Sickbay Asimina Reporting for Duty

Posted Sept. 17, 2020, 11:14 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) (Jennifer Ward)

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After helping the nursing staff take care of the two injured junior officers Hannah looked around for the CMO. She needed her own physical and to report for duty. She suppossed while she waited she could do something useful. She took the PaDD she’d brought with her and uploaded the specs and technical information on her auditory implants. Then she removed the external part of the implants, her world going silent and peaceful for a few minutes while she ran a diagnostic to put a base line in the computer with her file. When it was done she reconnected the implants and had to steady herself at the sudden return of sound. With that done she turned around and went to sit on a bio bed while she waited.
Lt. j.g. Asimina

Natasha walked up to the junior officer sitting on the bio bed. “You’re the newbie I presume,” she asked the woman sitting on the bed. “I’m Natasha Knight. Welcome to the Saracen. I see you have already been put to work,” she nodded over to the two officers on the bio beds. She would check on Loka as soon as she finsihed up here but according to the nursing staff, Loka was stable for the moment.

Hannah nodded, “Yes Ma’am. Lt. j.g. Hannah Asimina.” Hannah glanced at the two patients, her hands moving purposely as she spoke. “Loka seems to be suffering from mild shock. The NE there is being treated for plasma burns and possible radiation exposure. The dermal regenerator seems to be helping. He is slightly sedated to keep him calm while we work. The burns were severe so it is helping with the pain as well.”

“As you can see this place is jumping. Computers and systems going down, people complaining about hallucinations…just another day in paradise,” Natasha replied. Bringing up her file on the Padd, Natasha began to review it with a quick scan. “So anything new to note since you left your last duty station and got here?”

Lt. Commander Natasha Knight CMO

Hannah thought about it, her ‘accent’ making her voice sound thick and muffled, “Nothing different, except a little feedback in my implants. It happens sometimes. I thought it was because of the environmental controls. If the setting are off it can take a few days for them to acclimate. But maybe it has something to do with the problems on the ship?”

Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

“Could be,” Natasha replied checking off a few boxes on the form. The tricorder readings came through which Natasha skimmed quickly. One thing that did strike her was the hearing implants. “I see you have external implants. Any reason why you are not going with the internal cochlear variety. I haven’t seen external ones in eons.” Natasha had to ask because it was so rare. Few if anyone knew sign language anymore. If the external ones failed the person would be locked in a world of silence. On a starship this could be highly dangerous. Still it was not Natasha’s decision. Maybe the woman had a reason for not wanting it corrected. It was a check in so this was the time and place to learn about the crew.

Lt. Commander Natasha Knight

The tricorder would show that Hannah was perfectly healthy and very fit. “It’s what I’ve always had. It was the best my parents could get for me at the time. I found that having the external implants were best for me for a couple of reasons. The first was that if they malfunction it doesn’t require me to undergo surgery if they need to be worked on. With the externals I can take them off and have them worked on and continue with my work. The chances of them malfunctioning are the same as internal implants, so that wasn’t a factor. I also get headaches, some times, from the auditory input, so the externals allow me to take them off and get breaks when necessary. And if they should malfunction, my commbadge has a special trick.”

She takes hers off and does something to the back of it and then places it Dr. Knight’s hand. “If my implants should fail or malfunction then I have this as a back up.” The commbadge begins to vibrate in a series of dashes and dots. “The universal translator will turn what ever is said into Morse code. And even without the implants I can still speak. So no one has to accommodate me.” She takes the commbadge back and turns of the special function and reattaches it to her uniform. The whole time her hands have been moving and she now locks them together at her lap. “Most people don’t know sign language. I don’t expect them to. I do tend to still sign when I talk. It was my first language so it’s what I’m used to, but then after I got my implants, my voice was very hard to understand so I spoke and signed simultaneously for years until my voice got better.”
Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor


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