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She smiled as she walked back up to him. “Ready to get that frame off?” And she places a cusion under his knee to support it as she removes the frame. “Alright, let your knee relax and then slowly pull your heel towards you. Tell me if there’s any pain at all, or difficulty or discomfort.”
Lt. j.g. Asimina, Doctor

DaVinci took a deep breathe and clamped his jaw tight, remembering the post surgery pain he experienced a couple hundred years ago, when the knee had first been injured. The grimace slowly turned to a smile as he flexed and then extended the knee a few times. “That’s amazing!! I feel. . . .nothing!! It hasn’t felt like this since I was kid. I feel like I could match Barry Sanders cut for cut.”

She grinned, “You’ll out match him if I did my job right.” She scanned his knee as he slowly flexed his knee at first and then with more confidence. “Well I’ve given you something for pain, but it should be wearing off now. So no discomfort or stiffness, no pain. That’s good, but of course I knew it would be.” It’s not even a humble brag, but she’s smiling, almost laughing.

He was tempted to jump out of bed to really test the reconstruction, but remembered again, the agony of pushing his rehab to hard the last time it happened. Instead he reached a hand out to Hannah for support in standing. . . .

Colter (CIO)

Hannah put a hand on his chest to keep him sitting. “Whoa, slow down. You have a few more to do before you can stand up.” She worked him through several different angles to bend his knee, stopping and holding the flex at different points. She monitors the scans of his knee through the whole thing and then takes a couple x-rays after. She puts them up on screen for him. He can see how the ACL is now tight and flexed over the patella and there is proper cartilage for shock absorption and no more fractures. With still no pain she takes his hand. “Alright, now, you can stand up. Let your leg stretch down before you put weight on it. Gravity stretches the tendon differently. Use the biobed to lean against until your feet are firmly planted.” She steps back to give him room, but close enough to catch him if the knee doesn’t hold. But that is a small possibility. “Good. The tendency is to keep all your weight on your good leg. So I want you to slowly shift your weight until your balanced on both feet, and then back to your good leg, and then both legs again.”

DaVinci slowly and gingerly slid off the bed until his feet hit the floor. He began doing as was told, shifting weight back and forth. He did his best to hide it but was nervous all the same. Last time he’d had surgery on the knee, he was laid ip in bed for a few before even being allowed to put weight on it.

Hannah put him through several exercises like that until he was putting all his standing weight on his new knee, and the other foot resting on the ground. “Good, now sit back down.” She knew how Daniel was. He’d push it, and she wasn’t going to let him. She took her time, making him rest the knee while she used the tricorder to take readings of his knee. She was sure it was annoyingly slow for him, but she was stubborn. She stepped away for a few minutes and when she returned she had a cane for him. The handle looked like the hand guard, hilt, and pommel of a Roman Gladius. “I expect you to use this, even when I’m not watching.” She stepped back, “Alright, let’s take a lap around sickbay.”

He looked at the cane and chuckled. “I suppose making the cane look like this was the only way you’d be able to convince me to use it?”

As they walked, Hannah setting the pace at first, and then letting him test out his knee. “You’ll have physical therapy every day. The first 24 hours you’ll use the cane and it will seem slow, with just flexing exercises for your knee. Then the second day, you’ll think your back…” she paused, he didn’t go to the academy not like a regular cadet. But she knew what he would understand, “like your back in basic training. Day five, we’ll do something fun, that will really put your new knee to the test.”
Lt jg Asmina, Doctor

Walking around the sickbay was giving him confidence enough that he was about to lose the cane when a slight burst of paib arrived. It was in no way debilitaing, but it did make him wince slightly. If Hannah was paying attention to his face, she’d see the slight flinch in his eye. Avoiding to recognize the flinch himself, he said, “Feeling pretty good, doc. Think I’m about ready to try that ‘something fun’ if it involves the removal of clothes.” He winked at Hannah and this time the wink was intentional.

Colter (CIO)
Hannah noticed the wince. She noticed everything about Daniel. “Sit down.” She scanned his knee a frown crossing her face, and then after a moment relaxed. “No damage, it looks like just some slight inflammation.” She walked away and returned with a hypo. She placed the hypo gently against his knee and then a slight hiss was heard.

Hannah blushed softly and grinned at his wink. “Just a little anti-inflammatory. We’ll sit here for a few minutes and then walk some more. I mean it though, use the cane, or we won’t make it to that something fun.” She squeezed his hand. It has been so long, she wasn’t sure she wasn’t dreaming. She kept thinking someone was playing a joke on her. After about 10 minutes, “Ready to try again? Let the cane take some of the weight. I went through all that trouble to design it.” She grinned and took his hand helping him stand up again.
Lt jg Asimina, Doctor

He stood again, this time, the cane firmly in hand. He raised it and smiled. “Using the cane, doctor. It would be a shame to let something so slick go to waste. Heck, I may even use it when I don’t need to, just for effect.”

Walking around sickbay this time was easier as he gained more confidence in the repairs Hannah had done.

Colter (CIO)

Hannah smiled. She knew he would do what he needed to for his knee to recover, that he would listen. But she also knew the temptation to go faster when things felt fine. She had wanted to make it fun for him, that’s why she had made the cane the way she did. She had also wanted him to know she remembered-everything. “I hoped you’d like it,” she says quietly. She walked around sickbay with him, even venturing out to the corridor for a bit and then back. She was quiet, comfortable in the silence with him. It had always been that way. They never felt the need to fill the silence with awkward conversation or meaningless activity. They had always been as perfect together in action as they were in the quiet. Hannah kept her hands clasped together not sure of what she wanted to say, so she turned her attention to his knee, watching carefully.

He was giving the cane more of his weight and that, according to the tricorder, was easing the slight inflammation. She laid a gentle hand on his arm. “I think you are ready to go. Do you want to rest before you make the walk to your quarters?”

Hannah reached over and picked up a PaDD. “So until this time tomorrow you have to use the cane. Then you can ditch it. There are several exercises for you to do. You can do them on your own or come into sickbay. I will check on you after my shift, to make sure everything is healing correctly. If it is then you’ll start physical therapy the next day.” It was starting to sink in for her, the surprise at his sudden appearance wearing off, and replaced with uncertainty and shyness. She wanted to walk with him, she was almost off duty, but she wasn’t sure if he wanted her to. Of course they’d flirted, it was their way, it was seamless, it was perfect, it was like the five years never happened.

Before she could decide, before she could ask, the decision was taken from her. Two science officers came in, supporting a third. The first two explaining over the top of themselves that there had been an accident in the chemistry lab. She looked from the science officers to Daniel. It wasn’t really a choice. She squeezed his hand looking incredibly sad. She signed, I’ll see you tomorrow. and then she was taking charge of the chaos that had just erupted in sickbay.
Lt. jg Asimina, Doctor

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