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Teller held his hands akimbo… “What the hell.” he said quietly under his breath. It didn’t make sense to him, even tactically, there was a much better use for a star-ship especially one of that size than martyr-dom to a race that likely would disavow their actions.

Teller Graham

The USS Knight hailed the Saracen.

-GM Fate

Threwn looked up as the ship exploded. “Scan the area for radiation or other traps.” He ordered Graham with concern.


“Add escape pods or transporter signatures to that,” Dante said, then motioned to the Screen. “Answer the Knight, excellent name for a ship, by the way.”

Teller nodded as he spun back to his sensors and committed both scans…

=/\=Knight, this is Captain Knight of the Saracen. Thank you for the assist. =/\=

Captain Dante Knight, CO

Nothing was left of the Son’a ship or her crew.

=/\=This is Captain Daniel Grant. You have my apologies for this situation getting this far out of hand. We were aware of Lasar before, but he had not been violent or even preached violence. Until recently. We came as soon as we could.=/\=

-GM Fate

Dante nodded, =/\= Without reason we could have done nothing before then anyway, Captain. In the end they put up little of a fight, I just hope their attempt at making martyrs of themselves doesn’t take hold with the Son’a. =/\=

Captain Knight

=/\=I doubt it will. He’s been viewed as a radical for some time. While the Son’a feel disenfranchised, he took it too far, even for them.=/\=

-GM Fate

=/\= Best we keep an eye in that direction in any case. I’ll include the suggestion in my report. In the meantime it looks like we have some small repairs to do on the Saracen, clearing leftover radiation from the probes before we head out again. =/\=

Captain Knight, CO

Threwn stood up and walked over to tactical as the Captain talked to the USS Knight. He looked at Colter. “This was to easy. Something isn’t right. Is there anything else on sensors at all? Another ship or anything?” He asked curiously.


=/\=Very good. Grant out.=/\=

Sensors detected no additional dangers.

-GM Fate

Graham turned back to the center of the bridge. “Only friendlies in the vicinity.”


“I’m not picking up anything hostile either, Commander. I’m searching now to see if that ship was able to launch any recorder buoys or send any transmissions before she blew up. Like I said, if this guy was trying to be a martyr, his Pearl Harbor won’t amount to anything unless there’s someone around to spread his message. If that’s the case, we may need to intercept it. No message or cause–no martyr.”

Colter (CIO)

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