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Skipper,” DaVinci called out, “Torps are armed with tricobalt warheads. That could’ve opened the rift that brought us here. These are less fancier than ours. . .ad slower, too. I’m trying to get a phaser lock on them . . .if I can get the damn weapons system to cooperate with me. . . . ” He clenched his jaw and bared his teeth in an almost Klingon like expression.

Colter (CIO)

“Good plan, Mr. Colter. Once you get a lock, fire upon them and hope the weapon targeting won’t miss them.
Helm, we need to take time, evasive maneuver Delta-3 full impulse.” Yuri felt a shot of adrenaline in the blood that he almost forgot he wasn’t seating anymore and instead was standing up with the hands closed in a punch.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

You could prep the phasers for counter weapon fire or you could aim at the enemy you really couldn’t do both and one left them in a defensive position that would be a losing equation eventually.

Graham. CSO popping in

“Return to your station Sha,” Dante said as he moved forward back to his chair. “We’re going to need you up there for this one.” He held no tone disappointment or anything of the like, they certainly couldn’t have predicted that Mirror Sha would be on the Bridge of the Alliance ship or that she would hold such hatred for the Terrans and mistrust of anything associated with them, even seeing herself on the Bridge of a seemingly Terran ship.

Colter’s attempts to gain control of the weapon systems was successful, then it wasn’t, then it was. Mirror Cori’s face appeared in his console once again. “Give, them, to, me!” She said, her tone frustrated and her expression looking like she was wrestling with something. The system was responding to Colter more and more as power and systems appeared to be returning to the Saracen’s control slowly. Colter finally had a stable lock, but the torpedo’s were nearly upon them. Phasers and Torpedoes were both responsive, except for the damaged strip that was damaged from the earlier surge.

“Not a chance!! This isn’t YOUR ship, you. . . you. . .you. . . ahhhh, got it!!!”

The helm initiated evasive maneuvers as the XO had ordered, but something went wrong as a surge leapt through Engineering and the Impulse engines seemed to ‘burp’ instead of power up. On his screen, Graham would see the second Klingon ship powering up it’s disruptors and closing in on them, eager for the kill. The Saracen seemed to lurch forward, then stopped accelerating as thrust from the Impulse engines failed and the shields seemed to waiver.

“Kill those torpedoes, Mr Colter,” Dante ordered as the lights flickered.

Captain Knight, CO

Colter’s hands stabbed out at the phaser controls which werre locked onto the incoming torpedoes “Firing phasers!!!!”

“Klingon cruiser to port closing to close range,” Marsh stared at his scanner. “He wants to hit us with point blank disruptors. He thinks were are vulnerable.”


A voice from engineering came over the comms. =^= 12 Seconds and holding…=^= Vadoma called out to those keeping track of the ‘self destruct’ countdown. =^=If anyone is gonna do anything, I suggest doing it now.=^= She tried to keep the giggle from her voice, but it was difficult.


“Captain,” the Commander kicked in with his engineering knowledge “Damn, I would suggest to eject the core or we are going to blow up here. Unfortunately I don’t know if we’ll have the time to leave far enough”

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

“If we’re going down, we’re taking that Sha wanna-be with us.” He reconfigured the torpedoes to lock onto the Kvaar’ton and fired a full volley at the Alliance ship. Not sure how much time was left before the core blew, he hoped there was enough to see their enemy go down in flames. . . .

Colter (CIO)

Oddly enough, Sha was paying particular attention to the maneuvers and firing sequences as if they were part of a test. She had already decided, after five minutes in the big chair, that she wanted nothing to do with it in the future, but it still made her pay attention as if she were there for longer than this little charade.


“We still can purge the computer and re-boot from the protected drives. That will only leave us defenseless for maybe 2 minutes.”


Sha didn’t like being defenseless even for two minutes. Moving to the nearest empty console, she tried to find a way to get things back while rerouting the reboot of some systems and not others. “Can we cycle the systems to reset in way that doesn’t leave us defenseless but pushes… whatever it is… further into or out of the computers?” She was no engineer or even scientist. It was driving her nuts at this point that couldn’t figure it out. She slammed her fist on the console as a moment of control was lost. She was then back in control and calm once more, though a slight growl still rumbled deep in her throat.

aCO/mad klingon

“You purge the system, what’s that going to do to Lt. Dalton. . . our Lt. Dalton?”

“Doesn’t really work that way.” He paused. “We have to wipe the entire system by turning it off and erasing the drives. I can put the weapons and shields on manual and leave them on. But without the computer we can’t really target, change frequencies, divert power.... Even manual weapons lock still requires the computer to target the damn things, but the two minutes stands.”

“The sooner we start the sooner its over.”


Sha growled under her breath. But it was a call the CO had to make, despite her sitting in the chair for necessary reasons right now. “Guess that’s a call for you guys you make,” she said glancing from him to the CO.

aCO (glad for the small a lol)

“You promise me, it’s only gonna take two minutes, and I’ll target manually. It can’t be too much different than an Apache Attack helo.”

Colter (CIO)

Graham was pretty certain about the time. It had been simulated multiple times. “Computer master reset, Lt. Commander Graham Chief Science Officer, Execute 00, Code 1, 1a, 2b.” He turned to Colter, “You don’t think I can do this without a Commander co-signing this.”


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OOC: This is old one yet.

IC: DaVinci was hesitant to leave the console, though in reality there wasn’t much more he could do there. With a sigh, he began. Computer master reset, Cmdr Colter, Chief Intelligence Officer, confirming execute 00, Code 1, 1a, 3b.”

Colter (CIO)

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