Knight and Daye: Time to Play

Posted Aug. 19, 2018, 10:18 p.m. by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) (David Shotton)

Later on the same day Dante had met Lews on the station and a few of his department heads, he was back in his quarters freshly shaven, trimmed and quietly pleased with himself after browsing the stations stores and completing another task he had set himself. Nat had been doing some of her own things during the time they had been apart, and Dante had to admit that things hadn’t been exactly as easy and relaxed as they had been after the revelation about Natasha’s miscarriage a few years ago.

Dante needed to fix that. Natasha was still the woman he loved and still his fiancee, and while things were going to be ok the uneasy silence and awkward moments bothered him. They were only to be expected, events like that tended to make things just that much tougher when you already had to add in the workload of a life in Starfleet. So, this downtime with his ship being in dock for repairs had meant that Dante had worked overtime, most likely contributing to the silence and making Nat feel like he was avoiding her, but he had done it for a very good reason.

Now, Dante could take Nat on a vacation, just the two of them taking a shuttle and escaping somewhere, if only for a short time. Bruce was no problem, Dante had found a babysitter, such as it was and he had spent the last 15 minutes explaining to the giant Lizard, although the lizard seemed less than impressed, about how much fun Bruce was going to have on his own little holiday.

With his luggage already almost packed, Dante slid the brochure of the destination chosen down the back of the bag which sat on the dining table, a few items of clothing that were last moment discards in a semi tidy pile off to one side. Meanwhile, on a tray on his quarters coffee table was a decorative platter that held a small but colorful bouquet of flowers; daisy’s, carnations and Peruvian lily’s which he knew to be Nat’s favorites, via a large amount of trial and error, mainly error. Beside them, was an obviously over large cup holding what smelled obviously of coffee. They weren’t so much as peace offerings, as something to just make her smile.

Dante grinned as he packed, the vacation idea he had seemed like it would be fun, and was definitely not a normal lie on the beach and do nothing holiday. It was only going to be short, but he intended on squeezing as much activity time in as he could, to the point where sitting down to eat was probably only going to be a luxury. So he packed, and watched the time, and waited for Nat to turn up for dinner like they always did each night.

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