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=/\= Doctor, a team is heading to Engineering to check on the power fluctuations you are experiencing, we may also be having some communications issues as it seems you haven’t been able to get through to them. We will keep you informed of what’s going on. In the meantime, how are the preparations for t a high oxygen environment coming along and how badly are these fluctuations effecting you, Doctor Knight?=/\=

“Helm, move to Warp 9. Lets find get to Drixov and find out what is going on and how we can help, if we can.”

Captain Knight, CO

Well that was convenient. Her slightly disembodied voice sounded through the comm. =/\=Captain, SARAH here. I don’t know why they’re being problematic now but there are some relays and converters that need repairing. But more worrisome is that there is something else in the systems. Something foreign. Not quite like before but you know I’m getting a little tired of having to defend my territory. Shall I go hunting?=/\=

~Corinne Dalton/SARAH

=/\= SARAH, you have my full blessing to go and hunt down whatever is lurking in the dark corners of the Saracens mainframe. Just make sure my replicator can still make coffee when the smoke clears. =/\= Dante replied, with a half thought as to what might still be in their systems after their foray into the Mirror Universe.

Captain Knight, CO

With engineering already being checked on by Sha, and SARAH already taking care of the computers, all Vadoma could do was sit and bite the edge of her lip as she watched the various settings bounce across her secondary screen while she continued to go over the information they had retrieved about the probe before it was destroyed, as well as doing her best to track and keep a lock on the disappearing ship.


For the remainder of the journey towards Drixov, they didn’t encounter anything else out of the ordinary.

As they approached the planet, they began detecting large amounts of debris from various ships, as well as traces of residual weapons fire. There had been a battle here, and it was unclear what the outcome of that battle had been.

The planet itself was mostly uninhabited. There was considerable amounts of radiation coming from the planet, and the sensors weren’t able to scan past the atmosphere. There was one signal coming through the radiation, pulsing every thirty seconds. Transporters would not be able to compensate for the radiation levels. A shuttle with proper shield modulations could make it through to the planets surface.


=/\=I’ll be sure to use stun settings. Back in a jiff,=/\= SARAH said before shimmering and disappearing.

~Corinne Dalton/SARAH

“There has been a major conflict world wide on the planet. Scans are difficult due to residual radiation that certainly was caused by the conflict and probably the weapons used. Ships, and other destruction. Significant population loss… I don’t think transporters will work and I think we’ll be at risk for poisoning if we go down.”


“Oh that sounds just lovely,” Dante answered as he surveyed the damage. “Can our scans give us an indication of what kinds of weapons were used in the battle? How about the radiation, will our shuttles be able to compensate if our transporters won’t work? Do you have any suggestions, Commander Sinclair? I don’t want our people going in blind if we send an away team.”

Captain Knight, CO

“I don’t make the news, I just report it.” Graham shrugged. “I’ll make the scans.” He looked at the sensor reports hoping for some more information.


Vadoma started working on scans to see if the shuttle could protect whoever went down. After a moment, she turned and smiled. “Good news. The shuttles can made it to the surface with proper shield modulations. But I can’t tell if an away team would be safe on the surface once outside the shielding of the shuttle.” Some good news was better than none. And certainly better than all bad.


“So Captain,” Interrupted Yuri “I guess that with proper radiation medication we will be able to get down and get a look. Shall I ready the medbay and advise Miss Knight?” He raised an eyebrow as he looked over the devastated planet “Poor lady.” he sought words to say to the planet itself, but none could be found.

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

“Shuttles are, and always can be made more secure against radiation. Transporters....” Graham shrugged. “That is far more delicate stuff.”


Vadoma frowned. “I wouldn’t recommend the transporters, Sir. It’s risky, at best. And I can’t guarantee we’d maintain stable locks at this altitude with the wavering interference.” She knew it was ultimately the Captain’s choice. But she wouldn’t feel right if she didn’t put her two cents worth in with the Chief not up there.


Colter sat quietly at his console, scanning the debris field in an attempt to identify the combatants and weapons used to destroy the ships. The going was slow, like putting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together. He may not get specifics, but should be able to determine whose ship they were when compared to the Saracen’s database.

Colter (CIO)

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