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Posted by Ensign Vadoma Romani (Engineer) in Bridge - Main Sim

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Vadoma kept her eye on the ship and the probe in case anything came up she needed to get engineering involved in quickly. Maneuvering may be the helm’s job, but making sure things happened on his command, well that was engineering’s job.


Sathut slipped onto the bridge. The diminutive Counselor didn’t say anything as he got to his seat and sat in it.

Sathut, CNS

“Welcome to the Bridge Counselor,” Dante acknowledged Sathut, then shook his head at Sinclair slightly. “No Tractor Beam, as far as we know this Drixov is not Federation aligned and if this ship has malicious intentions towards the probe, that’s none of our business. Scan both if we are within range, get whatever information we can, and Hail that ship. Lets see if they can tell us anything more.

Captain Knight, CO


“On it, Sir,” Vadoma spoke up and began to scan the ship and the probe. She didn’t like the idea that the other ship could possibly destroy the probe before they had a chance to learn what it was doing out there, but she did as she was told and hoped, somehow, they would learn something worth discussing for days and weeks to come.


It didn’t look like there was anything Sathut could do to be useful, so he stayed quiet and observed.

Sathut, CNS

Just before they reached comms range of the two signals, the signal of the probe disappeared and the signal for the unknown vessel moved off in the opposite direction at a speed of warp 6. They now had a clear trail that the probe had left behind, leading to its origin, and also the trail of the unknown vessel.


From a nearby console, Colter spoke up. “Signal from the probe is gone, skipper, and the other vessel is heading away at warp 6. Most likely it was destroyed, but we do have a clear trail from both. . . .”

Colter (CIO)

“The probe is toast.” Graham said as he read the data. “Might be enough pieces to put something together if you want to spend the time. Or we can go right to the source.”


Vadoma sighed and turned to face the others. “Trouble is, the source and the ship went in two different directions.” Her mind reeled with why a ship, from the opposite end of the area in question, would seek out a probe that came from no where near them? It wasn’t like the probe was likely to tell on them. It hadn’t reached them, if that’s where it had been going.


Sha appeared on the bridge then and moved to the security station. Whispering to the NE there, she nodded as he looked up and moved off the bridge. The half Klingon took up the post and glanced at Vadoma with a nod and a low voice. “So what are we dealing with? And do I need to let Sinclair know about it right this second?” There was a tension on the woman’s face that the ex Security Chief was all too familiar with… worry and concern. The question was, how intense were those emotions at this moment, and why?

Lt Ush’ast “Sha” Rah-Triton

Vadoma glanced at the changing of the guard beside her and smiled at Sha’s query. Leaning over to not disturb the others still discussing what to do, she gave her a quick rundown and sent the scans to her console. “So now we, or rather they decide if we go to the probe’s origin, or follow that ship.” She smiled and sat back up. “I’m Vadoma, by the way. I’ve seen you but don’t think we’ve actually met.”


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