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Posted Oct. 15, 2020, 6:09 a.m. by Lieutenant Sathut (Counselor) (Miriam W)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Royal Sinclair (Chief of Security) in Pre Sim - Counselor’s Office - Doctor, Doctor…

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Royal Sinclair (Chief of Security) in Pre Sim - Counselor’s Office - Doctor, Doctor…

Posted by Lieutenant Sathut (Counselor) in Pre Sim - Counselor’s Office - Doctor, Doctor…
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The big Scot made his way down the pasaageways, smiling at passing crew and having a quick word or three with some. As he passed by a security patrol, he smiled and said “Morning. Everythin’ good?”, his thick brogue lending a weight to his words that was offset by his smile. “Yes sir, Chief. No issues.” replied the Ensign. “Good, good… be safe, lads.” and patted the Petty Officer paired with the Ensign on the shoulder as he passed by.

Arriving at the door the Counselor’s office, his former office, he had a bit of deja vu and smiled. It was odd. He hadn’t been back to this office since the Captain had moved him from CNS to Security Chief. And he had really liked this office. He chuckled softly and shook his head. He was perfectly on time for his appointment, and pressed the chime.

Sinclair, CoS

The door chime didn’t ring, but instead the door simply opened upon pressing the place where a chime would normally be.

What Sinclair saw upon looking through the now open door was… well, it was very different from when he’d been in charge of the space. A Bolian man with a nametag reading “Daryl” sat at a wide desk with a computer console, and after the door closed behind him it might be difficult to remember one was on a starship. The walls were structured in straight ups and downs with right angles, and painted a light beige. The wood was floored, not in the standard metallic, but with facsimile wood. Lighting was provided with inset lights in the ceiling. Plastic and cloth chairs filled one corner, clearly bolted to the floor in case of emergency maneuvers, and a magazine tray between two of the chairs held some interesting looking titles.

What looked like a new addition to the office was a false window against one of the walls, with a holographic display of a seaside vista. And against the far wall was a series of what looked like old wooden swinging doors instead of the standard sliding doors one usually found on a spaceship. Even Daryl’s desk was rustic, appearing to be made of wood, although his computer terminal still outputted a LCARS display.

One door in particular was interesting, as it was a half-height door right next to a regularly sized door.

The Bolian man labeled as Daryl looked up from the book he was reading to mentally inspect Sinclair. “Suppose you’re here for a meeting with the Doc? See if yer fit for duty and all?”

CNS Team

Sinclair smiled and said “I am. Lieutenant Commander Sinclair. I have an appointment.” and he lokked around the room. “I like what you’ve done with the place.” and he turned back and faced Daryl.

Sinclair, CoS

Daryl nodded tiredly, looking like he wanted nothing less than to grab a pillow and go to sleep. “Yeah. Just siddown in the chairs and wait a bit. The Doc’s with someone right now.”


Sinclair looked at the man and smiled slightly before settling his bulk into one of the chairs. He watched Daryl unobtrusively as he went about his work and waited patiently for the good Doctor to be free.

Sinclair, CoS


It was indeed several minutes before the door opened, and an NE stepped out of the counselor’s office.

A few moments later, the counselor himself stepped out of his office. He was short. Very short. He gestured to Sinclair to come on in.

Sathut, CNS

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