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The Saracen was on her way back to Starbase 257. Things seemed to be running smoothly, as smoothly as could be after their last mission.

Suddenly, the long range sensors were picking up an automated distress call. The signal was coming from a system 4.3 light years off their present course. The signal appeared to be coming from some kind of transceiver buoy. A video message was attached.


=^=Captain to the bridge we have a distress signal at 4.3 light years.=^= Theoretically he should wait for the Captain to give an order to access the code, but it wasn’t like he was opening a high security package. He put the signal on the overhead.


“Mr. Graham,” The XO called the man as he was on the bridge at that moment. He stood up and walked toward Graham’s console to check himself the fact “Can you identify the distressing signal?”

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