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DaVinci came hobbling into sickbay, obviously in pain by the grimace on his face. The sweaty gold T-shirt he had on was well-worn and faded If one looked close enough, University of Wyoming could still be seen across the chest printed in brown. The cotton shorts he wore had the colors and printing transposed.

It was evident the swollen left knee was the reason for the limp and pain, but the rest of his body could be considered perfection. A sculpture of a Roman gladiator would come to mind.

An NE nurse saw Colter enter the sickbay as the doors swooshed closed behind him. Rushing over, the nurse helped him get to the bio-bed and climb up.

“Reliving glory days again, Commander?” the nurse asked

“Just playing at what could’ve been, Claire.” he replied. “Please tell me there’s a doc available.”

“Dr. Asimina on duty. I’ll get her. You. . . .don’t move.”

DaVinci gave Nurse Temple a thumbs up and lay back on the bed, closing his eyes. . . . .

Colter (CIO)

“Dr. Asimina we have a patient in here for you. It’s his knee,” Nurse Temple called.

Hannah got up pulling her lab coat on. Knees were bad injuries and if not treated right could cause years of pain and discomfort. Hannah came around the corner from the office and, she stopped to grab a tricorder and a hypo for the pain. She started to step over her unique accent carrying softly across to the biobed, “What happened?” and that’s when she got a look at his face. Time seemed to stop for a moment. She could see him standing on the top of that bluff with her. She slipped the tricorder into her pocket, and without a second thought she signed his name-Davinci. A “d” hand tapped to the forehead above the brow and moving outward to an open palm fingers spread, as if she had thrown something. “Daniel?” But her hands asked, Is it really you? And then her hands stopped, and she was giving him the hypo. “Nurse temple, get me an ice pack. Then get me the tens unit and the dermal reginerator,” she asked without looking away from the patient.
Lt j.g. Asimina, Doctor

Without even hearing her voice, but seeing her face and watching her sign, Colter knew exactly who his doctor was. Surprised to see her and even more surprised she was on his ship, brought a huge smile to the CIO’s face.

The pain in his knee temporarily forgotten, he opened his arms waiting for an embrace. “Hannah, what are doing on the Saracen? How long have you been here? HOW did you even get here without me knowing??”

Colter (CIO)

Hannah’s face lit up. It was Daniel. After the first year of no word she hadn’t expected to hear from him again. She’d prayed he was safe, or as safe as an Intel officer could be. She stepped into his embrace, careful of his knee, holding on tightly for a moment. She whispered, “I missed you.” She stepped back regretfully looking into his face. Later?she signed. She wasn’t even sure he remembered what she taught him.

He didn’t want to let go. Her embrace felt just as it had the last time they were together. Reluctantly, DaVinci released his hold and signed back perfectly, “Definitely!”

Her eyes lit up as he signed back to her. She put a hand on his shoulder, “Lay down so I can look at your knee.” How they had managed to end up here together she had no idea. When she’d been assigned she took note of the CO and CMO and nothing else. Dante and Natasha Knight both had excellent reputations and Hannah had felt lucky to get a chance to serve with them both, even as a junior officer. She should have paid more attention.

Her hands moving along with her words. “What I’m doing here is being your doctor. I arrived the night before we entered the rift, so only about 3 days. And I guess you missed it because you had more important things to focus on. But I’ll forgive you this time.” Hannah smiled again.

He gave her a sheepish grin. “I’m blaming it on the skipper’s yeoman. She didn’t update the crew manifest before things got crazy, otherwise I would’ve seen your name and flew down here to see you!!”

She begins signing, If I had known you were here, I would transferred out weeks ago. And then she stops because she’s not supposed to sign without talking while on duty. But there was something to be said for having a private conversation in a crowded room. “Don’t you dare blame that poor yoeman for your inattention,” Hannah laughs, and like her ‘accent’ it’s different, but genuine. All the more so because Daniel would know she doesn’t laugh in front of others often because she sounds different.

“Now that’s a laugh I haven’t heard in way too long a time. I’ve missed that sweet sound.”

Hannah shook her head and smiled at him and signed one word: flirt

Nurse Temple returned with the things Hannah requested. She wrapped the ice pack around his knee and took a blanket from under the biobed and rolled it placing it carefully under his knee to keep it slightly bent at the correct degree. She scanned his knee with the probe and shook her head. “Fluid on your knee, damaged cartilage, swollen muscles.” She stopped and looked sternly at him. “If I keep scanning am I going to find torn tendons, Daniel? What were you doing?”
Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

“Trying to relive what might’ve been,” again he replied sheepishly. “Was playing football. Made a cut and felt and heard my knee pop. I blew out my ACL, ooooh 400+ years ago. I had a full ride to the U. of Wyoming, then pop!!. Couldn’t play football anymore, so I joined the army, but I still like to strap on the pads every once in a while. I figured after 400 years, there was less chance of it blowing again. . .. “

Colter (CIO)

Hannah shook her head, “I told you if you kept that up you’d end up back on my bed aga..”

Noticing the slip, DaVinci couldn’t help but play along. “There aren’t many more enjoyable places than there. . . “

Hannah turns a little red and rushes, “On a bio bed again.” She turns and grabs a Microtome and begins scanning his knee. The images from the microsopic x-rays appearing on the screen. She points to several places. “Your ACL is pulled and not as tight as it should be. This is causing your patella to rub against the femur and tibia causing micro fractures in the bones and wearing the cartilage down.” She points out each of the problems. She considers the options he has and then begins to explain them. “Now, I can use the dermal regenerator and fix the symptoms, but it won’t fix the cause. You’ll have to come back in for about 4 days to get it all fixed. You’ll have to stay off of it till that round of treatment is done. And the next time you decide to play football, Cowboy,” she says playing on the school’s mascott, “you’ll be back in here having it fixed again.”

“Hmm? That’d just give me another reason to come back and see you. But, four days?? I’m sure you could fit me in sooner than that, couldn’t you?”

“No, I couldn’t. Every day for four days. Your body wouldn’t tolerate more than one session a day. Really? How did you get the nickname DaVinci?” she teases. And if her preference had anything to do about it, he was going to be seeing her anyway.

“Or,” she turns to look at him, “You can let me replace it.” While she begins to describe the procedure she begins collecting equipment from around sickbay for either option. “If you let me replace it I’ll use a bioregenerative field to regrow the cartilage. With surgery I’ll be able to get in there closely and use the dermal regnerator to get the bone regrowth done all at once. And then I’ll replace the ACL. It will be like you never got injured.” Hannah’s specialty is prosthetics and that’s what this will be, even though it won’t be seen. “The recovery will be about 5 days, if you follow directions.” She looks at the time, it’s still early in her shift, if they start right away…”I’ll have you out of here by the end of my shift, if you promise not to do anything more than walk for the next 3 days. And in 5 days you’ll be better than Marcus Attilius.” She’d always compared him to a Roman gladiator, and he was even more so now, after all this time.

“I’ve always thought of myself more of the Crixus type.”

Hannah nodded in agreement. Leading a small team of rebels was exactly like Daniel.

“You’ll need assistance, like a cane, for a day, after that you should be able to put full weight on it. You’ll have to be sedated for the surgery.” She signs again, a grin to her face, Don’t worry I’ll still be here when you wake up. She turns back to look at him waiting for his choice, “So what will it be? Bo-legged Cowboy or a Roman Gladiator?”
Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

“Damn, too bad we didn’t have this tech 400 years ago. Would’ve saved a lot of football careers, mine included.”

“Well if you had had the technology, you wouldn’t have had me. And I’m the best prosthetic doctor in the quadrant. But by the time I’m done, you can run all the foot ball games you want.”

He paused to think about it for only the briefest of moments before replying. “Let’s get’er done. . . as long as you promise to be here when I come out of it.”

Colter (CIO)

Hannah nodded, her signs echoing her words, “I promise.” She turned to find Nurse Temple standing there. “Is the surgical suite ready?” At the nurse’s nod she pulled out her tricorder and the probe and did a full scan of Colter. “I’ll give you Kayolane as a sedative. But I have to get your current metabolism rate first.” After getting the information she walked away and then returned with a hypo of Kayolane 175 mg. She walked over to him and quietly took his hand. They’d never talked about it directly but if she was him, the idea of being purposely sedated would make her uneasy, especially after waking up 400 years later the last time. Before she gave it to him she signed, *I’ll be right here. and then she gave him the Kayolane.

Once he was out she turned to Nurse Temple, “Get him moved to the surgical suite. I’m going to go put my scrubs on. Then I want you to assist.” Temple had been asking a lot of questions about prothstetics and the work Hannah did, and she was happy to let her assist and to have such a competent nurse. She turned to NE Longvaty, “Make the notes in his duty shifts. No work for 2 days. After that light duty for 3 days.”

Hannah walked into the surgical suite, red scrubs in place and walked over to the table. She checked for everything she needed and nodded. She began by using the drechtal beams to neutralize the neurons from registering the pain from the procedure. Then after double checking the images from the microtome, she took the exoscalple and made the incision on the outside of his knee. The damage looked worse up close than it did on the images, but Hannah wasn’t worried. Then she cut the damaged ACL from his femur and tibia and the patella. She set up the bioregenrative field to target the cartilage in his knee. She let that work while she used the Dermal Regnerator on his bones, but the fractures were deeper than the scans had shown. “Get me the Tissue Migrator” she told Temple. Temple returned momentarily with it and Hannah began working on the micro fractures. The migrator did the job and soon there was no evidence of the fractures on any of the bones. Hannah check on the progress of the regrowth of his cartilage. It still needed time. “Time?”

Temple checked the clock, “1 hour 30 minutes.” Hannah nodded, the Kayolane would last 3 hours. They had time. She turned to the table and carefully picked up the replacement ACL. Using the auto-suture she attached the bottom to his tibia. A few minutes later the field shut off. She checked the regrowth of the cartilage and was pleased to see it was all regrown. She placed the patella in place and then ensuring his knee was flexed slightly she attached the middle of the ACL to the patella and then to the femur using the auto-suture again. She picked up the tissue migrator again and used it to speed up the healing of the sutured areas. She carefully manipulated the joint to make sure everything was as it should be. Then using the auto-suture one last time she closed the incision, once closed she used the dermal regenerator to heal the area, as if she’d never operated. Last she removed the drechtal beams after giving him 3mls of Terakine for the pain. She looked at Temple again, “How much time?”

“30 minutes left, Dr Asimina.” Hannah nodded as she looked at his bio readings. It wasn’t major surgery, but surgery was surgery. His vitals were stable and she nodded. “Alright, let’s move him to a biobed in the recovery area.” She unlocked the door and several medics came in to move him out of the surgical suite. Hannah changed out of her scrubs and then taking a PaDD with her, to write up the report while she waited. His knee was propped and she placed a small frame around his knee going from 10 centimeters above and below the knee joint to keep it still. She sat down next to the biobed to keep an eye on him. Something she always did, if she could, until the patient woke up. Of course Daniel wasn’t just any patient. The bio bed showed the Kayolane wore off 30 minutes later. 10 minutes later, Daniel’s bio signs showed he was starting to wake up. So far no complications, she watched him for any signs of distress. Hannah stood up and took his hand, looking down, just as she had been when he went under.
Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

OOC: Nice desription of the procedure!!

IC: DaVinci felt the slight pressure on his hand and his eyes flew open immediately, suddenly awake and aware of his surroundings. He squeezed Hannah’s hand in return and spoke.

“Wow, I’m sorry, darlin’. Didn’t realize these sickbay beds were so comfy.”

He gazed at her and smiled. “I’m ready whenever you are. Let’s get this knee fixed good, once and for all. The quicker we get it done, the quicker I can get back to duty. That’s not to say I’m looking to avoid your bedside manner . . . quite the contrary. I’m looking forward to it. It’s been too long since I’ve felt your healing touch. . . .”

Colter (CIO)

Hannah smiled softly. “Daniel,” she squeezed his hand, “we’re done. You’ve got a brand new knee.” Before she considers whether she should or not, she brushes a light touch across his temple. “There still a few hours before my shift is over. You’ll have to sit here for a bit. I’ve got your knee in a frame. It has to stay bent while the residual effects of the tissue migrator does its work. In another hour and half we’ll take it off and you can start bending it. If that goes well I’ll let you stand up. Then I’ll let you walk home.” She grins and raises the head of the bed so he can sit up.

“What?!? No way. I couldn’t have been out out for more than a few minutes.” He looked down at his leg and saw the frame encasing the new knee. “You’re all done. Damn, should have had this done years ago.”

Hannah just looked at him, with that knowing grin on her face. She’d told him ‘years ago’ to have it done, but he hadn’t been as familiar with modern medicine as he was now. She smiled at him though. “It’s been 3 and half hours.” She sat down on the stool next to him, I told you I’d still be here. She stayed, keeping him company until duty called.

She’s called away to do an annual physical. When she’s done she pauses in what she’s doing with a slight flinch, and looking slightly frustrated, she moved to a table. She removed the implants and drops them in a diagnostic box. She works on them for a few moments and then replaces them. She moves back towards where Daniel was sitting on the biobed. She pauses to look at him when he’s not paying attention. It had been so long, and she wasn’t sure she wasn’t dreaming. There was so much hanging in the air.

She smiled as she walked back up to him. “Ready to get that frame off?” And she places a cusion under his knee to support it as she removes the frame. “Alright, let your knee relax and then slowly pull your heel towards you. Tell me if there’s any pain at all, or difficulty or discomfort.”
Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

DaVinci took a deep breathe and clamped his jaw tight, remembering the post surgery pain he experienced a couple hundred years ago, when the knee had first been injured. The grimace slowly turned to a smile as he flexed and then extended the knee a few times. “That’s amazing!! I feel. . . .nothing!! It hasn’t felt like this since I was kid. I feel like I could match Barry Sanders cut for cut.”

She grinned, “You’ll out match him if I did my job right.” She scanned his knee as he slowly flexed his knee at first and then with more confidence. “Well I’ve given you something for pain, but it should be wearing off now. So no discomfort or stiffness, no pain. That’s good, but of course I knew it would be.” It’s not even a humble brag, but she’s smiling, almost laughing.

He was tempted to jump out of bed to really test the reconstruction, but remembered again, the agony of pushing his rehab to hard the last time it happened. Instead he reached a hand out to Hannah for support in standing. . . .

Colter (CIO)

Hannah put a hand on his chest to keep him sitting. “Whoa, slow down. You have a few more to do before you can stand up.” She worked him through several different angles to bend his knee, stopping and holding the flex at different points. She monitors the scans of his knee through the whole thing and then takes a couple x-rays after. She puts them up on screen for him. He can see how the ACL is now tight and flexed over the patella and there is proper cartilage for shock absorption and no more fractures. With still no pain she takes his hand. “Alright, now, you can stand up. Let your leg stretch down before you put weight on it. Gravity stretches the tendon differently. Use the biobed to lean against until your feet are firmly planted.” She steps back to give him room, but close enough to catch him if the knee doesn’t hold. But that is a small possibility. “Good. The tendency is to keep all your weight on your good leg. So I want you to slowly shift your weight until your balanced on both feet, and then back to your good leg, and then both legs again.”

DaVinci slowly and gingerly slid off the bed until his feet hit the floor. He began doing as was told, shifting weight back and forth. He did his best to hide it but was nervous all the same. Last time he’d had surgery on the knee, he was laid ip in bed for a few before even being allowed to put weight on it.

Hannah put him through several exercises like that until he was putting all his standing weight on his new knee, and the other foot resting on the ground. “Good, now sit back down.” She knew how Daniel was. He’d push it, and she wasn’t going to let him. She took her time, making him rest the knee while she used the tricorder to take readings of his knee. She was sure it was annoyingly slow for him, but she was stubborn. She stepped away for a few minutes and when she returned she had a cane for him. The handle looked like the hand guard, hilt, and pommel of a Roman Gladius. “I expect you to use this, even when I’m not watching.” She stepped back, “Alright, let’s take a lap around sickbay.”

He looked at the cane and chuckled. “I suppose making the cane look like this was the only way you’d be able to convince me to use it?”

As they walked, Hannah setting the pace at first, and then letting him test out his knee. “You’ll have physical therapy every day. The first 24 hours you’ll use the cane and it will seem slow, with just flexing exercises for your knee. Then the second day, you’ll think your back…” she paused, he didn’t go to the academy not like a regular cadet. But she knew what he would understand, “like your back in basic training. Day five, we’ll do something fun, that will really put your new knee to the test.”
Lt jg Asmina, Doctor

Walking around the sickbay was giving him confidence enough that he was about to lose the cane when a slight burst of paib arrived. It was in no way debilitaing, but it did make him wince slightly. If Hannah was paying attention to his face, she’d see the slight flinch in his eye. Avoiding to recognize the flinch himself, he said, “Feeling pretty good, doc. Think I’m about ready to try that ‘something fun’ if it involves the removal of clothes.” He winked at Hannah and this time the wink was intentional.

Colter (CIO)

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