Pre Sim - Sha's returning Counselor Eval

Posted Sept. 28, 2020, 5:39 p.m. by Lieutenant Sathut (Counselor) (Miriam W)

Posted by Lieutenant Ush’ast Rah-Triton (Security Officer) in Pre Sim - Sha’s returning Counselor Eval

Posted by Lieutenant Sathut (Counselor) in Pre Sim - Sha’s returning Counselor Eval

Posted by Lieutenant Ush’ast Rah-Triton (Security Officer) in Pre Sim - Sha’s returning Counselor Eval
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Se knew it was coming. She had been back on the ship a couple weeks and the order to take her refit eval was on her console when she got up that morning. The fact it was automatic, because it hadn’t been input since her return, made it an even worse reminder. She kissed Royal goodbye as he slept and headed for the Counselor’s office to see if a walk in at the beginning of the shift was possible. She and Royal had been sharing his quarters for over a week now. They had figured out her quarters were bugged and he was constantly making sure his wasn’t… anymore.

So when they were in her quarters, she was a run down, half broken half Klingon with survivor’s guilt. When they were away from the listening devices, she was a furious half Klingon wanting revenge for whoever set her up and left her for dead. The question in her mind, though she never voiced it to him, was which of the ‘her’ was really her?

She showed up at the Counselor’s office and tapped the chime, smiling as a few folks heading to morning briefings passed by. She wasn’t overly early in the morning, but she certainly hadn’t waited. She had been working third shift and Royal had been on second to see how they were doing. As her Department Head, she was impressed. He had taken over in her absence and done an amazing job with everyone. Even putting himself on the other shifts for a week at a time to be sure they knew he was there for every shift, regardless what other Security Chiefs did in the past or on other ships.

It had barely been one minute when she started to second guess herself and wonder if she had made a mistake coming here. Maybe she would just wait for the official summons… or order. She was about to turn and walk away.

Lt Sha Titon

There was no chance to turn and walk away, as the ‘chime’ was instead a signal to automatically open the door to the Counseling Suite. “We really need to just uninstall the door,” a voice muttered from inside. “Come on in, take a seat.”

As Sha would step through the doorway, she would be faced with a rather unusual sight. Well, unusual for a starship. A rustic reception area was arranged before her, with beige walls, wooden floors, chairs in one corner with magazines, and a wide desk in the middle where sat a Bolian man. He seemed fairly awake for the early hour, although the cup of what smelled like some very strong coffee sitting beside him might have contributed to that.

On the far wall was several wooden doors, built to swing instead of the standard opening method. It was certainly an interesting setup.

Counseling Team

The door opening was unusual enough. The grumbling man behind the desk with coffee and the set up of the room was something entirely different. While she was intrigued at the curious layout and setup, she wasn’t sure she liked it. Perhaps it was something she just needed to get used to. She stepped in far enough for the door to close behind her. “Umm… Morning. I’m Lieutenant Sha Triton. I had an appointment this morning?” She was hoping it was all a misunderstanding and the Counselor was so booked she couldn’t be seen. But even as she thought it, she knew it wasn’t so.


The Bolian stared for a moment at a black display before tapping on the screen of his workstation and getting it to light up. He looked at the displayed information, then turned to Sha. “Yeah, the Doc’ll see ya in just a few minutes.” He muttered, turning back to the display and typing in a few things “If ya wanna take a seat while you wait, the chairs are right over there,” he pointed towards said chairs - about seven of them, arranged in half a square with a magazine stand in the middle. “You can read if ya get bored,” the receptionist added, letting out a wide yawn. Even strong coffee was no match for Daryl’s never-ending need for sleep.

Counseling Team

“Thanks…” was all Sha said. She moved towards the chairs then paused. Getting comfortable was the last thing she wanted to do. Instead, she stepped to the sides of the chair, leaned on the wall and crossed her arms. If she had to be there, it was one thing. But she didn’t have to like it. And part of her, in that moment steeled itself against what she knew was going to be a rather uncomfortable and confrontational time.


After a few minutes, just as the Bolian had said, one of the doors swung open and an NE stepped out, smiling and waving back at whoever was inside. “Thanks, Doctor,” he said, then turned to leave.

Moments later, Sha was beckoned in by a voice that spoke through the comms. “Daryl, if there’s anyone out there, please do send them in.”

Sathut, CNS

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