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IC: Dante paused a moment and let a silence hang in the air between the two ships, he simply looked at the screen and raised his chin slightly.

“Evidently your opening greeting to another Starship leaves something to be desired, Captain. I am Captain Dante Knight of the Federation vessel Saracen. We followed your warp trail from Aldebaran to here, you’ve committed an act of unprovoked violence against the Colony, what exactly have you seen that makes you claim ownership of this sector?”

Captain Knight, CO

“I see” he breathed in deeply “the Son’a Empire. I am Lasar. The first, and only, Son’a child born in… too long. A prophet sent to save my people. And I will save them. There are trespassers in our territory. And trespassers are removed or destroyed.”

-GM Fate

OOC: I’m presuming your ‘battleship’ is a superior ship to the Battle Crusiers that engaged the Enterprise in the movie.

“Son’a warships are armed with photon torpedoes and isolytic bursts, a variety of subspace weapon banned by the Second Khitomer Accords. Seven years ago, two Battle cruisers took it to the Enterprise, a Sovereign-class starship. Tactically speaking, we are outmatched.”


Dante motioned for the sound to be cut, then looked at his Bridge crew. “Thoughts?”

“I don’t buy that just yet Lt. They do seem pretty arrogant. We can use that to our advantage. Tactical, how does our ship compare to theirs in terms of speed, shield strength and weapon accuracy.” Threwn asked the tactical officer.


Tactical would find that just as before, the Son’a ship relied on isolytic weaponry for its strength. Its components were mostly slightly weaker than those of the Saracen. They had made their greatest improvements to their hull plating. It was durable, but not strong.

-GM Fate

Colter looked up from the Ops console he was at. “Skipper, they’ve made improvements to their hull, but a barrage of well placed shots should be able to punch through and do some damage and make them think twice about taking us on.”

Colter (CIO)

Teller pulled up the action of the Enterprise to find some tactics that might be advantageous. “It’s a big ship.”


Teller would find that the Enterprise had gathered and ejected a cloud of flammable metreon gas, which ignited when the Son’a fired their weapons. While no metreon gas was immediately available, the nearest supply being in the briar patch, perhaps a similar idea could be found.

-GM Fate

“Yes, it is a big ship but I think we have an advantage that the Enterprise didn’t, we aren’t running away. I’m hoping on it but not not counting on diplomacy to find a way here gentlemen, they have already tasted blood. Commander how strong are their defense systems around their Bridge, could we disable them with enough concentrated firepower quickly?” He asked glancing at Colter, it might have sounded bloodthirsty, but the battleship had already fired on Federation assets.

“That’s what I was thinking, Skip. I’m on it,” Colter replied as he searched for the information. (GM, what do I find?)

He sighed slightly and looked at Tactical, “Keep the Phasers charged and have the Quantum torpedo’s loaded, if they launch an isolytic charge I want it intercepted and destroyed immediately. Neither of us are moving and they put themselves in just as much risk as they do us if they use one of those weapons, I need options to neutralize it if they launch it and we miss, Mr Graham would a Photon torpedo modified to be a pulse-wave torpedo give us a chance of sealing it?”

Captain Knight, CO

OCC: Maybe I missed it so forgive me.

IC: Threwn leaned back in his chair thoughtfully. “What are they after? What brought them to this system?” He wondered, looking at the captain.
“If we can figure that out, might give us an advantage.”


Dante nodded, “He said something about a Son’a Empire, but there is nothing of that sort in this sector. I think he has designs to change that however.” He looked back at the screen and motioned for the comm to come back up.

“Lasar, I am a little curious. There is no Son’a Empire in this area, this territory belongs to the Federation to which you have committed an act of aggression. Power down your weapons, there is no reason to come to blows here.”

Captain Knight, CO

Lasar smiled. “Just because you have not witnessed it does not mean it is not there. Your Federation is intruding upon our space. All you think about is what’s yours. But who did you steal it from? Now I am taking it back! You have five minutes to remove yourselves and the other intruders in this system. Anyone still here in five minutes will be destroyed.” He closed the channel.

-GM Fate

While waiting for the tactical information to appear, DaVinci added, “Could be this punk is trying to make a name for himself by taking on the big boys, sir.”

Colter (CIO)

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