10 Forward Dinner Jarred and Kalani

Posted Nov. 29, 2020, 7:07 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Jarred Alindor (Chief Engineer) (Steven Sigle)

Posted by Ensign Kalani Kāne (Science Officer) in 10 Forward Dinner Jarred and Kalani

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Jarred Alindor (Chief Engineer) in 10 Forward Dinner Jarred and Kalani

Posted by Ensign Kalani Kāne (Science Officer) in 10 Forward Dinner Jarred and Kalani
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Ten Forward


“That is the second half, your dad wants to marry you… and I figured why not today…” Jarred said with an almost grimace smile, unsure of how sudden this would be for her.

Alindor, CE

“Like right now today,” Kalani felt as if she couldn’t breathe. “Jarred…baby…can…have a word.” Taking his hands she pulled him off into a small alcove. Kalani knew every pair of eyes was bearing holes into her back. She just couldn’t go forward until she had a moment to catch her breath.

Kalani Kane science

Jarred nodded as he gave everyone a one moment gesture as he took Kalani to the side as he held his breath as he looked closely at her. “This might become the speak now or forever hold your peace moment here… so… talk to me baby girl.” Jarred said softly as he ran his arms down her sides to try and give her a sense of comfort and love. He knew she was nervous, he was too but he wanted this, more than anything in the world he wanted her.

Kalani pursed her lips and let a long controlled breath escape them followed by a deep breath to replace the one she just expelled. “Okay first don’t be nervous. I do want to marry you but I,” she looked up at him not sure how to put into words what was in her mind.

“And before you say anything… I do have everything planned… plus your mom helped me plan everything and make sure I didn’t pick anything you would hate… I just want my Hawaiian princess to have the most perfect day… so remember that… I have a good thing planned.” Jarred said with a huge grin on his face hoping to fight through the nerves and the anxiety.

Alindor, CE

Kalani opened her mouth and then closed it. The look on Jarred’s face spoke volumes. He had gone over and above to make this day special. They had been together long enough for Jarred to know what she liked and hated without her mother’s help. Kalani had also spent the better part of the past six months wedding planning with her mother so it wouldn’t surprise her to see things she had picked out from the holozines pop up.

“If we do this you have to promise me one thing and swear to god on it,” Kalani started. “Never…ever refer to me as your Hawaiian princess.” A shiver ran down her body as if she was trying to shake the name off. “We used to toss people into the old Mauna Loa who were either war captives, virgins, or royalty. Since I a definitely not two of the three let’s not go calling me something I am not. You have free reign to toss in anything you want when I am Mrs. Alindor just not that. Agreed,” she looked up at him with a small smile.

“How about my chocolate queen? I can elevate your rank so you don’t get sacrificed.” Jarred said, with his usual snarky yet playful tone as he kept his arms tightly around her. “Hawaiian Goddesses? Coca Bunny? Come on help me help you.”

“Now should we go do this,” Kalani slipped her hand back into his. If their private conversational aside took any longer some might doubt the nuptials were going happen. This might now have been the way she envisioned her wedding day yet she never envisioned meeting someone like Jarred. Sometimes in life you had to jump in with both feet. Hours spent tasting cakes, going blind over color samples, and losing sleep over a seating arrangement sapped the fun out of the day. Sure she was nervous as hell now but that wouldn’t change by picking a date nine months in the future.

Kalani Kane

“Go, I got the rest you just need to pick the dress… you have some options…” he said soft as he kissed her cheek before he let her take leave of him away to go to her mom. “I will make sure this place becomes perfect,” he said as he looked at the door, already finding a large group of people seeming to be ready to show. Looking over at his mom and dad he nodded as the pair began to let the people in who were her to help transform this all to the most perfect day.

Alindor, CE

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