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It took a little over 48 hours for the final repairs of the ship to take place, during that time science and medical were successful in both getting rid of the radiation and treating the entire crew with the aerosol medication. It took another 6 hours to clear the nebula. As the Saracen cleared the nebula the communications panel pinged signalling an incoming emergency call.

GM Nosferatu

With the Captain and XO both retired to their quarters and most of the senior staff busy with other duties, command of the bridge fell on to Master Chief Gordon. The old Master Chief, who had spent most of his time with Security, was the only enlisted person on the ship who had taken and passed the bridge duty officer test. He sat in the command chair, reading up on the latest security report when a young NE at communication spoke.

“Master Chief, I am picking up a distress call.” She said quickly, her voice showing elevated concern.

“Let’s hear it,” Gordon stated, setting down his report.


The communication opened up but it was very apparent that it was patchy due to some form of interference and was only voice.
=^=This is ....Commander Andrew Jones ....Aberdeen shipyards ....Alderbaran III…any Starfleet ship in the area....experiencing system failures…unknown radiation....explosions. Please respond.=^=

GM Nosferatu

=^=Commander Jones, This is the Saracen. We are enroute to your position now. Are there any ships in your area?=^= Gordon replied, nodding to the helmsmen as he did.

=^=Bridge to Commander Threwn, please report to the bridge.=^=

=^=On my way,=^= came the XO reply, it sounded like he was working out.


The only response was a burst of static from the comms, the signal was lost.

GM Nosferatu

Teller slid over to his station. He started scanning but there was little chance of him picking up something at this range.

A few moments later Threwn entered the bridge. He walked up to the Master Chief. “Report Master Chief” He asked.

“Sir, we have received a distress call from the Aberdeen shipyards. They state that they are experiencing systems failures, are suffering explosions and have a radiation problem. We are en route now. I tried to follow up but we lost the signal.” The Master Chief reported.

“At Warp 7, what’s our ETA ensign?” He asked the Helmsmen.


Before the Helm could answer the turbolift opened once more, Dante walking out and buttoning up his tunic. His timing was impeccable it seemed, either he had a sixth sense that something was going on, or he was already awake for some reason. A short yawn that he covered with the back of his hand revealed the likely cause being the newborn baby that was dominating the Knight castle every evening.

“Good morning people,” Dante said as he walked around to the command chairs. How are we all today?”

Captain Knight, CO

“Any radiation that would effect the ship yards would effect us. I should be able to pick it up at a safe range… just like a light, you can see it from further away than it can illuminate, but we might just be rushing into something we can’t handle either.”

Graham CSO

“More radiation? That sounds ominous,” Dante said, coming suddenly awake fully. “What are we rushing into today?”

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Navigation once they were out of the nebula would be able to be much faster so Warp 7 was certainly doable. It would still take 3 days to get to Aldebaran at Warp 7 if they bumped it up to Warp 9 it would take a day and a half.

GM Nosferatu

DaVinci stepped onto the bridge from the adjoining War Room. He had been in the room for hours going over sensor readings gathered from the nebula, as well Intel reports from around the system.

“Three days at Warp 7 to Aldebaran, Sir. We are clear of the nebula and can go to Warp when you wish.” The Helm reported to Commander Threwn’s question.

“We have something going on with radiation at Aldebaran then?” Dante asked, “I better hear the report.”

Captain Knight, CO

Gordon chimed in, as he had been the Duty officer. “Sir, a few moments ago we recieved a distress call from the Aldebaran Shipyards. They reported Radiation, System failures and explosions before we lost the comlink.”


“More radiation? I’ll lay 20-to-1 odds it’s going to be very similar to what we picked up from the probe,” the CIO interjected.

Dante grunted in surprise, they had passed the planet not many days ago. “I see, in that case our next stop is Aldebaran III, people. Lieutenant Graham have your department monitor for that radiation they reported, hopefully like you suggested it won’t be too much for us either. Once we detect it, see if it bears any resemblance to the strange radiation the probe came with.”

“Helm, set course for Aldebaran III, take us to warp 9.3 and drop us out of warp at the edge of the system. I don’t want to run into anything before we get a chance to take a look at what is happening there.”

Sitting in his chair, Dante opened the comm line to all departments and set their daily orders to match the message he was sending all Department Heads and senior Department staff.

=/\= This is the Captain, we are enroute to Aldebaran III at maximum sustainable Warp responding to a distress signal. They have reported radiation, explosions and system failures before we lost contact. Aldebaran III is a large Federation colony with billions of inhabitants and significant orbital shipyards, we will lend whatever assistance we can. Our estimated time of arrival is 30 hours, I expect we will need Science investigating the radiation, Engineering working on restoring their systems and Medical to stand by to treat wounded and support their local hospitals. I want Security to stand by in case we discover malicious intent and to help evacuate those in need. All departments are to begin preparations for supporting Aldebaran III. =/\=

Captain Knight, CO

Graham spun from his station looking at the Captain. “They didn’t report what the radiation was, beyond the fact it was unknown.” Which actually conveniently eliminated several hundred possibilities, but with the elimination, it also eliminated known solutions. “It might not even be radiation.. if people don’t know what it is… they always say radiation.”

Dante nodded in acknowledgement of Grahams suggestion. “We did lose their transmission, perhaps they had more in the rest of the report that we never got.” He sighed slightly, “In any case, we shall have to wait and see what we are dealing with and hope we get a lead on it before we get there.”

“The overwhelming number of radiations’ move at the speed of light.. or around that speed. Our FTL scanning might give us information, but I assume we’ll have to be much closer to get anything to work off of.” Despite this he continued to scan in that direction hoping to pick up something useful.

“Let us trust that we will, and if we don’t, we will build a bridge when we get there.” As long as there was anything left to build it with, he thought to himself.

While the Captain spoke, helm acknowledged his orders and the ship shot to Warp 9.3, heading for Aldebaran III.

GM Nosferatu

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IC: “Well, it looks like our day has started early,” Dante smiled at Master Chief Gordon. “I have the Bridge, Mr Gordon. I’m not going to get any sleep now, who wants coffee? I feel like I am going to need coffee.” Dante opened the message panel to check for reports and any other messages. The team in the hangar bay was still working on the probe information, he expected that would not be far away now.

Captain Knight, CO

“Yes sir,” He replied smartly, taking a station near the aft of the bridge. He sent a message to the XO, informing him of what was going on.

The turbolift doors opened with a swoosh of air. Sorra stepped out onto the bridge and took a quick look around. He saw the Captain was in the center seat looking through his reports. He walked around the aft standing consoles and came to stand to the side of the Captain’s Chair. “Ensign Narssu reporting with the data we’ve collected from the probe.” He held out the PaDD. “I can answer any questions you have about it.” He chirruped deep in his throat, a sort of Saurian ‘At your service.’

-Ens. Narssu, Engineering

“Thank you Ensign,” Dante replied, taking the PaDD from the man. “Good work on that probe, I imagine it wasn’t easy dealing with that radiation in such close proximity.”


Colter stepped closer to the Captain, intent on hearing the ensign’s report “I’m offering up a hunch, skipper. The radiation from the probe brought out violent and aggressive tendencies to almost everyone that was exposed to it. If the population of Aldebaran were exposed, with it’s high amount of people . . . .total chaos would reign supreme. If someone wanted to launch an attack on the Federation, shipyards would be a primary target. Plus, turning the population against each other, any agressors could just sit back and relax until the Federation was ripe for the taking.”

Colter (CIO)

“I don’t like your hunch,” Dante said only slightly lightly, “but you are right. We are talking billions of people as well, not just one Starship. They would also be highly disorganized if anyone wanted to take or destroy those shipyards in the chaos. We are still looking at a possible coincidence though, we do not know why these probes are out here. I don’t like or believe in coincidences however.”

A minute later, Threwn entered the bridge. “Captain, Master Chief Gordon tells me that we have received a distress call, and something about radiation.” He inquired as he made his way to his chair.


“Good morning Commander,” Dante replied and looked up at Narssu. “Ensign Narssu here has a report on the probe we found, and Mr Gordon received a distress call from Aldebaran III reporting radiation, explosions and system failures. We have responded and are enroute but it will take around 30 hours to arrive, Commander Colter here suggests that it may be the same kind of radiation we saw with the probe and if so, the population of the planet is likely affected similarly to how we were. Lieutenant Graham reports we may not be able to identify what it is, if it is radiation, until we get much closer. In the end I have ordered we drop out of Warp at the edge of the system so that we get a chance to scan before we jump right into the middle of it.”

Looking back at the report, he whistled softly, speaking loud enough for the Bridge Officers to hear. “The probe was constructed of rodinium alloy and scans indicate it travelled approximately 300 years back in time to our current time and location? Significant radiation comparable to that found around the Tox Uthat device. Ensign can you confirm that time travel estimation, and we got it off the ship safely?” Dante all at once felt uneasy, he hated time travel, especially after the way that he came to be in Command of the Saracen.

“There is also a set of coordinates the probe had that matches Aldebaran III,” he said and worked his jaw slightly, glancing at Colter and passing the PaDD to Threwn for review. “Commander, I dislike coincidences that coincidental.”

Captain Knight, CO

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Jarred entered the bridge as he saw Sorra as he patted the Ensign on his back. “You need to slow down next time…” he said as he looked over to the Captain. “Head down to engineering I can handle this part, I need someone going over the status while I can take this over.” he said as he looked over at Dante.

Alindor, CE

Graham did the math and put the data on the screen. “We do have a shield frequency that will block the radiation. At 2.1 billion kilometers, our shields should be able to block the radiation from reaching Alderbaran III. The moon can block the sun during an eclipse, and we can block Alderbaran from something like it.”

Graham CSO.

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OOC2: Luke, are you suggesting using the ship’s shields to try and block the planet/space yards from radiation from the probe? You have left the probe back in the nebula many light years away. Too far for it to effect Aldebaran III.

GM Nosferatu

OOC It was only a theory if the probe was the reason for the radiation affects on the planet. I doubt it… but in any case....

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IC: I hate to be the pessimist, but it’s part of my training. There might be another probe. My guess is that it’s either in orbit, if it’s affecting the whole planet, or it’s near to the drydock if it’s just affecting the region around the shipyards.”

Colter (CIO)


“Is there anything on sensors? A warp trail, or signs of any other ships in vicinity?” Threwn asked thoughtfully.


As the Saracen came close enough to the Aldebaran III there were indeed warp trails intersecting the area of space around the planet and shipyards. The majority of them being Starfleet and other allied races with independant traders mixed in. Currently there didn’t appear to be any ships in transit, they all appeared to either be docked or in stationary orbit of the shipyard.

The New Aberdeen shipyard hung in orbit around the planet and there did appear to be ships in the process of construction in the various construction arms of the station. There was still no answer to the Saracen’s constant hails to the station.

GM Nosferatu

Teller tried to make sense of the data. “There are multiple trails… they are consistent with Federation, allied, and non-affiliated cargo ships.” He did a quick count. “All ships seem to be present… so if one of the ships are responsible, they got caught in their own trap.” He attempted to further the scan. He shook his head… “Any ideas?”

Graham cSO

“Or they’re shielded from the radiation. Dr. Daye, sorry, Dr. Knight was able to come up with a way of neutralizing the effects on a personal basis, and we were able to block the effects while the probe was in the shuttle bay,” DaVinci added.

Scans showed that the shipyard’s emergency system’s were activated and that there had been several explosions throughout the facility. None in key areas at present but enough to cause concern. One explosion did seem to be situated in what was the communication center of the shipyard according to specs which might be why communications appeared to be out. There were many Starfleet ships docked at the station though and perhaps their communications were not compromised. It offered another way to find out what was taking place and possibly another way to gain admittance onto the shipyards to offer assistance.

GM Nosferatu

Threwn looked at the tactical display at his chair. “What is the largest Federation ship besides us in the system?” He asked, looking at the display.


Graham illuminated the largest starship on the screen.

“Graham, was your team able to determine if the radiation was coming from the probe itself, or was it something in the probe that was causing the problems?”

“I stepped away from the probe research, but at the time of my departure, it did appear that the probe was the source.”

“If we can isolate the exact wavelength of the radiation, we may be able to get a fix on where it is coming from. Second thing, communications need to be brought back online. In all this chaos, ships are going to be leaving without clearance, possibly including the ship that delivered the radiation,” the CIO offered.

Colter (CIO)

Graham nodded, “Scanning.” He probably could figure that out and reorient the shields, much like he had in the nebula.


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