OOC: Apologies

Posted Nov. 14, 2019, 1:38 a.m. by Ensign Fraiser Flynn (Security Officer) (Cass Young)

Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in OOC: Apologies

Posted by Ensign Fraiser Flynn (Security Officer) in OOC: Apologies
Just want to extend my apologies to everyone for my eLOA life got a bit overwhelming between studying and working and had to take a break from STF. Normally the two are relativly manageable, but one of my coworkers got injured and couldn’t work and I had to take over their shifts until they could work again. My exams are over now, and work has started to calm down again and I’m back to regular posting again.

If someone would be able to catch me up with the sim, or let me know where to post while I catch up it would be appreciated. :)


Hey Cass! Welcome back! You’re fine with your eLoa, life happens and always comes first. I’m really glad to see you back!

Currently the Saracen has exited the Betreka Nebula and is heading for the planet Aldebaran III, where we picked up a distress call reporting explosions, radiation and system failures. This came very soon after we picked up a probe in the Nebula that was giving off massive radiation that flooded the ship and affected people’s behaviour a wee bit. Once the radiation was dealt with and the probe investigated, we got a bunch of info from it concerning Aldebaran III.

Our GM gathered that info into a post here so you can check it out. I also started a few posts for Main Sim depts to post to while we head to Aldebaran.

Feel free to start up a side sim as well if you would like

Cheers Cass!


Thanks that was super helpful. I should be able to understand whats going on enough to keep up with the posts while I read through all the past sim posts I’ve missed now. :)


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