast was clear. “We need to find a communications panel or a submarine docking port. I don’t trust the transporters they have, if they have loaded our signatures into it as a security measure we could find ourselves anywhere and back in custody. We do this the old fashioned way, alright princess?”

Captain Knight, CO

Natasha broke out laughing. The seriousness of the situation was not lost on her but the circumstances was what she found oddly amusing. The jacket hung in her like she was a small child wearing an adult coat. “Promise me this is not going to be like our weddings. Both were disasters. I mean I love you baby but I really don’t want the three times a charm thing to follow is having kids.”

“Don’t you even hint that,” Dante told her, and his face turned stern. “Do you want to jinx it?” Turning to her again he fastened the buttons and adjusted the coat. She would pass cursory examination and if she didn’t, it was laundry day. “Ready?”

Taking a deep breath she shook her hand until the coat sleeve covered her hand holding the hypo. “Ready,” she said in a confident tone. There wasn’t a hint of worry to her voice. Why should there be? She was with Dante and that man was like a cat. He got out of situations like he had nine lives. This one would be no different. “Wait. Wait. One more thing,” she said grabbing his arm as he was about to open the door. Rising on her toes she kissed him for a long lingering moment. Sometimes a kiss did not have to be passion-filled. t could be simple and brief yet at times this was the type of kiss that conveyed far more emotion. It spoke of not needing anything dramatic or fancy. It was pure and simple indicating the only thing that mattered was the person on the other end of it. Natasha’s mind did not flash with images of romantic memories or go dizzy like the nights when they turned in for bed. Her mind was blank choosing to focus on the one person in the world that could make things right.
If things were to go south, she wanted this moment to last forever on his mind. Just her showing him how deeply she loved him. “Okay, now we can go.”

Exiting the room, Natasha tried to act naturally but that was such a misnomer. How did one walk naturally or act naturally when they were in an unfamiliar place. Every hall and corridor was the same: white metal walls and floors polished so brightly they could have been mirrors. “Dante we are never going to get out of here stumbling about. We need a map or some way to find the exit. We should start trying doors. Maybe one of them will have something we can use to get out of here,” she suggested.

Lt. Natasha Knight Cmo

“Just walk,” Dante told her. “There is going to be an exit or way out of here that is more obvious than random doors to other rooms, it’ll be marked. Just keep walking until we find something.” He held his hand in his pocket, the Phaser sitting in his palm casually and he had swiped a PaDD from the room they had been in.

“We’re underwater, we need to find a turbolift or ship or something.” They turned a corner and kept walking down the hallway, thankfully deserted although Dante noted they were walking past camera’s. “So, when you scanned yourself,” he looked at her sideways as they walked, “did you happen to see of our little Neonato was a boy or girl?” He used the Italian word for baby, he had used the word before with Nat at different times, but now it was special, it was being used about their baby.

Captain Knight, CO

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