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Posted by Lieutenant Sathut (Counselor) in Pre-Sim Counselor’s Office - Check-In

Posted by Lieutenant Sathut (Counselor) in Pre-Sim Counselor’s Office - Check-In
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“To be honest?” He recomposed himself from a giggling posture “Yes, Yes Lieutenant. I have booked an appointment for a check-in yesterday.” The Officer paused “Tell me something… do the doors take somewhere or…?” He walked in inspecting the office curious. Is this really our counselor?

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

The Bolian man grumbled slightly, then stood up. He was a regular height for a Bolian, fairly tall. “Um, sit. There’s like… Chairs there or something.”

“Chairs?” He looked for them “Right… chairs. I see no chairs…” He mumbled. The thing is: that was confusing. Firstly why there were several doors inside a room. Second, who the heck the Bolian was? Right. This place seems something I already seen… then he thought Mama’s old styled waiting room?

There indeed were a set of chairs. About seven of them, pushed against the wall.

He made his way over to one of the doors and leaned his head against the wall, tapping on the door. “Hey, Shrink, you in? Someone out here says he’s got an appointment or somethin’ and my terminal locked me out twenty minutes ago.”

A voice, muffled by the door, replied to the Bolian, then the young man turned and ambled back to his desk. “He says you can go right on in,” he shrugged, leaning down again.

  • Sathut’s secretary

“Uhh… so I’m going” he walked toward the door looking the bolian and indicating the door with his thumb, like saying I’m going! “Thank you, whoever you are.” Opening slowly the door, Yuri was expecting some important person, to be honest. But… if the Bolian man was weird enough, the Counselor was going to be probably weirder or perhaps particular.

Stepping in the room, the Commander looked for the Counselor “Uhm. Hello? I’m Lieutenant Commander Scholz.” He introduced himself “I’m here for… ya know the check-in.” The awkwardness, the bizzarre layout of the counseling suite made the XO feel quite unplaced and uncomfortable.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

OOC: how does his office presents?

Ooc: if you could stop contradicting me that’d be lovely. There are chairs. The bolian secretary said there werr chairs, so they exist. That’s like… The prime rule of RP, is yes-and. Especially since the counselling area is ‘my space’ as i play the counselor. If a character i play describes something about the counseling offices, than it is true. (Also, describing the Bolian as short when i said nothing about his height? What was that for?)


Scholz finally got his look at the counselor himself. And if a sleepy Bolian secretary was going to break his brain, what he saw inside would surely drive him insane. The front half of the room was, in as many words, normal. But the back half of the room was raised about three feet off the ground, with miniature versions of a computer, desk, a comfy-looking chair near the edge, and bookshelf. The bookshelf itself had a collection of smaller-than-usual books! There was a railing on the edge of the platform.

The counselor himself was odd enough, as he stood from his desk and came over to sit on the small couch, which with the platform was raised just enough to put the man on eye-height with a regularly sized person. He was short. About three feet tall. “Please, take a seat,” he said, gesturing to the regular sized couch in the regular half of the room. “Don’t mind Daryl. He’s an odd fellow but he does his job. Mind you, he’s a little incompetent with computers. I need to get him to memorize his password. Or at least write it down.” He trailed off with a small shrug.

“I definitely wasn’t sure really… I almost confused him as the Counselor.” He stared at the really short Counselor, contemplating the room and wondering the credibility of the person in front of him. At this point he was skeptic and more than confused.

“I’m Sathut, by the way, although I hope you would know that. As the XO you should have already read my public file before I even came aboard. My office is set ip this way because I am not the only counselor on this ship. One man is not enough to cover the size of crew on a starship, so I have a team. Those other doors lead to my other teammate’s offices, and Daryl is supposed to make sure we don’t get bothered when we are busy with a client.”

“Yes I did indeed. But I got a void of memory while coming here and… yeah I perhaps confused your secretary as you. I am still not used to keep in mind everyone onboard and this sudden change makes even harder the job.” The Commander blushed slightly.
Even thought he had a specific idea and opinion of the Counselor Officer, the way he handled the management of his wing amazed the XO I mean it is awesome.

Sathut looked like a Caitian had gotten into a shrinking machine and had gotten a hair-cut to remove the fluffy mane. He was covered in fur, and from what wasn’t covered by his dark blue dress, coloration was akin to that of a tabby, with white fur on his face and hands. The dress was a short-sleeved number that fit his form rather nicely and ran to his ankles, which were notably higher up on his legs than one would think, as he stood on his toes like a cat.

Sathut, CNS

“Anyway,” the XO kept scanning the room around him “I am ready if you are, Mr. Sathut…” the curious look of Lieutenant Sathut didn’t really made his job to be serious easy. He tried to keep hidden an innocent smirk, but being too soft and weak he did not really knew if it was already evident or he managed somehow to conceal the half giggle.

OOC: Sorry Mir, didn’t meant to contradict you! It is just that these days I am distracted and didn’t recognized the Bolian as the secretary but as the CNS (Yeah I checked afterwards and noticed it just then). For the chairs uhm, I kinda took reference from the first description and this did not contained the word chairs. My bad really! Again I apologize…

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

“Of course,” the counselor replied with a small nod. His voice was deep and melodious. (Imagine Morgan Freeman) Scholz hadn’t quite sat down yet, so Sathut gestured to the couch again. The astute counselor noticed the XO’s badly hidden smirk and sighed internally. Humans. So many of them were wonderful people, but then the other half were the kind of people who judged a book by their cover, assuming a tiny cat-like alien could not be a serious individual. This man gave off that impression. Sathut was not the kind of person who was quick to judge, however. He would be a bad counselor if he had been. “How long have you been aboard the Saracen, Lt. Commander? Have you been adjusting?” He asked patiently and calmly, a look of professional interest on his face.

Sathut, CNS

“Just two days, If we count today.” He affirmed “I am settling down. It is taking just longer than I expected, if I needed to be honest, but I mean, yes pretty fine for now. As soon as I can I’ll try to know people here.” Walking toward the couch, the Commander now tried to get more serious than he ever done since he entered the room. He left a partial smile on his face but still it was hard to put a ‘normal’ face.
“If I may ask a glass of water? Today’s medical and the encounter with the CO left me without breath.” Asked gently.
OOC: I was going to get this today. Sorry if I left it.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

Sathut nodded quietly, gesturing to the wall, against which there sat a cooler, with plastic glasses stacked on a small shelf.

Once Scholz had settled again, Sathut took a small breath. “Where were you stationed before you came to the Saracen?”

Sathut, CNS

The Commander took one of the glasses and filled it with water. As he then took again a seat, his thirsty feeling almost vanished when the water came down his throat “Sorry?” He apologized as he cleaned his lips with his hand “Before the Saracen I was stationed on the Zeus. It was an Academy ship of the same class of the Saracen. I have served there for almost 4 years before the incident as instructor… then this Cadet pulled out a phaser and almost killed me and my away team. Damn if it was scary! Anyway I made grade and a new job apparently after that.” He smiled to the Counselor.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

Sathut nodded quietly. “That sounds like a difficult situation to deal with,” he replied, leaving room for Scholz to provide as much or as little extra information as he wanted to.

Sathut, CNS

“Indeed it was…” he sighed scratching his back of the head “I- I’ve never saw a cadet willing to shoot his or her companion and the tutor. The important now is that I am alive and that she’s under control and cure. I don’t know her actual status but I was thinking to visit her…” he left it a bit vague. To be honest he didn’t knew why she wanted to see the one who almost killed him, but there was something he needed to clear perhaps to put in peace his soul.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

Sathut nodded sagely. “It weighs on your mind. A situation that did not have a proper conclusion for you. That is understandable. If it weighs this strongly on your mind, I would encourage you to go next time you have significant shore leave.”

Sathut, CNS


“You think so? Bah I mean you’re the expert..” he shrugged “Yes alright I’ll give her a visit. After all I had some sympathy towards her before the ‘shooting’. Do you think I should bring something? After all it wasn’t her ‘fault’. Problems upon problems, I also had PTSD and I had big problems resolving them..”

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

Sathut nodded slightly. “Well, only confront the situation if you feel ready to do so. If you have significant enough reason to stay away, do so. But if you feel ready to go see this cadet, then go.”

Sathut, CNS

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