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Posted June 26, 2018, 7:56 a.m. by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) (David Shotton)

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: : : Posted by Lieutenant Natasha Daye (Doctor) in Captain's quarters - Dante Comes Home
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: : : : : Posted by Lieutenant Natasha Daye (Doctor) in Captain's quarters - Dante Comes Home

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: : : : Turning the hand that had Nat’s on his, he took her hand in his own and held it while he chewed. This let him absorb her answer for a moment rather than just react to it, and she couldn’t growl him for being rude and not replying because his mouth was full, so he chewed slowly. Savored it. It tasted far better than the load of rubbish she had just tried to feed him with the need to get away, oh he did not doubt it was real and had a factual basis, but it also wasn’t an answer to what he had begun to talk about. He didn’t know if she was aware that he had already realized this tactic of hers a long time ago, they had been together too long for him not to notice her habits, the way she hummed slightly before telling the little white lie or bent the truth to suit her better. It was one of those habits that was cute as hell and annoying all at the same time, but he rarely pulled her up on it. 
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: : : : “Shore leave or being worried doesn’t land you in sick bay with the Chief Medical Officer covering for you” he told Nat, “and it certainly doesn’t explain why you removed me from the list of people with access to your medical records” Dante slowly and deliberately spooned more of the Butter Chicken into his mouth and ate it just as slowly, he found that this gave him something to focus on, rather than trying to use the sledgehammer. Maybe Tasia would need that later on tonight, but for now, he had to get the proverbial blood out of the stone. The time might let her realize he wasn’t buying her deflect and parry pity party story this time. “Talk to me bub” Dante said to her, gently. “I love you, you know that. Eat with me and talk to me, then lets curl up on that couch, let me hold you, stroke your hair, tell you we are good and let you fall asleep to my voice as I talk to you.”
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: : : Natasha tried to pull her hand back but couldn’t. Dante wasn’t holding it that tightly but tight enough to show even metaphorically that he was not going to let this or her go. During their long years together, he always bent to her demands, whims, wants, and needs without question or reservation, until he didn’t. This rare point zero, zero, zero, zero, nine percent was the area that made Daye uncomfortable. It meant that there was no highway but Dante’s and the ruthless, tenacious determination that was required of his job from time to time was now going to be released on her. Dante would wait until she answered before they moved or changed the subject. This was evident in the huge helping of dinner he was chewing a half a spoonful at a time, the calm but steady gaze of his eyes, and his grip on her hand.
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: : : “You were a thousand million miles away on your ship. It made no sense to have you as my emergency medical contact,” Daye said in a clipped tone. “Think about it. When I needed medical attention you weren’t there so I listed someone else. I told Boja to add you so this point is moot.” Natasha took a deep breath to calm herself. She hated how quiet Dante could be in moments like this. After all their years together, Natasha Daye had learned that while Dante had no problem yelling and raising his voice because God knew they had their screaming matches, it was when he was silent or using a level tone was when he was the most deadly serious. 

: Dante paused in his meal as he listened. Once he had Natasha talking, he would let her speak, explain things and just listen. That way he could concentrate on what he was being told, and pick out the absolute truth from the parts that got tweaked for posterity. Keeping his eyes on her Dante nodded when she explained about the emergency medical contact, a nod of understanding but his eyes showed he didn’t accept it. Multiple people could be added and Dante knew that she still wasn’t giving him the proper truth, just a version of it, missing some vital piece that for some reason she was hiding, the piece that would explain the why, not the what. 

: So he waited, silent, looking at her and knowing that at some point, more would come.
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: : : Natasha toyed with the edge of her napkin with her free hand deciding how to proceed. She had wanted to tell him but never could find the time. Now she had the time and didn’t know how to start. Setting her mind into the clinical doctor mode, Natasha raised her eyes to his. In a clear voice, she said simply. “I was pregnant.”
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: : BUMP ~ Sheesh are you that stunned Dante....I mean it is a baby not a terminal condition. Say soemthing! :) ~Natasha Daye

: OOC: Of course!! That’s kinda a big thing :P

: IC: The words left Dante stunned, and his face showed it. Not a horrified stunned, but more of shock, surprise and something else. Butter chicken forgotten he came forwards in his seat and shifted his hand, making sure hers was in his and he didn’t let her go, he never wanted to let her go. “You were Pregnant?” he repeated after what seemed an hour but was only a minute, actually speechless. “With a baby?” Dante shook his head slightly to clear his thoughts, “I mean, ours? But you took me off the medical list because you were pregnant?” His face had moved to confusion as he tried to process the revelation.

: His face began to show signs of understanding, maybe hurt. “You took me off the list so I couldn’t know. It wasn’t ours? You said you listed someone else.” He closed his eyes as he tried to think clearly, the possibilities didn’t sit well with him as a million different situations and reasons hit him at once and he was left unable to process anything as he just sat there, stunned. “When?” he asked her, then something else hit him and he looked at her, his face turning very slightly from hurt to anger. “When you left me waiting at the altar? You were pregnant?”

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