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Posted Aug. 18, 2018, 11:37 a.m. by Civilian Anaeawd Llewelyn Iarnuuocon (Lounge Attendant/Barber) (Jeremy DeSpain)

Ten Forward, it had been closed for the duration on the ships repairs. No one seemed to know what was gloing on in there most of the time. But it seemed the work was extensive. Mostly completed third shift to stay out of the way of extensive needed repairs and refits. It was reopening on the Day the ship was being returned to the crew. Completly refit, rebuilt and reimagined.

The entrance led to the lounge flanked to either side by a spiral stair case leading to an upper balcony actually on deck 9. The upper balcony was a quiet place, with couches, chairs, and other comfortable places to sit. Encased in a sound dampening field to exclude the noises from below. The walls were bookcases, containing real books, classics from all over the quadrant, while no title couldn’t be found on a PaDD some still enjoyed the fel of the old world. The replicators were smaller and geared towards Coffeehouse favorites.

Each stair case also led down below to a lounge situated between the group holodecks, much smaller and different in atmosphere, lending to feel of high end holosuites. The entrance to the group Holodecks and Holosuite 1 were accessible through the lounge on deck 11. Holosuite one now constantly ran a program known as the Cloaked Targ’s Debt. It was a grungy smokey venue style night club. The club featured different musical acts. The lineup was as follows.

Old Vic, - 50/60’s lounge singer, very sporadic and rare to have played(Copyrighted canon character)
Ishan’Tor - Andorian Metal Band (Think Blend of Orginal Metallica, Five Finger Death punch, and Disturbed)
Gar’bro J’ac’ash - Vulcan Folk Singer/American Country Band (Think Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, George Strait, Country Troubador styles)
G.P.L d’ktahg - Klingon Hip Hop Mogul/Rapper (Think Notorious B.I.G/Tupac) and Club Owner
Ferengi Joe and His Retro-Neuvo Ipod - Hits reimagined in different Eras (Think Postmodern Jukebox)
Jolan-tru - Popular R-Pop boy band (Think K-Pop Romulan Style)

The Targ as it is often shortened is built into the Cargobay of an old Orion Freighter, with a bar down one side Stage at the far end, dance floor in front of the stage, and Tables nearer the door. The staff are all Orion males and Females, except the management which are all Klingons. The atmoshpere is tinged with blue grey smoke, and dim lighting, making the brightly lit bands stand more as the center of attention.

Then there is ten forward the revamped lounge bar itself. The colors were a bit darker no utility gray to be found, walls in warm dark Vulcan Hinjo wood panelling, plush Maroon carpetting, recessed lighting the was just dim enough to be calming, but light enough to avoid the feeling people were hiding. On the Starboard wall was either larger viewing port or a great screen that played the passing stars. To the right from the door is an alcove for games, such as Cards or Dominoes with two tables prepared for play. Other board games dotted the shelves behind these tables. Then there were tables for people to enjoy a drink to starboard and an old fashion brass railed teak bar to port. There were now two holo surfaced billiards tables prepared for crew enjoyment, just dial in your game and the table changed to match. As well as a trio of dart boards hung on the wall There were two private party dining rooms setup for more intimate gatherings, one to either side of a small stage boasting a grand piano, and space for small recitals, or other performances. To those that really explore the area there is a full industrial kitchen tucked back there as well, and a locked door. From the port side there is also access to the ships barber shop.

Anaeawd Llewelyn Iarnuuocon, Lounge Attendant/Designer/Chief Cook/Barber

OOC: Minor Gramatical, Spelling and content corrections between my 3am brain and actually awake brain - Jeremy

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